World Teachers’ Day is an international day which is celebrated annually on 5 October around the world to promote the role of teachers which play in giving quality education at all levels. The World Teachers’ Day aims to focus on all issues related to teachers and teaching and also on the respecting, assessing and making better the educators of the world.

History of World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day was first celebrated on 5 October 1994 to commemorate the signed of UNESCO and International Labour Organization Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers on 5 October 1966. The 29th session of General Conference of UNESCO was opened on 12 October 1997. The “Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher Education Teaching Personnel” was chosen in the UNESCO’s General Conference on 11 November 1997.

From 1994, the World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 October every year around the world. However, local events may be observed on some other date close to 5 October.

How people celebrated this day?

World Teachers' Day

On World Teachers’ Day, many events are organized all around the world. Many celebrations include honoring teachers in general and especially to those who have made a significant contribution in this field. On this day, many conferences are also organized to the importance of teachers, extra training for teachers, learning and also many events are organized to increase the number of teachers and the role which they play in the media. Besides these, the UNESCO and Education International organize a campaign every year to help the people around the world to better understanding the teachers and the role which they play in the progress of students and society. The campaign focuses on different themes every year.

The many World Teachers’ Day events are organized in many countries around the world. In these includes the Australian Education Union, the Japan Teachers’ Union, the UK National Union of Teachers, the US National Education Association, the Teachers Council in New Zealand, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, and the UK National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers. In some places, the World Teachers’ Day posters are displayed. On this day, the students also send appreciation letters and messages to their teachers.

Is it a Public Holiday?

The World Teachers’ Day is an annual observance, and it is not a public holiday.