World Hepatitis Day is an international observance which is celebrated on 28th July every year around the world with the aims to raises global awareness about hepatitis. The hepatitis is the group of infectious diseases which is known as Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. This day is celebrated with the purpose to invigorate the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hepatitis. This dangerous disease affects millions of people every year.

History of World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day was first celebrated on 19 May 2008 with the collaboration of patient groups. During the 63rd World Health Assembly after the adoption of the resolution, the date was changed to 28th July for celebrating the World Hepatitis Day, and the worldly endorsement was given to this day at the national and international level for raises awareness. In this resolution resolves that “28 July shall be selected as World Hepatitis Day to give an opportunity for education and wide understanding of viral hepatitis as a global public health problem, and to encourage the stabilizing of preventive and dominate measures of this disease in the Member States.”

According to the World Health Organization record about 325 million people are living with Hepatitis B or C in the world. This viral hepatitis disease causes the death of approximately 1.4 million people every year around the world. The death rate of hepatitis disease is increased as compared to the death of HIV disease. Now every year, World Hepatitis Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries with many events and activities. World Hepatitis Day now has become one of the eight official world public health campaigns elected by the World Health Organization. The other seven public health campaigns are World Health Day, World Immunization Week, World Blood Donor Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Tuberculosis Day, World AIDS Day and World Malaria Day.

World Hepatitis Day Themes

World Hepatitis Day

Every year, the WHO focuses on a specific World Hepatitis Day theme. These specified World Hepatitis Day themes are listed below.

World Hepatitis Day theme of 2018: “Test. Treat. Hepatitis.”

World Hepatitis Day theme of 2017: “Eliminate Hepatitis.”

World Hepatitis Day theme of 2016: “Know Hepatitis-Act now.”

World Hepatitis Day theme of 2015: “Prevention of Viral Hepatitis. Act now”

World Hepatitis Day theme of 2014: “Hepatitis: Think Again.”

World Hepatitis Day theme of 2013: “More must be done to stop this silent killer.”

World Hepatitis Day theme of 2012: “It’s closer than you think.”

World Hepatitis Day theme of 2011: “Hepatitis affects everyone, everywhere. Know it. Confront it. Confront her.”

World Hepatitis Day also provides an opportunity to focus on following actions like:

  • Enhancing awareness about the various forms of hepatitis and how they are transferred,
  • Stabilizing prevention, screening, and control of viral hepatitis and its affiliated diseases,
  • Expanding hepatitis B vaccine coverage and consolidation into national immunization programmes and
  • Organizing a global response to hepatitis.

How People celebrated this day?

World Hepatitis Day

Every year on World Hepatitis Day many organizations like the World Hepatitis Alliance and United Nations work with individuals and other community groups to promote this day and raises awareness about the Hepatitis on worldwide. Many events and activities are organized on World Hepatitis Day every year. In these events include talk shows, concerts, screenings, demonstrations, and many others. Newspaper, posters, social media sites and WHO site are also spreading the news about World Hepatitis Day. Now, World Hepatitis Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries around the world. Every year, the details about all the events are issued by the World Health Organization and the World Hepatitis Alliance.

Is it a Public Holiday?

World Hepatitis Day is an annual observance. It is not a public holiday, and public life is not affected by this day.