When is Election Day and when there is an understanding as to how the US elections 2016 date announced of 8th of November, 2016. There is still some time to gossip and chit chat amount the possible coming event coming during these days. America keeps locked up for news because US election results 2016 are on the way.

The increasing number of voters and the shifts taking place every day on channels is very much interesting.  The dates for all sort of election are set in November, but the proceeding events also count in when is Election Day. The US election 2016 date means a lot to the American public who have indeed invested a good deal of effort and time to this election. Also, the increasing number of strikes and riots and public disgrace of the party member is also seen in these days. But to add up to the positive side this year, such events have increased the interest of the American citizens to vote. Voting and all the activities associated with it have always been a matter of interest for the public. Hence when discuss when Election Day is? There is always a need of knowing the results beforehand and for the reason, there are many discussion and predictions happening in the election season. Since the activity has started, the wait has already begun for when Election Day is?

Main US election 2016 Dates

The actual dates have been announced, and the work has been started from April. In April 2016 all the parties were asked to choose their candidates for presidential seats. This was the initiation of the US election 2016 result as the parties had to declare the results of the candidates selected from Democrat, Republicans, and liberal parties. Indeed the election result 2016 will be highly awaited as TV reality show series Apprentice star Donald Trump came on front winning a majority in Republicans during the important question that when is Election day.  When it comes to the consistent effort of Democrats in April Hillary came to the forefront with her exciting speeches and making a public effort. These US election 2016 date for selection continued until June. The candidates can be replaced by each party till the late September 2016 but if changed can cause serious trouble for the parties. Also in July some important US election 2016 date were set in which Trump won their delegates. The Republican convention was given the date of 18 -21 July and the Democrat were given 25-28 of the same month 2016.

The Month of October & the answer of when is Election Day

In October, however, the US elections 2016 date will come even closer when in some states the ballot may begin or come to an end. The rules in major states like Colorado, Florida and much more are declared, and other states will also be coming up with the specific stances. The set up of all the US election result 2016 has been set as the US election 2016 date for all sort of election activity is on the said schedule. Wait for the results as they make the way in November 2016.

While considering the important query that when the Election Day is, it is important to consider the two dominating parties. Hillary having an obvious lead of 77.7 % of the total American votes in states has been declared the almost winner. But then again these are just a prediction or lose idea, and the reality lies in infinite possibilities. It is equally important to understand that Trump with the second big party is equally capable of winning the game. The US election 2016 date are very much there and hence it is important that one has to see and think of the possibilities. Tune into TV and reality shows for a fast prediction America because November is coming!

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