As you know that everybody says “Children are the future of Nation.” That’s true, and children are our proud. Today’s children are tomorrow’s scientist, doctors, engineers, politician, teacher, and businessman. Today’s children will inherit all of what humanity has managed to fulfill, since the start of its existence.

Universal Children’s Day is an annual observance celebrated on 20 November mostly around the world. However, this day is also celebrated on the various date around the world. So, 20 November is not a fixed date. Universal Children’s Day was established in1954 and this day is celebrated each year to promote the international togetherness, and awareness among the children. UNICEF and United Nation’s children Fund promotes this day to works for improving Children’s Welfare. This special day is devoted to all the children to enjoy this day and to ready for their responsibilities that await them.

History of Universal Children’s Day

General Assembly of the United Nations first established universal Children’s Day in 1954. Originally, this day aims to encourage their interest and understanding between children all over the world, encourage children in all the aims of their life, they should spend time together, getting to know each other and promoting children’s welfare. So, in many countries, Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20 November annually around the world. However, it’s not a fixed date, and this day is also celebrated on a various date worldwide. Such as, the Founder and the President of Republic of Turkey was first celebrated the Children’s Day in 1931 on 23 April, in Cuba it is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of July, in Poland this day is celebrated on 1st June and is same like as this day is celebrated on various dates in different countries.

Universal Children’s Day

The United Nation General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the rights of the Childs on 20 November 1959, and on 20 November 1989, the United Nations adopted the Convention on the rights for the child. Universal Children’s Day marks the anniversary of this date in which United Nation Assembly adopted the rights of Children on Declaration and Convention, since 1990. The Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon led to start for the education of Children in September 2012. The first thing he wants to able every child to attend school. The second thing is to improve the skill which is acquired in these schools.

How People celebrate Universal Children’s Day?

The first thing you will have to ask yourself that is when you want to celebrate the Children’s Day?  As mentioned before, every country celebrates the Universal Children’s Day on a different date. So, it depends on you that where you are in this world. On this day, many schools and all other educational institutions informed Children of their rights according to the Declaration and Convention of the rights of the child. Teachers encourage their students and explain the idea of “rights.” In countries where the rights of children are well-respected, teachers paying attention to situations in those countries where this is not the case.

Universal Children’s Day

In some areas, UNICEF held events to attract people to pay attention to the Children’s rights. These may be to stimulate the interest of media around the world or to start nationwide campaigns. However, other countries held events on a different date around the world, such as, in Australia fourth Wednesday of October and Cuba on the third Sunday of July, etc. Universal Children’s Day is celebrating Promoting peace, and respect for the environment of the world’s children. This day is a great day to spend time with Children. Outing with Children on this day make their day special, and this trip encourages them.

Is it a Public Holiday?

Universal Children’s Day is not a public holiday. All Businesses and Educational Institutions are open as usual. Public life is not affected by this day. It only promotes the welfare and understanding between children.

Universal Children’s Day is established to encourage all the countries to institute a day and to promote mutual exchange, understanding, benefits, welfare, and rights for the World’s Children.

Universal Children’s Day

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