The only natural resource that is extensively used by all living beings on earth in one or another way is water. Water is the basic necessity of the life of every living thing on earth. Without water, nothing on the planet would survive. With the advancement in technology and urbanization, we are actually losing fresh water very fast. These human activities don’t directly affect the supplies of water but have an indirect impact on the water supply. To meet the demands of water around the globe, there are not enough resources left on earth. This raises the demand to save water without any further negligence. As a matter of fact, seas and oceans consist of 97.5% of the overall water in the world. The water in the seas and oceans is too salty which can’t be utilized by human beings. The ice caps around the world hold the remaining 2.5% water which is the little resource for our use. Our dependency on water is huge which reflects the importance to save water for future generations to survive. A number of species of animals depend on water and the lack of water supplies beats them in the race of life. Water scarcity during heat wave results in the death of thousands of animals around the globe which is an alarming number for us. The ecosystem is affected by the loss of species of animals and plants that support in the balancing of the ecosystem. Water as a basic necessity of life is utilized by all plants and animals to survive and the shortage of water could result in a completely catastrophic situation.

Facts and Figures about water consumption:

Water is not only just used for drinking but it is involved in every aspect of life. We use water for washing clothes, cleaning the utensils, bathing purpose, cooking food, growing crops, feed for the livestock etc. The system on earth runs with the support of water which is essential for all living beings. As a matter of fact, around 130-160 liters of water is used by each human being on average for different purposes including drinking, washing, cooking or cleaning. The water consumption in the vegetarian diet reduces by around 36% as compared to cooking meat. This makes the meat consumption much more costly in terms of water usage. A total of 70% of water is consumed by human beings for the production of food around the globe which is an essential part of our lives. These factors increase the demand to save water even more to ensure a healthy life on earth. There are hundreds of other factors that play an important role in the consumption of water.

Ways to save water on earth:

As far as our role in saving water is concerned, there are a lot of daily routine habits we can improve to help the cause. A number of bad habits result in the loss of a large quantity of water that can be saved. Water is a natural resource and thus free of cost but if misused, can produce very costly results. According to a study, there is more water being wasted by human beings that they use for household purposes due to a few bad habits that can turn out to be fatal. To save water, we need to figure out where we can play our part and save the fresh water that gets wasted without any sort of use. Following are the most common daily routine habits that can help us in saving water to a great extent.

Keep the water taps closed:

We waste a large amount of water every day we don’t even bring into consideration. Although, we don’t have the intentions in doing so our bad habits do the job indirectly. Ever thought how many times you brush your teeth with the water tap open? You might be thinking of doing this since you were a child. It’s the most common mistake anyone makes while brushing his or her teeth. Brushing the teeth consumes even less than half a liter of water but keeping the tap open while brushing wastes around 20-25 liters of water without any reason. To save water, this habit needs to be given up by all of us as soon as possible. This is the time to seriously think about the future and the next generations. With the current scenario, the world will run short of water supplies within a matter of a few years.

Use less water with shower:

People who tend to use the shower for a bath must also remember that no extra amount of water shall be wasted. Usually, when a person takes bath, the tap of the shower stays open while you lather up. This act wastes a lot of water that could have been saved by turning the tap off. On average, around 20 liters of water is wasted if you keep the shower tap open for one minute.  This is not a small number considering the fact that on average a person spends around 8-10 minutes in the shower without any reason. It can waste up to 200 liters of water that goes in the drain without any usage. This is the time to understand the need of the hour and take essential steps to save water. It should begin from today when you go to take a shower. Another method to save water is using a bucket full of water for taking a bath. This practice would not only let you save any additional water that is wasted with the shower but also helps you stay satisfied with no water wasted. No matter you are a kid or a grown up, this habit is considered so much waste of the natural resource. Promise to give it up today!

Wash your clothes all at once:

There is a reason why people say that you should wash your clothes when they are piled up after a week. It’s not about staying dirty but saving water. When you wash your clothes every day or more than once in a week, the washing machine utilizes the same amount of water it would have used for more clothes as well. Therefore, it is better to wash more clothes at a time because the same quantity of water will be used. Washing one or two dresses frequently wastes a lot of water in the process and doesn’t help in saving water. To save water, we should adopt good habits and look out for every way that may help us in this cause. It’s a global cause that will benefit the entire mankind and other living beings on earth in the years to come.

Boil only the required amount of water:

How often do we boil water for cooking or making tea and don’t realize the extra water that gets wasted? It’s a very common habit to boil water without measuring the amount required to serve the purpose. Imagine if every time you waste around 2 cups of water that go in the drainage without any reason! To save water, start playing your part from today and decide to measure the actual amount of water you need to boil. Pour water in the kettle or saucepan after measuring with the help of cups to avoid any wastage of water. It might not look so worthy to save a cup of water but what if every other person is doing the same thing wrong? Do some calculations by multiplying the number of cups by even half of the population of the world. Hopefully, you will get the answer and understand the importance of water. Therefore, to save water it is necessary to play our part in the global cause.

Less consumption of meat and dairy products:

The consumption of meat and dairy products involve a lot of water contribution in feeding the livestock. If we just reduce the amount of meat we eat every day, it can save a large quantity of water. Feeding the livestock is not that simple. It involves a large content of water that is used to feed them. Even dairy production involves large quantities of water. Instead of eating meat in routine, we can opt for vegetables that are rich in proteins such as beans. This practice will reduce the consumption of water to a great extent. To save water, it’s necessary to adopt these daily routine habits. The world is already running short of water and we can’t afford to be a part of the water shortage. Save the world by saving water beginning from yourself.

Storing rainwater:

During the rainy seasons, it’s beneficial to store rainwater that may be used during dry seasons. The excessive rainwater can be stored in large a tank at home that is also best for the plants instead of the treated water coming in taps. We can water our plants with the help of this water when the dry season arrives. This will save the extra tap water that we will use in watering the plants. It is studied that thousands of liters of water can be stored in rainy seasons for several purposes including washing, cleaning, and gardening. This would help us to save water and hence save the world of water shortfall in a matter of few years to come.

Scheduled watering to plants:

Every year, we lose a large quantity of water just because of lack of the watering schedule to our plants. Plants need a scheduled watering in accordance with their environment. It’s much better to water plants once in the morning or evening than watering them twice in the hot afternoon. Watering the plants more won’t enhance their growth if the time is not chosen correctly. Nearly half of the water evaporates due to the hot weather in the afternoon of summers. It’s better to water the plants once in the morning and let the water absorb in the roots of the plants to meet the purpose of proper nourishing. In this way, we can yield better results as well as save the extra water that was being wasted by watering in the afternoon. It is a very effective way of watering particularly in the large area of plants that need large quantities of water. This practice will help us to save water and make this earth healthier with more natural resources being utilized in an efficient way.

Minimize the wastage of fruits and vegetables:

On so many occasions in our lives, we come to experience a sight where a large number of fruits and vegetables are wasted at selling markets. It’s very important to understand the importance of each fruit and vegetable that is thrown away. There is a significant amount of water investment in each fruit and vegetable which should not be wasted at any cost. Only the amount of food that has the potential to be sold at the end of the day must be brought to the market to save water indirectly. In the same way, we should also buy enough food that can be utilized before going to waste in a trash bin. No amount of food shall be wasted to save water on earth. The appropriate amount of food must be cooked to avoid any loss without any reason. Help save the world by saving water!

Maintenance check of water pipes:

One of the things that most of the people overlook is the regular maintenance of their kitchen and other water pipes for any leakage. Even a single drop of water seeping out of a valve is a waste of the most important natural resource on earth. You should either contact professional services for regular maintenance of these water pipes or keep an eye yourself to avoid any drop of water from getting wasted. To save water we must ensure all the valves and taps of our house are properly turned off when not in use. The main valve of water supply must be turned off to avoid any damage in case of an overflow through the leak pipes inside the house. It’s an essential part of maintenance check carried out at home through a plumber to save water for yourself and the whole world.

Washing dishes efficiently:

The dishwashing process at home consumes a lot of water that needs to be reduced to save water. An open tap while applying the dish cleaner to the plates and dishes results in a loss of water. It’s better to turn off the tap while you prepare the dishes and plates for washing. Moreover, the tap must be opened to a certain limit allowing only the required quantity of water to pour down. To save water, we need to adopt good habits and give up the habits that result in the loss of the natural resource. There is a dire need to save water to encounter the global effects of changing the environment.

Steam heat vegetables:

Before cooking vegetable food, it’s preferable to steam heat it. In this way, the water used for the steam purpose can also be utilized as soup. Boiling vegetables retain natural nutrients and provide more benefits. This water can be efficiently used to serve other purposes such as watering plants when it gets cold. To gain more energy out of the natural nutrients, the boiling method works very well. It retains the taste of vegetables and nutrients whose impact is reduced after the regular cooking. To save water on earth, we need to adopt all those ways that can be fruitful in helping the global cause. It’s the need of the entire world to save water for the survival of living beings in the near future.

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