The total votes in US election are on the front now, and the climax is at its peak. The total votes in the US casted and are to be counted and the results are very much interesting.  The election with its raging controversies and changing audience has made the total countdown even tougher and to make one decision seems to be pretty tough at the moment.

US Election Total Votes Behind the Scene

What needs to be understood about the US election total votes is to understand the politics behind the electoral and popular votes. The electoral votes are to be decided by a set of people who are government officials, and they have to cater the politics of the state inspite of just going for the total Votes in the US.  The US elections have made people think and rethink about the parties they are voting because there is no resolution for absolute winning, although very obvious 77.7% and 22.3% chances are seen and predicted by the media and other resources. With the zest of becoming the first female president by US election total votes, Hillary seems to be having the majority in her hand and Trump is getting 23.3 outside total votes in US.

One thing that every American citizen must understand is the idea of how the electoral votes are given in the first place. It is not just the amount of people that make the president but the number of members given the right to vote for the electoral poll for making the total US Election Total Votes. When it comes to the electoral vote candidates, there are limited seats in big seats surprisingly. So much for trump’s corporate friends in NY!!!

Hillary is winning the popularity votes in some parts of America while Trump has been triumph in some parts of America. For instance, Trump has won the popular votes in some states while in NY and other big states Hillary seems to be winning the US Election total popular votes.  The popularity votes are very much important but without electoral votes the Total votes in the US in useless.  Therefore by saying that since Hillary is declared as popular vote’s winner will win the total votes in US is an understatement. The ratio that has estimated until now for popularity vote is that Hillary will be getting the 48.2 % votes while Trump, on the other hand, will have 42.2 % of the US election total votes. Now considering this statement, before the electoral votes the decision is not that easy to make.

Total Votes in US States Play Important Roles Everywhere

To consider the US Election Total Votes one has to consider the possibilities of the winning of the parties in various states.  The Democratic party will have a majority of voting in Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Mary land, Manchester, Columbia and much more. Let us remind you that the total votes in US presidential election have to reach just the count of 270 and the party wins its way to the white house. With a covering of such big states, it seems that Hillary will be getting US election total votes but at the same time to make a countdown of the total votes will be a false alarm. Trump, on the other hand, has Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisianan and Alabama at this side. There are fair chances that Trump will also be having a great share of votes in the same way.

Considering the amount of the electoral votes, there are recently some surveys conducted for understanding the whole voting. According to a graph showing electoral vote, Hillary’s chances of winning electoral votes are raised to 350 on the chart while on the other Trump chances are like 200 on the graph. Calculating the scenario or worst outcomes, the Democratic party in comparison with the republic by rational and logical explanation will be gathering the votes to the white house. But at the same time, the close percentages of popular votes have shaken the belief of a significant number of groups and effecting the voting every day.

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