The state of South Carolina shall surely take its impact from the South Carolina voting history for South Carolina Total votes 2016. This is also why South Carolina presidential elections 2016 shall be very important to give the 2016 South Carolina presidential election primary results.

South Carolina voting history



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South Carolina presidential elections 2016 primary caucus and its projections

The state also had its South Carolina presidential elections 2016 primary elections for both the Republicans and the Democrats on separate dates to know of the popularity of the candidates. It was also done to know of the popularity of both parties as well. This was done to know of the South Carolina total votes 2016 so that a rough idea can be known. The primary elections were held for the Republic presidential on 20th February 2016 while the primary elections for the Democratic Party, was held on February 27th February 2016. It was Hilary Clinton who won the 73.4% of the popularity while Donald Trump won 32.5% of the Republican Party. This was valuable enough to show that the state of South Carolina knows more about the Democrats than the Republicans and therefore want to favor and support them as well.


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South Carolina Total votes 2016 predictions through history

The South Carolina voting history has been ample to know about the overall trends prevailing in the state for the South Carolina presidential elections 2016. The constituency for the South Carolina total votes can also be fairly known well through these trends. It has been seen that the state has favored and voted for the winning candidate and his party for more than 51% of the time especially when it comes to the elections that took place between 1900 and 2012. It was also seen during these times that the candidates of the Democrats were more supported in the elections held in those times as compare to the candidates of the Republicans. The Democrats were mostly victorious over them. This percentage was known to be in the ratio of 55.17% to 41.38% respectively during the same time.

Just like all other time frames and what happened in the majority of the states, the tables were shifted for the time that came in later for the South Carolina presidential elections. It was seen that the Republicans were truly favored as well as supported in each of the elections of South Carolina that took place later from the year 2000 up to the year 2012. There hasn’t been even one election during this whole time frame when a Democrat has won the presidential election for South Carolina in that time.

Hence when one looks at both the issues, it is well known that the 2016 South Carolina presidential elections cannot be predicted truly very well but the facts are known at hand. According to what the facts have said, the 9 electoral votes of the state have been acquired after one vote was added after the 2010 Census. Later on, the table shift has shown that this year’s South Carolina presidential elections shall be surely swept off by the Reds again.

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