Forests are the backbone in maintaining a balance in our environment and ecosystem. Without forests, global warming would take over with unbearable climatic conditions. With the industrialization and urbanization expanding with the passage of each day, it has become even more important to save and protect forests to sustain climatic changes. The role of forests in our environment has its significance regarding providing fresh oxygen to breathe and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A huge number of habitats survive in the presence of forests. The ecosystem will drastically get affected if deforestation is not controlled globally. Deforestation is the destruction of forests in a specific area due to natural disasters or human negligence. It must be controlled by taking the necessary steps to save nature and maintain environmental balance. To overcome various threats to the forests, we need to understand the importance and role of forests in nature and how they become a source of life for many habitats. There is a need to bring global awareness to the international platform to save the existing forests and planting more trees. Role of forests can be described in many ways as follows:

Providing Food and Shelter to Animals:

Forests are a source of food and shelter to various species of animals. Forests provide the natural environment animals need to survive. It provides them the grazing fields on a large area which makes the role of forests very important indeed. Not only forests provide food to these animals but a shelter to live in their natural environment. All forests have their kind of trees and plantation that supports a specific species of animals. Therefore, all the animals find their suitable forests to stay respectively.

Role of Forests on our Land

Protection from Strong Winds:

Forests help in protecting many crops and plants from strong winds that may damage them. Forests play an important role in deflecting the wind over the ground level hence letting the plants sustain in extreme conditions as well. The large trees in forests act as a wall that diverts and reduce the strong winds. Lack of forests may destroy a large number of crop fields affecting the economy to a great extent which makes the role of forests even more significant. It’s necessary to plant more trees around and in the urban areas to decrease the chances of plants being damaged due to strong winds.

Role of Forests on our Land

Supply of Oxygen:

Forests are the source of oxygen to the environment. Forests are termed as lungs of the earth which reveals the important role of forests. More trees mean more oxygen which is utilized by all living beings. Trees are capable of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the environment which makes the atmosphere clean and healthy to breathe. Without forests, we can drastically lose a life on earth due to lack of oxygen due to industrialization. Therefore, it’s necessary to plant more trees and prevent the existing forests and take important steps for reforestation where required. A global awareness for planting trees would let people know the benefits of trees and why they should not be cut down.

Role of Forests on our Land

Protection from soil erosion:

Thick forests keep the soil of the land intact with the help of their roots penetrated in the soil firmly. These roots of trees hold the topsoil together in case of rainfalls and landslides. Deforestation causes the soil to lose its place and damage the land permanently. The forest soil has many benefits including the storage of water for the dormant season. It provides essential content of water to the plants in dry seasons. With the loss of a large number of forests globally, there is an alarming situation of soil erosion. The role of forests must not be forgotten, and the necessary steps are taken to protect them.

Role of Forests on our Land

Reducing Air Pollution:

With the expansion of urban areas and industrialization, the land is cleared for construction sites. The chemicals in the shape of gases released from the factories are severely damaging the ozone layer that protects the earth from ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Excessive air pollution has made the environment unhealthy for living beings to breathe. The continuous cutting of trees for the expansion of urban areas has posed a great threat to the earth. Forests naturally absorb these carbon contents from the gases hence purifying the air and supplying oxygen to the environment that shows the important role of forests on our land. Plantation of trees helps in reducing air pollution which has risen global warming on earth.

Role of Forests on our Land

Enhance the fertility of Soil:

The role of forests is not only limited to the atmosphere but also helps in the fertility of the soil. The dried leaves from the trees decompose and make the soil more fertile. The soil in forests is usually very much suitable for agricultural purposes. Pine trees make the soil sandy which doesn’t help in the fertility of the soil. Otherwise, the role of forests cannot be denied in making the soil fertile for many reasons. Soil provides the foundation for planting trees and the more it has fertility qualities, and it is easier to grow plants.

Role of Forests on our Land

Reduction of Global Warming:

The growing industry in urban areas has a huge impact on the environment of the earth. The exhaust gases cause air pollution which in turn damages the ozone layer. The rapid depletion of the ozone layer is an alarming situation for us. The ozone layer protects the surface of the earth from direct contact of ultraviolet rays of sunlight. The role of forests is evident regarding saving the environment from such circumstances. Trees reduce the amount of carbon content from these gases and help in saving the earth from air pollution which in turn causes significant damage to the ozone layer. Global warming can be reduced by planting more trees and protecting the existing ones. The oxygen released by the trees helps in making the atmosphere clean and pollution free.

Role of Forests on our Land

Supporting Wildlife:

There are millions of species of animals living in the forests. The ecosystem is maintained through the supplies present in the forests for each habitat. The weak animals fall prey to the stronger ones, and the cycle continues. When deforestation takes place, it disturbs the life cycle of these habitats to a great extent. Animals are forced to leave the forest in search of food, water, and shelter to another place. Thousands of animals die in the process of migrating from one place to the other which results in the extinction of various species of animals in the world. There is a need to protect the extinct wildlife to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. It becomes hard for animals to find another suitable place for living and feeding due to which they face hard circumstances. The role of forests is important in saving the wildlife from extinction.

Role of Forests on our Land

Preventing From Climate Change:

Forests help in decreasing the ground temperature significantly. Due to the loss of trees as a result of deforestation, the earth has started to warm up to an alarming situation. The glaciers start to melt due to increased temperature which causes the sea level to rise drastically. This process results in sudden climatic changes that not only pose a threat to the environment but living beings as well. Rise in temperature of earth results in loss of various habitats necessary to maintain a balance in nature. Climate change also disturbs the growth of crops and damages the plants. It clears the role of forests in our nature. Reforestation is required where hundreds of trees have been damaged due to natural disasters or human negligence to save the entire planet.

Economic Benefits:

More forests result in a high number of economic benefits. Many people are attracted towards the better job opportunities in the urban areas where industries are working on making different items from wood. Paper industry is completely dependent on forests. Paper industry turns the wood pulp into the paper which is the highest in demand product in our industry. Role of forests in our industry is very crucial. There must be a properly scheduled plantation of trees in place of the ones that are cut down for industrial use. This practice results in the balance in nature and maintains the ecosystem. In case of negligence in planting more trees results in deforestation that disturbs the balance in the environment.

Role of Forests on our Land

Removing Harmful Emissions:

Forests are useful in making the environment clean and green for the living beings. Trees release fresh oxygen in the air which is beneficial for us. The industries in the urban areas release harmful chemicals in the shape of different gases which makes the environment polluted. Trees help in removing these harmful emissions from the industries to keep the environment a safe and healthy place to breathe in. A significant role of forests in this regard should be kept in mind to save the trees from the cut down process. Every single tree contributes to the betterment of our atmosphere and helps in the removal of harmful gases from the air.

Role of Forests on our Land


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