Almost all human beings are dependent on the presence of forests on our land for one or another reason. Forests help in making the environment clean and thus reducing the pollution factor from the atmosphere. Deforestation, over the years, has been a serious threat to the forests as it has resulted in a loss of so many species of trees. The lack of restoration process due to the negligence of human beings for the past few decades has made it even worst for Mother Nature to survive. Forests supply oxygen to the environment thus making it a healthy place to live and breathe. Deforestation could be either because of natural disasters or errors made by human beings. The role of forests management in this regard becomes so very important to prevent forests from destruction. The importance of forests on our land needs to be understood to realize the benefits we get from the trees. The role of forests management is not only restricted to preventing deforestation but planting trees in the process of restoration of forests destroyed due to natural disasters. Human beings cannot fight natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes that become a real cause of deforestation. An active role of forests management in preventing deforestation can bring a change that will be helpful in saving nature. There are several steps forests management needs to take without any further delay in order to kick-start the prevention of forests.

Planned cutting of trees:

The cutting of trees must not take place by hit and trial method. The process must involve a team of experts that understand the environment and its requirements. The team should make a proper plan for the annual cutting of trees. The role of forests management is important to implement the plan set by the experts in order to identify which trees can be cut down. Only the mature trees must be allowed to cut leaving behind the ones still at an early and growing age. The balance of forests must be maintained to allow a sequential growth of trees with the passage of time. Cutting new and growing trees would disturb the ecosystem to a great extent and leaving behind a major space that could not be filled in many years to come due to the age difference of trees. Therefore, the age of trees must be determined by proper testing and maintaining the record. In this way, we can easily distinguish the trees that have reached their age of cutting. The role of forests management again becomes significant to hold this process of cutting trees under their surveillance.  This would allow them to maintain their data that would be really helpful in the following year.

Check Illegal logging:

In many parts of the world, the illegal logging of wood from the forests is an ongoing process. It takes place with the help of a few concerned departments’ staff. Different companies around the world take part in this logging of trees. The government officials are being paid by these companies to ignore their activities in the forests. Therefore, it doesn’t take place in the absence of anybody instead many officials are involved in these illegal activities. The higher authorities need to bring a check and balance system to point out the corrupt persons involved in allowing these activities to take place. The role of management is certainly very important in this regard to help to filter out such culprits from their department in order to save forests from deforestation. There is a severe threat to the forests due to this illegal logging of wood. It has been a cause of complete deforestation in various parts of the world. This process also forces the animals living in the forests to migrate to some other living place.  Disturbing the environment of these animals may lead to their death and endangering species over a long period of time. The wildlife around the world is already facing a concerning level of extinction threat which makes the role of forests management extremely vital in preventing deforestation. These illegal activities must be stopped by the law enforcement and strict punishments to discourage anyone involved.

Training programs for staff:

The role of forests management is not just restricted to planning but also arranging various training programs for their staff working in the forests. The forests protection staff must also be trained in minimizing the effect of fire in forests. There must be training drills that allow them to understand how to encounter a fire situation in the forests. Fire brigade services must be trained to a professional level because a ceasing fire in forests is not an easy job at all due to winds at high speed and lack of moisture. Any waste of time may lead to losing a large area of forests. The personnel must be highly trained in reaching the burning forest as quickly as possible. The staff should be provided with the modern day equipment with hands-on experience to encounter any worst conditions in the forest. It can be extremely challenging to encounter fire in forests due to natural disasters because it expands in a large area within no time. Moreover, the fire initiated by human beings must be taken control as soon as possible to avoid any harm to the entire forest. A small spark may result in burning a thick forest within a matter of hours. The staff deployed for the cutting of trees must be properly trained that depicts an active role of forests management. It’s a skillful job to cut trees in a specific way that can only be achieved with professionalism and experience.

Marking the cutting of trees:

A technique that is usually ignored by the authorities in most cases is the marking process. The places from where trees are cut down must be marked properly to make it easy when planting new trees. During the cutting of trees, the role of forests management should be to mark the points of cutting. While restoring the forests, it becomes really important to know where to plant the new trees. To make it easy, marking is the easiest technique to remember where the new tree would be planted. The staff must be trained to know each marking means a plantation of a new tree to that place. Missing even a single mark would result in one less tree in the forest. Therefore, an active and efficient role of forests management is required to achieve better results in preventing deforestation.

Understanding the environmental conditions of a forest:

All the forests in the world consist of different types of species of plants and trees. The sustainability of trees depends on their environment and surroundings. The role of forests management is very important since the requirement of each forest needs to be understood before planting new trees. The growth of trees depends on the environment they are planted into. Every forest has its own kind of plants and must be replaced with similar ones. During the restoration of the forests destroyed by disasters, it’s important to identify which trees are most suitable to the environment. Trees can only be planted after understanding the requirement of the forest. Some trees tend to grow faster in warm areas whereas others are more suitable for the coldest places. One cannot mix them together for better results because it would only cause loss of investment and time for the management of the forests. Therefore, a team of experts needs to be established in the concerned management to study the behavior of plants and trees before planting them into any forest. The environmental effects must also be studied carefully before opting for any kind of trees for a specific region. All these factors play an important role in restoring the forests and need to be kept in mind which will make the role of forests management much more effective and efficient.

Considering the above factors, the role of forests management has to be active and efficient if anything needs to be done for the proper restoration of forests. This job should be taken seriously because it’s not only a job but you are making a contribution towards the betterment of earth and the next generations to come. A role of sincerity and hard work is required to conserve forests and make the environment healthier. Only then we can fight against the increasing effects of global warming on earth.

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