The abnormal growth of cells is named as cancer. Depending on the causes of cancer, it can be of various types and currently there are more than 100 different kinds of cancers among human beings. There is a large percentage of people who die of cancer due to lack of treatment or the disease getting diagnosed at a very later stage. It’s more likely to be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. The treatments include chemotherapy and different kind of radiations and surgery. There are various common causes of cancer that accelerate the abnormal growth of cells in the body. In most cases, it’s not even diagnosed at an early stage unless it reaches the non-curable stage. In some people, its symptoms appear very late during its cycle. A proper regular medical checkup is required to keep ourselves updated about what is going on inside our body. What causes cancer actually? The common causes of cancer include the following that plays a vital role in catching the disease.


Chewing or smoking tobacco is primarily the core reason for people suffering from different types of cancer. It’s one of the most common causes of cancer as well. Smoking is injurious to health and it deteriorates the functioning of cells of the body. It directly damages the lungs and causes throat and mouth cancer as well. Cigarettes or cigars are made up of dried tobacco leaves. Flavors are added in different kind of cigars for a pleasant smoking experience. When this mixture of chemicals is burned, the smoke damages the cells and the different organs of the body. Out of all the components, nicotine is the most harmful chemical for a human body. It causes heart and lungs diseases, including other serious health issues and turns out to be one of the most common causes of cancer.

Lack of Physical Activity:

A healthy body is a result of physical activity on a regular basis. Lack of physical activity has so many diverse effects on human health. It also increases the risk of cancer significantly. This is one common cause of cancer we can have complete control of. Doctors suggest some physical activity every day for at least 30 minutes. A regular walk every day could do the job as well. People, who tend to stay in couch or chair all day, increase the risk of cancer in their body. A human body is so designed that it requires some sort of exercise or movement of the body parts. Lack of any activity also leads to increased weight and causing several other health issues and chronic diseases including obesity and diabetes.

Unbalanced diet:

Building a healthy diet plan and taking a good look at what you eat every day would help you maintain a healthy weight as well as keeping the body active all day. A balanced and healthy diet reduces the risk of cancer significantly. One of the common causes of cancer includes an unbalanced and unhealthy intake of food. Minimize the intake of sugary drinks and eating processed meat. It’s preferable to eat small portions of high-calorie food. Include more vegetables and fruits in your everyday meals. Drinking fresh juices is a healthy activity. Unbalanced diet enhances the risk of cancer due to an increase in body weight as well.

Exposure to Radiations:

Exposing skin to different types of radiations for longer periods, increase the risk of cancer tremendously. Taking sun bath might sound exciting but it exposes your skin to Ultraviolet radiations which are extremely dangerous for skin. When talking about common causes of cancer, exposure to radiations is one of them. These UV radiations damage the skin cells and lead to skin cancer. One should avoid going out in direct sun in summers. On the other hand, X-rays also cause the cells to grow abnormal. These high energy radiations, if exposed to the skin in excessive amount could be hazardous and you could be at a risk to damage skin cells as well. Medical treatments involve x-ray tests to see an image of bones which should be carefully treated.

Infectious Diseases:

There are several types of infections that can lead to a higher chance of cancerous disease. HIV and HPV are the most common examples of such infections. Various kinds of bacteria and germs accumulate in the body due to these infections and result in fatal diseases. If you have more than one sexual partner, a high amount of care is required to prevent such infections from transmitting. Safe sexual behaviors are suggested by the doctors. Cancer of the anus, penis, vagina, and cervix could be caused due to these infections. These bacterial infections are the most common causes of cancer these days.

Use of Alcohol:

Using any amount of alcohol, over the course of time can turn harmful to the body. Alcohol damages the tissues and causes inflammation and scarring of the liver. Cells are damaged due to the chemicals present in the alcohol which try to repair themselves, resulting in serious changes in the DNA and causing cancer. Alcohol can also be a cause of irritation in the mouth. Intake of alcohol drinks is even more dangerous than just smoking. Cancer of mouth, liver, colon, breast, throat, stomach and pancreas are all related to the intake of alcohol. One of the most common causes of cancer among people is found to be drinking an excessive amount of alcohol in their lifetime.


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