The primary Minnesota presidential elections 2016 shall impact Minnesota total votes 2016 and the overall Minnesota voting history when it comes to 2016’s Minnesota presidential elections and their results. The impact shall be seen because a true number of people in Minnesota remain interested in the primary elections. This shall, however, also be changed next time around from 2020. The state has already approved the new system that shall use tabs for voting. This voting shall be cast in public; however, the parties can have their caucuses too.

Minnesota voting history


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The Minnesota voting history and its impact on Minnesota Total vote 2016

There has been a fair share for Minnesota as it has taken part in all presidential elections all the time. The Minnesota voting history has been different, though. There are 10 electoral votes for Minnesota that account for 1.8% of the total electoral votes. It has also been seen that from an overall time span starting from 1900 to the year 2012; the Michigan state has voted the region more blue than red. It has been the Democratic Party that has been favored mostly while Republican candidates are less preferred overall. This has been seen through the perfect representation of 62.07 to 37.93% which is why it is mostly blue dominance in the Michigan state.
The 2016 Minnesota presidential elections are a likely Clinton state because back from 1860 to 1928 the red Republicans seem to be winning all the time. It was from the next elections starting from 1932 till today that the Democrats have been winning overall with just three red victories in 1952, 1956, and 1972.
While Minnesota also has a Libertarian named Gary Johnson here November 8, 2016, results seem truly appropriate to be won over by Clinton. This is why the Minnesota total votes 2016 shall mainly consist of support for Hilary Clinton in the Minnesota presidential elections 2016.



The last caucus results for Minnesota presidential elections 2016

Both the Republicans and the Democrats had their party’s primary Minnesota presidential elections 2016. The Democratic Party saw double the popularity than the Republicans because the percentage showed to be 61.2% and 36.2% respectively. It was Bernie Sanders who took the victory here in contrast to Marco Rubin. During the 1900 to 2012 timeline Minnesota has participated in 29 Minnesota presidential elections 2016 where Minnesota has voted for the winning candidate for more than 72.41% of the time as well. When it comes to who has been more favored, it was seen that the Minnesota voting history in the same time frame was more supportive to one end. This was the Democrat side which had 62.07 percent popularity in comparison to 37.93% of the Republicans.
Thus when it comes to the overall Minnesota total votes 2016, the results of the 2016 Minnesota presidential elections seem very apparent overall. Clinton shall take the bait here because both the Minnesota voting history and the primary elections point out at the same. This can also increase the victory chances for overall elections too.


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