What is Reforestation?

Reforestation is the restoration process of the destroyed or damaged forests.  Trees are planted in that particular destroyed area of forests to recover the loss of nature. Reforestation is a process that takes place when deforestation occurs in our forests due to natural disasters or human negligence. Deforestation leads to a loss of hundreds of trees which need to be recovered through reforestation to save our environment from global warming and climate changes. In practice to plant trees, it is also an essential element to understand the requirement of the soil. The trees suitable to that particular soil and atmosphere must be planted to properly restore the forest and save nature. A lot of factors add to the importance of reforestation and its need globally. Reforestation is necessary to keep the fertility of the soil and recovering biodiversity. The importance of reforestation can’t be denied as it plays a vital role in maintaining a balance in our environment and ecosystem as well.

Importance of Reforestation:

It is of massive importance to recover the damage caused to nature to protect our balanced life cycle. The destruction of forests could be the fault of human beings or nature may also pose a threat to these forests. We can only control what happens due to human negligence. Natural disasters can’t be controlled or denied. Whatever the reason may be, there is always a need to make the necessary arrangements to recover from the damage. When it’s about forests, we should place it as our foremost priority to recover destroyed forests through the reforestation process. Importance of reforestation is undeniable because it maintains the balance in our environment. There are certain hazardous effects posed to our earth due to the massive loss of trees globally. It has not only caused the climatic changes but also resulted in a polluted environment. The damaged ozone layer has posed a serious threat to the earth in the shape of global warming. Our planet is getting warmer and warmer day by day due to lack of forests and consequently the polluted air we breathe in. The importance of reforestation in the form of its benefits can be evaluated from the following:

Reduction of carbon dioxide in the air:

Forests play an important role in the reduction of carbon dioxide from the air. The world is facing an environmental crisis due to the destruction of hundreds of forests. The increasing process of industrialization has polluted the air we breathe in. A large number of factories are operating which pollute the environment with smoke. Therefore, the easiest way to reduce these environment polluting chemicals and carbon dioxide is reforestation. The importance of reforestation can be understood once we know the benefits of forests. Trees are a source of oxygen thus decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Trees maintain a balance in the environment by improving the quality of air. Therefore, it is important to plant trees for restoration purpose.

Importance of Reforestation in our environment

Recovering biodiversity:

The world is facing an imminent crisis of environmental changes and global warming to an alarming level. Due to the deforestation, hundreds of trees have been either damaged or burned down. The reduction of many forests in the world has damaged biodiversity very badly. The animals that used to live in these forests are forced out of them due to their destruction. They find a new place to live hence disturbing the natural environment of animals. All the habitats need a specific environment and conditions to live there. Deforestation has posed a huge impact on the biodiversity. The importance of reforestation can’t be neglected to save biodiversity and animals living in their suitable environment. Restoration of forests with the help of planting new trees in place of old ones would help in recovering the loss to nature.

Importance of Reforestation in our environment

Restoring various habitats:

Reforestation helps in preserving various species of animals and plants that are affected due to the deforestation process. A large number of animals are facing a severe threat of extinction only because of the loss of hundreds of forests in a short period. Many animals are forced to find a new place to live, and during the process, a large number of them die. The importance of reforestation is not only limited to the environment but also helps in preserving wildlife. Reforestation has the potential to restore various habitats and save many lives. Endangered species of plants can also be revived by reforestation process.

Importance of Reforestation in our environment

Fighting Global Warming:

Forests help in maintaining a balance in the environmental changes that occur throughout the year. Forests not only help in absorbing carbon dioxide from the air but also help in decreasing the surface temperature. With the continuous loss of trees, the ground temperature has started to increase hence creating a climatic change and global warming. The hazardous gas from industrialization also caused pollution in the air and damages the ozone layer. To fight global warming, we need to restore our damaged forests on a priority basis. Global warming has increased the temperature and melting of glaciers cause a rise in sea level hence producing global climatic disturbance. Therefore, the importance of reforestation should not be denied and trees under their suitability to the environment must be planted to restore destroyed forests.

Importance of Reforestation in our environment

Soil fertility and watersheds:

Due to the rapid deforestation, our land has lost its fertility due to various reasons. The roots of the trees hold the soil together with a firm grip. When trees are destroyed, the soil no more holds together and runs away due to the water. Moreover, the falling trees from trees add manure to the soil hence increasing its fertility. Reforestation is very important to avoid many hazardous effects of soil erosion. Reforestation has the potential of recovering the damaged soil and bringing back the forest to fertile land. Another benefit of reforestation is the revival of watersheds that play a vital role in the environmental balance.

Importance of Reforestation in our environment

Economic Benefits:

There are hundreds of economic benefits related to the forests. A properly managed and scheduled cutting of trees provides a good quality timber to the industry. There are also many small industries running who turn the wood collected from the forests into handicrafts and sell them in the market. The greatest beneficiary of forests is the paper industry. The wood pulp is supplied to the paper industry that turns it into the paper which is extensively used around the globe for printing purposes. Paper industry offers hundreds of job opportunities to the people which in turn help the economy to grow stronger. The most trending furniture these days is made from the best quality timber that comes from these forests. Therefore, the importance of reforestation has a significant role in the economic condition. Trees that were damaged during deforestation must be restored with proper and planned work in order to revive the forests.

Importance of Reforestation in our environment


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