How Valentine’s Day Started – This query is always in everyone mind, so now I tell you what’s the origin. Each year, February 14 is celebrated as the day of love as well as romance in the memory of St. Valentine. On this day, we express our feelings by providing particularly chosen presents, greetings cards, and flowers. A sense of Valentine’s Day fulfills us with unexpected joy and warmth. However, do you know how, why and when it was started? Let discover a history of Valentine’s Day to ensure it is even more unique as well as significant.

According to the Catholic Church, there have been three saints known as Valentine, who has been martyred in the name of divine love.

How Valentine’s Day Started? Saint who does secret marriages:

When Emperor Claudius II restricted marriages of young men as he believed single men perform much better in the military than individuals with wives and families, a saint is known as Valentine stood against this. He defied the criminal law as well as continued performing secret marriages for young couples. Once the secret was opened up, he was jailed and killed.

How Valentine’s Day Started? Why February?

It was believed that St. Valentine was performed on February 14. To remember him and the teachings of love, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on this date. One more story claims that Roman people celebrate the harvest festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated on February 15. The festival was focused on the Roman god of fertility and also the founders of the Roman Empire. Celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14 was the Christian effort of ‘Christianizing’ the pagan feast.

In the Middle Age, it had been regarded as that the birds start mating from 14th February. Therefore, it was anyways related to love and romance.

How did Valentine’s Day start?

Valentine’s Day is an old tradition, considered to have originated from a Roman festival.

The Romans had a festival called Lupercalia during February, formally the beginning of their springtime.

How did Valentine’s Day start? One of the authors stated that It is believed that as part of the celebrations, that the boys drew names of girls from the box. They became boyfriend as well as girlfriend during the festival, and often they would get married.

Afterward, the church wanted to turn this festival into a Christian celebration as well as chose to use it to recall St Valentine as well.

How did Valentine’s Day start? People started to know this gradually, that St Valentine’s name began to be used to remember by individuals to express their feelings and to show their love to their loved ones.

How did Valentines Day start?

Valentine’s Day is an old tradition considered to have originated from a Roman Festival referred to as Lupercalia, by

How did Valentine’s Day start? The answer to this query is stated by an author, that It was first held on February 15th as a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of farming.

Throughout the celebrations, boys would draw names of girls from the box and also the pair would be partners during the festival.

These matches often resulted in marriage.

How did Valentine’s Day start? You can answer this query without any hesitation. The festival survived the first rise of Christianity, however, was outlawed after the 5th century when Pope Gelasius announced February 14 St Valentine’s Day. know more about why valentine day is celebrated?