The ecosystem of the earth is so well-balanced in the shape of various species of animals and plants the role of human beings in the environment. The entire stability and sustainability of an ecosystem depend on the contribution of each living being on earth. It is a matter of fact that human beings have such a huge dependency on so many animals and plants to meet the needs of food, medicine and other aspects of daily routine life. In the same way, all the species of animals are dependent on one another for food and a healthy life. The survival of wildlife is completely dependent on each other without which they would go extinct at a rapid pace thus disturbing the ecosystem of earth. To save the wildlife, there are a number of activities carried out by human beings that need to be stopped without any delay. The ecosystem faces adverse effects due to the extinction of one species leading to a threatening situation for the ones dependent on them for food and the cycle continues. Reducing the various types of pollution in our environment and overcoming human negligence in protecting animals would be helpful in saving wildlife. It has become utterly important to save the wildlife to restrict our ecosystem reaching a breaking point where furthermore efforts will be useless to save it. The ecosystem of earth could so easily become a lot weaker with the current situation. Before any catastrophic changes to our environment, it is of great need to protect and save the wildlife from extinction. Extinction is not a process that only takes place in a short-term period but it also takes gradual effects of the environment to carry a species of animals to an irreversible point. Nearly one-third of the overall species in the world are facing threat to extinction at the moment. According to research, we are in a state of losing 30,000 species annually which is an alarming number for the survival of the ecosystem. It is nowhere near to the speed of evolution of new species in our environment.  To save wildlife, the following steps would be very helpful to ensure a safe future of various species of animals on earth.

Save the wildlife

Adopting Animals:

The best way to serve and save the wildlife is to adopt any of your favorite animals. There are thousands of species of animals facing a threat to extinction including panda, polar bear, African elephant, snow leopard, penguins, sea turtle, white shark, koala, the black jaguar, hedge etc. The wildlife conservation organizations such as WWF play an active role in the protection of these animals from extinction. With the help of these organizations, we can opt for the adoption of an animal that would be a priceless investment in terms of saving our nature. The choice of adoption of an animal depends on the environment you are currently living in. It should match the lifestyle of the animal to protect it rather than making it even tough for it. To save the wildlife, we can play our part in the best possible way by the adoption of animals under a threat of extinction.

Reduce Environmental Pollution:

Pollution can be of various kinds but there is one thing in common among all of them. It destroys the natural balance and affects all the living beings on earth to a great level. Environmental pollution has disturbed the ecosystem of the earth to a drastic level. It is involved in every aspect of our atmosphere, such as the air we breathe in, the water we drink and the soil we use for growing crops and agricultural purposes. There is a large number of populations around the world that typically dies due to the unclean drinking water. What is the root cause of these adverse effects? Of course, the modernization, nuclear era, and industrialization have completely drawn everything to a standstill ever since its evolution. Similarly, the wildlife is equally affected by the harms of pollution in our environment. Pollution in the form of chemicals and gas emissions from the industries and poor conditions of water resources has created a serious matter of concern around the globe. To save the wildlife, we need to step up and take the necessary steps in reducing pollution to save our species of animals. Pollution is a core reason for global warming causing the glaciers to melt and making it tough for animals such as polar bears living in those areas to survive. A sudden change in the climate of a region also affects the animals living in that particular area and may even lead to the death of several species. Any damage to the lives of the animals results in an imbalance of our ecosystem. We must look into this alarming situation and save the wildlife from extinction.

Using renewable resources:

The extraction and burning of fossil fuels for over so many years has destroyed the natural balance of our environment. Natural sources of energy such as solar and wind can be utilized instead of coal and thermal power plants to produce electricity. Solar and wind power plants tend to create no pollution in our environment and termed as eco-friendly resources of energy. All the global needs of energy could be met by using 0.3% of solar energy produced by the sun in an hour which is a surprising yet a real fact to understand. Regions like Sahara could be utilized to a great effect to produce as much electricity that would be enough for the entire continent of Europe. The use of non-renewable resources such as coal, produce so many gas emissions that almost kills the healthy aspect of nature due to pollution. It directly affects the wildlife and causes several diseases that may lead to the death of a large number of species. Therefore, to save the wildlife we need to understand the fact that renewable resources such as solar and wind energy must be used to meet the growing energy requirements of the world. The disturbance of the ecosystem begins with the distinction of various species of animals that are essential in the life of other animals for feeding purposes.

Save the wildlife

Protect oceans from plastic pollution:

Plastic is not a biodegradable material. With the modernization, the requirement of plastic in different shapes has increased significantly. First of all, the use of plastic bags must be at our least priority to decrease their production level in order to save the wildlife. The used plastic material should be recycled rather than throwing into the garbage which eventually leads to the landfills. The main cause of water pollution is the high number of plastic material being thrown out in the environment. It poses a serious threat to the marine life that is most affected by this negligence. 90% of the entire trash that circulates in all the oceans of the world constitutes of plastic material. According to an estimate, around 300 billion pounds of plastic is produced by the world annually. Out of this number, around 10-15% of the plastic eventually ends up in the oceans that lead to water pollution and killing the marine species. To save the wildlife, plastic material must be properly recycled instead of throwing in the garbage. A large number of plastic sinks in the oceans where it seems like food to the marine life. The intake of plastic leads to various diseases even causing the death of wildlife. The intake of marine food by humans is an indirect way of eating infected food. The whole ecosystem gets the treatment of the little negligence by human beings. Only if the content of plastic is reduced from going into the ocean’s bed, we can save the extinct wildlife and others near to extinction for a better and healthy marine life.

Stop Illegal logging in forests:

Another serious threat to wildlife is the deforestation process that has enforced various species of animals to leave their homes and migrate to other forests. It’s not an easy task for the animals to settle in a new place because they face multiple challenges during the process. The lack of availability of food and fight for a place in the forest results in the loss of many lives of wildlife. Deforestation due to illegal logging of wood is a crime that needs to be brought under law enforcement and involved persons be punished. The cutting of trees without any permit or permission from the authorities for the sake of business and other benefits are the most common types of illegal activities in the forests. If we want to save the wildlife in their natural environment, the situation demands us to report any such activities in the forests to discourage the cutting of trees causing harm to the ecosystem of earth.

Adopt a part of the wildlife forest:

There are various campaigns for wildlife restoration in the world that help in protecting the animals for any threat to their species. One of them is adopting a part of the wildlife forest. If we have the financial resources to meet the requirements of protecting a forest, a part of the wildlife forest can be adopted. This step helps our need to save the wildlife and providing them with a natural environment to grow and sustain. The natural process of protecting a specific species turns out to be the best way to save the wildlife from any hazards of extinction. After all, this investment is for saving the earth from a disturbed ecosystem.

Reducing the use of pesticides:

The use of pesticides and herbicides has resulted in severe damage to various species of animals. Despite the fact that spraying pesticides and herbicides help in maintaining and protecting the plants against insects and herbs, they may cause harm to the animals that eat the plants sprayed by them. These chemicals pollute the soil to a great extent. The degradation process of pesticides is also time-taking that result in poisoning various animals. These intake of these animals by others results in transferring the same poison to them as well. This ongoing process results in the loss of several species from the earth. To save the wildlife, the use of pesticides must be reduced as earlier as possible for the survival of animals that face a threat to their species.

Report Illegal hunting and harassment:

It is not only illegal to hunt or harass any endangered species of animals but also a cruel activity for the sake of just fun. Wildlife enforcement departments are working proactively to stop any such activities being carried out in the forests or elsewhere to save the wildlife from extinction. The species of animals already facing a serious threat to extinction must be protected instead of hunting or capturing for own business purposes. It is the responsibility of each one of us to report any such activity to the respective wildlife enforcement departments in order to save the wildlife and the ecosystem around the globe.

Careful driving around forests:

Forests that once used to be free to move space for the animals have turned out to be occupied by human beings due to the urbanization around the globe. Many forests suffered a great loss when a large part of them was cleared to develop roads across them. This process of urbanization has divided the habitats into two parts on either side of these roads. There are several cases around the globe annually when an animal got hit by passing by vehicle. It has become very hard for animals to survive in these conditions where human beings have a lot of interference in their lives. While driving through forests, it’s rather important to drive very carefully to avoid an accident with an animal. It not only saves the endangered species of wildlife but also keeps you safe. To save the wildlife, we need to play our part and not disturb the lives of animals living in the forests.

Visit a wildlife park:

Paying a visit to the wildlife parks is the best way to save wildlife by interacting and supporting them. The wildlife parks around the world provide a great sight of the endangered habitats. The species of animals facing a threat of extinction re kept under surveillance in these parks and properly taken care of by feeding them according to their needs. Our contribution to protecting and saving wildlife is very important as it maintains a balance between nature and the ecosystem.

Donate to save wildlife:

The donation for a noble cause to save the wildlife is the best investment in nature. Donating doesn’t always mean the financial support to the cause but changing habits that cause danger to the wildlife, planting a tree that helps in making the environment clean and supporting the organizations voluntarily that are working willingly to save the wildlife. It’s about investing your time in saving the wildlife that is endangered to extinction. If every person on earth plants a single tree, it would help in making the environment pollution-free and providing more breathing space to the wildlife. However, volunteer work in saving the species under a threat of extinction would help in maintaining the ecosystem of earth.

Reducing the waste material:

Throwing of waste material into the atmosphere leads to water pollution. Most of the waste material thrown into the atmosphere by human beings is not degradable which causes water pollution in the spillways and wetlands. All the trash is eventually collected by the oceans that affect the lives of the marine creature. Moreover, many animals are trapped in the plastic material thrown into the environment and their intake results in hazardous effects to their health and causing several deadly diseases. A major part of the earth has lost a large number of endangered species just because of water pollution and the waste material was thrown into the atmosphere. Everything related to the waste material is linked to the activities of human beings. To save the wildlife, all of us will have to work together to keep the environment clean so that no threat is offered to the species of animals that are endangered by extinction. A responsible human contribution is very important to maintain the balance of the ecosystem and sustaining the biodiversity of the earth.

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