Cancer is a deadly disease has taken the lives of millions of people and still prevails without any proper cure. One can’t be certain about the causes of cancer because multiple factors play their role in developing cancer. There are certain things we overlook while eating food that can eventually turn out fatal for our health. Smoking, of course, has killed hundreds of millions of people suffering from cancer. However, in medical science, there are still ways to prevent or reduce the risk of cancer by adopting certain parameters of care in our daily lives. Cancer, if diagnosed at an early stage is more likely to be cured through treatment. A routine medical checkup is important to ensure our own safety. There are certain factors that play a major role in causing cancer. Knowing these factors we can take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of cancer to some extent.

Reduce Tobacco Intake:

Reducing or completely avoiding the use of tobacco could be the most important and healthy decision of your life. Smoking has been the major cause of various types of cancers including lungs cancer, kidneys and pancreas cancer, throat and mouth cancer. To reduce the risk of cancer, one should completely quit smoking or chewing tobacco. People who tend to use tobacco more often develop cancer over the time for one of the organs. Quitting tobacco could be a tough decision but one can always consult a doctor to follow different guidelines.

Take Healthy Diet:

Choosing a healthy diet for your body is the first step toward reducing the risk of cancer. One should be very careful in the selection of food items. Include fruits and vegetables in your main course diet including whole grains. Avoid high caloric food to reduce the chances of obesity. Drinking a high amount of alcohol increases the chances of cancer significantly so try to limit the intake of alcohol. To reduce the risk of cancer, avoid eating processed meat in large amounts. A healthy body leads to a healthy life.

Stay active:

Maintaining a healthy body weight is directly proportional to the amount of exercise involved in our daily routine. An active body has fewer chances of getting diseased. Physical activity also helps in controlling body weight and thus maintaining a healthy body. People who tend to sit more increase the chances of various types of cancers. Watching TV or staying in front of the computer is therefore not recommended as a healthy activity. To reduce the risk of cancer, involvement in substantial physical activity is required by the body. One should include physical activity of at least 30-40 minutes every day to decrease the risk of cancer.

Avoid Sugar drinks:

All soda drinks contain a large amount of sugar content. Intake of these sugary soda drinks regularly increase the sugar level in the body and causes obesity. Obesity involves a high risk of diabetes. Therefore, these sugary drinks lead to a disease like diabetes as well as endometrial cancer. There is a higher percentage of risk involved in getting this cancer in case of regular intake of sugary drinks. Avoid all soda drinks because they are not healthy and provide zero nutrients to our body. Other than cancer risks, soda drinks also damage the teeth by building up plaque and thus bringing cavities. To reduce the risk of cancer, one should quit drinking all kinds of sugary drinks.

Avoid Junk Food:

Junk foods consist of high calories and an excess amount of fats stored in them. When these foods are fried or roasted at high temperatures, there is a potential risk of cancer involved in it. Moreover, the fried food is also rich in fats that can lead to obesity. Studies show that people eating junk food are more likely to develop fats and gain weight over time. French fries and roasted chicken are the prime examples in this context which contain a high amount of calories. Avoid eating junk food to maintain a healthy body and reduce the risk of cancer.

Avoid excessive sun exposure:

One of the most common types of cancer is Skin cancer. In our daily routine, we spend a lot of time outside in the bright sun. The scorching heat of the sun in summers has high amounts of ultraviolet rays that can damage the skin if exposed for longer periods. Therefore, try to find some shade when you go out. Try as little as possible to expose the skin to the sun in peak hours of the afternoon. Use sunglasses, sunscreen, and clothes that cover the maximum part of your body to reduce the risk of cancer. The sun rays can damage the cells to a great extent if exposed for a longer period of time.

Regular Medical Check-ups:

Regular medical examination of your body can reduce the risk of cancer to a great extent. Regular body tests ensure chances of discovering cancer at a very early stage where it can be treated successfully. Make a medical check-up schedule with your doctor and don’t ever overlook the fact that cancer can hit anybody. The responsibility of your life is in your hands. Make sure you don’t adopt lazy behavior in getting screened regularly by a doctor to reduce the risk of cancer.

Adopt safe behaviors:

It is highly recommended to adopt safe behaviors in your sexual life. If you have more than one sexual partner, be careful and always use a condom for safe sex. Avoiding casual behaviors may reduce the risk of cancer in your life. More infections are likely to transmit if you have multiple sexual partners and diseases like HIV or AIDS become obvious. People with such diseases might suffer from liver or lungs cancer later in their life. There are other types of cancer-related to HPV such as cervical, anus, penis and vagina cancer that might hit you if you don’t opt for safe behaviors.

Avoid dry cleaned clothes:

This could be surprising but it’s true. Dry cleaners use different chemicals which can cause cancer to liver and kidneys. As a matter of priority, prefer hand-washed clothes at home. Regular exposure to these chemicals may well increase the risk of cancer significantly. Buy and wear clothes that don’t require dry cleaning over the time. Save yourself and the people around you from the deadly disease of cancer. To reduce the risk of cancer, make sure to properly dry your clothes properly before you wear them, to avoid any contact with chemicals used in the detergents as well.


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