National Hug day is all about Hugging. Hugging is something for which all of us might wondering and chasing to get this every day. Parents want to hug their children; friends want to hug each other, siblings are also giving hug to each other and soul mates also want to hug every day. Whatever we are and whoever we are? We all wants to hug, and we pass hug to others whenever there is a moment of joy and happiness. So, all of the moments which bring joys and charms along with them and give us a sparkle to shine up will become a reason to give a hug to our loved ones. So, in the light of all of these reasons national hug day is being made and this day is considered as one of those days which make us happy.

national hug day

National Hug day in history:

When we pay a look at the initialization of national hug day we see that this day came to view in 1986. When a young man named as Kevin Zaborney hugged a lady named Monica Moeller. Moeller was the granddaughter of publication proprietor. Zaborney hugged her first time and felt a sense of happiness and joy. This feeling immersed into him that moment and helped him to forget every dark side of his life. And since that time when he found that American people were avoiding from showing their feelings publically he made this day as one of the calendric days. Since then by keeping in view the absence of affection and absence of expressing oneself, national hug day was being created. This day was added to the Chase’s of events and since then this day is being followed by the people of America.

National Hug day in present time:

National Hug day is being considered as an official day in the United States of America. This day is being celebrated on January 21st, but there is not a holiday which is offered at that day. Since 1986 this day is being celebrated to create the mutual collaboration and the sharing of feeling among the people at larger extent.

Why is national hug day in January?

There are some reasons about which were likely to make national hug day in January. These reasons are following:

  1. As people from Christmas would get free so they can have some day to find again the time of happiness. And they can celebrate a good time with the people to pass hugs to them.
  2. This day comes before, in between the winter holidays so that can be the best time for the school going kids and also for some people who get winter holidays. So that all of these masses can take equally participate in this joyful event and can share their spirits too.  They can find a fortune to make the time, so realistic and devotedly they are celebrating this day.
  3. Everyone who is waiting for the Valentine’s Day and is so enthusiastic about that day can also find an earlier chance for the expression of their internal feelings. People can find this day before the valentine’s, and they can also share same feelings here as this day is also for the purpose of sharing the hospitality and moments of joy with each other. This day is also for people in the order they can give and take love and can share the feelings of happiness with each other.

So these all are some reasons which became the thoughtful aspects of the celebration of national hug day at 21st January.

What was the real need of national hug day?

Kevin Zaborney as being the founder of national hug day finds out some reasons for which he came up with the dream of this day. National Hug day was being created when Zaborney finds the absence of really important elements in society. When he found that the Society of America is following the way of life but still there are some necessary things which the people of United States are missing then this day came into being. Following reasons are displaying a picture that why national hug day came into being:

Absence of spirit:

When Zaborney found out that people are not such courageous as they should be.  When the people were taking interest in technology, but not as much as they should be and just a specific circle of people was working for the good fare and well-being of humankind.  And some of the multitudes was not finding them as useful as they were created.  So, to give people a sense, and to expound the real sense of self-esteem and self-motivation, he brought up the day of a national hug day. And since then national hug day was being commenced to refill the gap of morality and willpower in people.

People show fewer feelings:

When he found that the people are feeling shame for the expression of their feelings. People were not finding this appropriate and a sense of disorder that showing feeling is something really bad. This was due to the presence of some Orthodox and some people due to which the whole nation of America was being spoiled and becoming narrow-minded. So, to give them a new hope and for the introduction of feelings into their lives, national hug day was being proposed by Kevin Zaborney. And this day did work a lot in making the nation great.

national hug day

Impact of national hug day:

When the national hug day was being considered as an official and since when this day is being celebrated there can find out a real change in the thinking of Americans. Due to the arrival of national hug day, Americans are not now narrow-minded they have changed from the orthodox point of view to the open minded people. They become bold, and they find this useful to show their feelings publically. All of this leads to the great importance of national hug day.

National hug day came to people as a day of the revolution, and since then they got something evaluating and result extracting in their lives. So the new America after the arrival of national hug day can be considered as the great and better America.

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