The role of forests in our environment cannot be denied as the filter out water, absorb harmful gases from the air, supply oxygen to the environment, save wildlife, provide food and shelter to animals and help in reducing soil erosion. A majority of people in the world are dependent on forests for a livelihood. Forests provide us with some resources that are utilized by the industries. The utilization of these resources are decreasing the number of forests gradually, and if trees are not replanted, we might lose our resource very soon. It is the mutual responsibility of everybody living on the planet earth to protect forests and take necessary steps to reduce deforestation. Deforestation occurs due to the loss of trees either because of natural disasters or human negligence. The number of trees being lost in this way is certainly rising to an alarming situation for the whole world. When it comes to saving forests, it becomes a mutual cause for making the environment better and sustaining wildlife. Wood products are extensively used around the globe, and their demand keeps on increasing which poses a serious threat to the forests. We can streamline a few important strategies that may help us on the way to reduce deforestation around the globe. Some of them are discussed here in detail.

Planting more trees:

The first step to reduce deforestation is planting more trees in our environment. It all begins with a single tree. Just imagine the number of trees on earth if every single person on earth plants one tree. Among all the investments we make throughout our lives, investing in trees stands out as the best one. Not only does it benefits the environment but also becomes a cause of self-satisfaction in this purposely cause. Trees have a huge interference in human life. Simply walking through a forest makes a human being feel relaxed. Forests bring down the temperature that helps in fighting global warming. The more trees that are planted in the environment mean absorbing more harmful gases in the air. To reduce deforestation, it’s necessary to plant more trees in and around the forests especially in the urban areas to sustain a healthy environment and enhance the quality of air in the atmosphere.

How can we reduce deforestation

Using recycled products:

Although it seems like a very little effort to reduce deforestation when combined, turns out to be a huge step towards saving trees. Nowadays, there is an extensive use of paper products everywhere including offices, schools, and industries or anywhere for documentation and printing purposes. However, one technique can help to reduce deforestation which is using recycled products. We should try our best to use paper pads, notebooks, and other paper products that are recycled. This process helps in less cutting of trees hence reducing the demand for paper in the industry. Recycling reduces the demand for paper by almost half if everyone takes part in it. Similarly, in the case of making or buying furniture products, it’s preferable to buy old furniture already used to decrease the demand for timber. As we use the old pieces of wood in making furniture, it reduces the cutting of trees significantly. A lot of wood goes wasted without being utilized in the industry which could be of great use if we look to use it rather than the new one. Therefore, to reduce deforestation we need to play our part in several ways including the use of recycled products in everyday life. This process also strengthens the recycling industry to a great extent.

How can we reduce deforestation

Efficient utilization of paper:

Although, we cannot reduce the demand we can take steps in using the paper products efficiently. While using the paper in offices, we need to get both sides of a paper printed to save one paper at a time. The less number of papers we use, the fewer trees are supposed to cut down. Moreover, there is a lot of paper being wasted without being used and thrown out in the garbage. We should take care of this paper because wasting a single piece of paper results in the additional use of paper without any reason. To reduce deforestation, it is necessary to understand the importance of paper and what threats can rise as a result of its wastage. Therefore, we should look to use paper efficiently and effectively to save nature and making the environment healthier.

How can we reduce deforestation

Limited meat consumption:

The amount of meat consumption around the world is continuously increasing which leads to more demand for livestock. With the increasing demand, there is more space required for the livestock which is cleared by destroying forests. The conversion of forests into space for the livestock is, therefore, a leading cause of deforestation. We can play our part to reduce deforestation by limited intake of meat. The need for proteins intake can be fulfilled by eating vegetables rich in proteins such as beans. With this little step towards saving trees, we can help the global cause to a great extent. We should look for alternatives when it comes to saving forests just like preferring a plant-based diet instead of eating meat food in routine. If everyone starts to think in this positive way, we can make this world free of pollution and environmental friendly.

How can we reduce deforestation

Creating awareness:

To reduce deforestation, the most important factor is creating awareness among the people to understand the root cause of loss of forests and the threats it may pose to nature. Educating the farmers and the rest of the public will guide them in protecting forests and planting more trees to compensate for the ones being cut down. Farmers usually clear land for agricultural use which is a major cause of deforestation. Educating the farmers means letting them know how to efficiently use the ground space they occupy for agricultural use. There must be ways taught to them on how to clear land in accordance with their need rather than going through hit and trial method. Furthermore, the public needs to be educated about the advantages of forests on our land to reduce deforestation. There must be campaigns involving plantation of more trees and providing necessary information about the betterment of forests to save our earth from various threats like global warming.

Helping in reforestation:

It takes a number of decades in restoring forests to their former condition. The process of restoration of forests is certainly not easy but it has become a need of the hour to reduce deforestation and save the world from losing all of its forests. Reforestation needs a proper set of plan and hard work to yield results and restoring forests to how they looked like many years ago. We can play our individual role in saving forests as well as join any non-profit organization for this global cause. Many such organizations are working across the world to restore degraded forests. These organizations can be joined for volunteer work which will help our forests in developing again. To reduce deforestation, it’s necessary to find ways that help in restoring the old and ancient forests to a sustainable condition. This is a global requirement at the moment and everyone living on earth must take part in this noble cause.

How can we reduce deforestation

Stop Illegal logging:

A number of forests around the globe are lost annually just because of illegal logging. The authorities are being paid for ignoring the illegal logging in the forests. We should keep an eye on such activities to reduce deforestation. In many countries around the world, the law enforcement authority doesn’t play its part in noticing these illegal activities in the forests. It gives an opportunity to companies that destroy forests and export wood without a license or permission from the government. The government seriously needs to look into this matter and enforce the law to punish anyone logging the trees illegally. It would discourage such companies from making any move towards deforestation. Many forests around the globe have been destroyed just due to these illegal activities that are being ignored and overlooked by the concerned authorities.

How can we reduce deforestation

Minimum use of wood in villages:

In order to reduce deforestation, there are smaller facts that play a larger role in the loss of forests. Millions of people around the world depend on the wood for burning and cooking food. People living in villages and near forests turn them into a vulnerable state by regular cutting of trees. The lack of facilities makes them opt for wood rather than any other fuel. This practice has removed a lot of trees from the forests. If this situation prevails anymore, it can result in the disappearance of forests from the world. The trees haven’t grown properly before they are cut down and used for burning. It has damaged our ecosystem so badly and made us think on what steps should be taken to stop this activity. They must be provided with alternate resources to fulfill their needs to protect and reduce deforestation.

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