While this may come as a shock for the conservative voters in America, good business means good America and the best example in set by Donald Trump (Republican Party candidate for US presidential election 2016).  The celebrity show apprentice lead Donald Trump is now making this way into American political system and as a starting player, he is going pretty well.

While one can make a long list of Donald Trump success and arrogance stories, one has to think rationally and view him not as a celebrity figure but a sensible politician making his way with tactful ideas.  Here are some of the instances that may help you consider Donald Trump (Republican Party candidate for US presidential election 2016):

The Civil Rights reform- Let’s build America with Donald Trump

This may come as a surprise from a person who was recently charged for being one of the most racist individuals in the world, but in spite of all the negativity depicted by media on Donald Trump, his actual speech seems to an advocate of equality and reform.

Not just business, Trump talks about reforms in education and the employment sector which is entirely important in America due to the recent increasing unemployment issues.  The increasing employment issues in America, promoting education and jobs opportunities will save the youth from getting spoiled. According to Donald Trump, it is essential to make learning accessible for everyone and make as much employment possibilities for the youngster so that they can serve their state better. Keeping aside the corporate business of Apprentice, Donald Trump (Republican Party candidate for US presidential election 2016) might be giving a good solution here.

His idea of Energy reforms is also very much attractive. As a successful business person, Donald Trump has been able to provide a good deal of statistics and research into this matter and come up with possible acts and ideas that can save energy and money of the common citizens of American.

While discussing the ideas of Black people, Donald Trump may have used the word black, but its intentions might not be as dark as one may think. In his speech to the parishioners of Detroit church encourages a religious America once again. Secular notions and meaningless faiths in the past have created a terrible situation in America and by highlight the Church; he might be concerning a better agenda here.  In his speech, Donald Trump (Republican Party candidate for US presidential election 2016) said that in this church preside the best citizens of America, which is a very positive idea for bringing faith not just religiously but aesthetically as well. Visiting the first ever black church and informing the masses that he is ready to learn, is indeed a sign of a successful man who never stops but keeps on learning for the greater better.

A critical thinker- Donald Trump (Republican Party candidate for US presidential election 2016)

Also, one major issue concerning immigration in America was highlighted by Donald Trump but in reality, a big façade was created out of it. He said that about 1 million people are making their way in America on illegal immigration which is entirely a big fact and can damage the citizen to a great deal. If you peep into the matter rationally then one may be able to understand Donald Trump as a critical thinker. The immigration has caused security threats in America and even if one increases the security itself, there will be still not enough resources to stop 1 million immigrants.

Saying so Donald Trump (Republican Party candidate for US presidential election 2016) is right in pin pointing towards the fact that the communities residing in America need a complete check and balance. Still, his important statement against the Muslim community is a drawback of this aggressive arrogant as a business man.  But if remembered correctly, this is also the man who said that I am here for listening and learning. Giving a chance to Donald Trump (Republican Party candidate for US presidential election 2016), will not be a bad idea if one reads or understands his reforms in detail.  We wish this new business a warm welcome in politics and give him a big hug for getting in politics and learning about America.

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