You Shock Me, Sir!

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43 responses to “You Shock Me, Sir!”

  1. @BenShapiro Avatar

    Download "FACTS" on Amazon or iTunes now!

  2. @pipperxxx Avatar

    Will that kid ever outgrow his BASEMENT tan

  3. @gagacoco5577 Avatar

    This kid needs a mental health assessment .

  4. @lati_da Avatar

    The red head has liar eyes

  5. @MikeSmith-yj9qm Avatar

    By trying to insult Ben I think he admitted that he likes Ben’s rap song! 😂😂😂

  6. @solitarymacaroni Avatar


  7. @EddieBatres Avatar

    What the fuck is that

  8. @mikey1836 Avatar

    Ben doesn’t hate rappers, he literally joined forces with one and became one.

  9. @rideascion Avatar

    ben shapiro is a rap gpd now

  10. @sarahbritt1234 Avatar

    Dude, this guy's opinion sucks

  11. @aintnozombiecatchinmyass..4873 Avatar

    Dude looks like he barely dodged being Rocky Dennis.

  12. @kristivaughn1984 Avatar

    Looks like Cher’s son from that 80s movie Mask

  13. @jamiehill6041 Avatar

    That guy is a beta ass leftist😅😅 I'm shocked…he is like Casper the ginger ghost!

  14. @martincross3009 Avatar

    Napoleon Dinamite dude is so stupid

  15. @elijahjohnston-ligesha Avatar

    lol bro. let us cook. i said LET. US. COOK!

  16. @normanschur8922 Avatar

    Rap was not made by blacks is was made by everyone from what know.

  17. @waynelarson1576 Avatar

    If I'm not mistaken that's Tom McDonald that he's on the album with which is a white Canadian man so what the hell is this moron talking about as far as the rap culture because white people I think honestly did it before black people but all color to the side the song makes sense

  18. @captainmerca341 Avatar

    That dude is an absolute fruit loop just trying to maybe hold a girls hand for the first time 😂

  19. @MegaBlackViolet Avatar

    The poor guy is standing in his own swamp and whining about being wet.

  20. @user-zq5wp5mk4v Avatar

    "RAP" started in 1948. It was called "spoken word" and WHITE people started it. James Brown did it in 1972, thereby Appropriating White Culture. The beauty of "spoken word" has degenerated to "rap."

  21. @tariblevins955 Avatar

    Wow, that guy is disturbing, if he's draftable, we're doomed.

  22. @BDCorsi Avatar

    Reaction videos to reaction videos…mmkay

  23. @YourBoy_Jack Avatar

    Friendly fire will not be tolerated 😂😂😂

  24. @beckinfidelis3916 Avatar

    Nothing crazier than a man criticizing his own race. Sorry bruh, you think being against your own means the crt haters will embrace you? NO. You're not only still white, you're a hated "cis white male!" It all started with straight white Christian conservative men, then just straight white men and now "gay cis white men." Now I've read articles complaining about white feminists and white trans people! So it's just pretty much just all white people and I'm surprised the liberal white feminists and the rest didn't see it coming! They literally didn't think it would ever bite them on butt to "fight patriarchy", but it didn't really take that long. It was their goal all along.

  25. @WintertimeNow Avatar

    Well synagogue of satan vs liberals of satan

  26. @joshuatodd3560 Avatar

    Wonder what pronouns he uses?

  27. @pearly9528 Avatar

    Men are so weak looking now😂

  28. @YolandaArrey Avatar

    Criticizing his looks is a cheap shot. I would’ve loved to see more comments responding to his thoughts.

  29. @jamesobrian1643 Avatar

    That kid is one fall down the stairs away from looking like that Rocky Dennis kid from that movie "Mask". Look it up

  30. @Northwesternforcefield28 Avatar

    They’ve successfully brain washed en entire generation of self entitled, rebellious, work-ethic lacking, adult-children. Pray to god for the future of America, these people are delusional

  31. @jasontaylor9353 Avatar

    Jerry Reed invented rap in 1971 with "When you're hot you're hot" 😛 prove me wrong!

  32. @fngavigan8486 Avatar

    Is that the kid from Mask?

  33. @Avstrian.Painter Avatar

    It’s like they want their culture to be separated and ignored

  34. @chanelwaldorf9728 Avatar

    Ugh! Ben why do you have to be so white all the time with all of your whiteness and hatred?! Just tone down the hate and the whiteness ok? Or maybe tone it up? 🤔 Oh man now I’m confused. This is what your hatred has done to me Ben! Thanks a lot. You just have to be so white. 🤍

  35. @Craig-tc3kt Avatar

    Funny how many of these nutjobs look like nutjobs!

  36. @amyludington8478 Avatar

    Oh shut up and put the lotion in the basket

  37. @Vaillle Avatar

    I don’t think I’ve encountered someone who embodies the definition of a turd as well as that guy.

  38. @captainbloodfinalcut Avatar

    I always wondered where the Phantom went from Phantom of the Paradise…

  39. @francisbailey7645 Avatar

    The Beastie Boys are Jewish.

  40. @susangrant9043 Avatar

    Don't try to do videos, just go back to protesting oil…you definitely look like you would fit right in there 😂😂😂

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