“You Can't Join NATO” – Putin Tells Tucker Carlson Bill Clinton Denied Russia's Entry to NATO

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Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana debate whether Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir …

19 responses to ““You Can't Join NATO” – Putin Tells Tucker Carlson Bill Clinton Denied Russia's Entry to NATO”

  1. @user-ix3ip6qm4c Avatar

    😂NATO : whole purpose for existence and creation of NATO, to stop Russian expansion. How would Clinton have considered such a proposal and how would it work without rewriting the entire NATO mission and military doctrine. NATO or Russia would need to cease to exist. That’s why Putin claimed, they self annihilated hoping to please the west. The USSR in fact, was just too corrupt and bankrupt to continue period.

  2. @michaelhagen2712 Avatar

    After watching that interview, I can definitely see why Biden’s team has no intentions of ever letting Putin get anywhere near Biden!
    When he started the interview by giving a detailed historical account of Ukraine, it completely shattered all the propaganda we’ve been given about his intentions! No wonder our government wants no one to talk to him!

  3. @bio7377 Avatar

    Of course tucker was nervous, he is speaking to a man who has actively had people use chemical nerve agents in numerous locations outside of russia… of course he isnt going to ask super tough questions lol… The russians have never been able to be trusted since they were also nazzzis in ww2 and there leadership since has continued to harbour those sorts of people in power through to this day. Only gorbachev was somewhat decent, he himself stated clearly numerous times no agreement in writing or verbally had ever been made with nato to agree them not expanding nearer to russia, not one. Nazzzi putin claims otherwise yet has 0 evidence what so ever to show anything signed off by the head of nato and all members as is required ect. Pdb it really disheartens me to see you lot bummlicking and looking up to putin – a factually proven genocidal dictator who kidnaps children and doesnt return them when asked. Shame on yoursleves.

    You clearly have 0 ability to fact check things and thats exceptionally disheartening to see pbd, your a hugely tallented and smart individual so to see you be so willingly ignorant is laughable

    Case in point you all previously commenting on zelensky buying 2 superyatchs, something which never occured and was a complete lie as confirmed by both independant sellers of the superyatchs yet we see no short of you and your team correcting yourselves on the comments you made 🤔

    Your consistency with being factually incorrect about ukraine and your willingness to showcase your bias towards putin and russia is laughable

  4. @FreeKanal Avatar

    Everyone ignore that KGB leader is master in deception and manipulation. Also people seem to ignore mass number of bots in comments or on X. I wonder why…

  5. @sooky2253 Avatar

    You knew China overtook the US long ago. But when Trump tried to get American companies back to the States, the country stopped him. Satanic America!!!

  6. @RaspingPompano2 Avatar

    The best part was when President Putin said you did to Tucker asking who blew up the pipeline. And he laughed about it so it was light hearted and I think he did that to show not everything has to be serious and to the point.

  7. @GarDog54 Avatar

    Putin was 2 hours late.. that shows who's in charge b4 it even started

  8. @schrutefarmbeets4448 Avatar

    NATO would never let Russia join. NATO is pushing green energy and significant slowdown of farming. Russia's biggest exports are oil, gas, and fertilizer.

  9. @noneshere Avatar

    NATO is obsolete as the Warsaw pact .
    Russia has taken on 30 NATO countries at once in Ukraine and won.
    US has lost so much of it's dollars value every year they change up saying how much they're using.
    Today is 100 Billion, tomorrow it's a 100 Trillion, and next year after it will be a 100 Guerillion .
    The dollar was once a boulder, now it's just sand & dust being counted as if it's a bigger fortune.

  10. @saddiquek9885 Avatar

    Is that because Tucker didn't accept your $300 million dollars offer?

  11. @wesleesmith2778 Avatar

    How the hell are you all that stupid? This man (Putin) created the new battlefield tactic called a "Meat Grinder". This is where you take the less trained soldier line em up and say " if you run my direction we will kill you, if you run at theirs you might live". Not good enough for you o.k He sent his Army into Ukraine without having the logistics even figured out. He has missiles raining down on schoolchildren and hospitals. Ohh that doesn't show his stupidity neato. His soldiers are drunk 75% of estimated time. In fact so drunk they don't even comprehend not using there cellphones out in the battlefield. Cellphones that in fact we do track their conversations…and positions.

    PBD cast directly I enjoy your broadcasts for the most part, I do enjoy how you try and speak. Contructive criticism time, when did you stop being Americans? That is the worst leading tyrant period, not in the fact of evil acts committed alone but in the simple fact he has managed to kill more of his men then he has the enemy. Yet you compliment him, praise him even. Your not stupid so I truly do wonder what is it your trying to convey that I'm suppose to be scared? Here in America we aren't scared of tryants, here in this country we try and take them out.

    Glory to Ukraine
    Death to Putin

    Ps. He has stolen and is still stealing children….children. thought you guys knew better. Shout out to "Speak the Truth" podcast go check em out and understand who your enemies actually are.

  12. @user-iy3nu7ks7n Avatar

    People don't realize how powerful china really is. Why do you think putin went that way? trump wants peace. it's literally pride wanting war.

  13. @EmazingGuitar Avatar

    People need to remember this was an interview and not an attempt of a shake down of fucking Putin.

  14. @barbaraguillette-bl6wn Avatar

    Yup Putin,
    Was the man, Tucker was outgunned

  15. @gwmcklintock Avatar

    Bill Clinton with another cosmic level foreign policy f**k up….

  16. @TroutWest Avatar

    Tucker was hella nervous

  17. @karenneely6518 Avatar

    It took less than a second to wish we had such an intelligent leader.

  18. @user-pw3qb1fn5r Avatar

    It took less than 1 second to know who was in charge of the interview.

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