Woman Almost Dies After Learning What Accountability Is

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29 responses to “Woman Almost Dies After Learning What Accountability Is”

  1. @coachfive9656 Avatar

    I thought college kids had brains and were smart , boy was I wrong
    Generation lame brains

  2. @carolmorgan6734 Avatar

    That he has the patience to talk to educated morons says volumes about his character. I sure couldn't do it.

  3. @user-mr1js7ws4n Avatar

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone that young people come over a dumb as bricks at times because they have almost now life experience and very limited knowledge. But some there are on the way to enlightenment. Charlie is very patient with them.

  4. @khornelor6 Avatar

    Kirk and shapiro are both such highly intellectual individuals who use reason facts and logic and are right about a lot. Then all of that goes out of the window when they talk abortion, all of a sudden its religiously infused and there is no relativistic view anymore 😂

  5. @jgdeleonp Avatar

    that blondie has no clue of life

  6. @jgdeleonp Avatar

    wait a minute why is it wrong to say black? Honestly how that offensive, you are white or black or brown referingn to you color shouldn't be an offense if anything i dont get why calling someone an african american is even ok,.like why should you make the segmentation i don't hear no one saying british americans or something like that. They are american and that's it

  7. @jgdeleonp Avatar

    "Thousands of decades" 😂😂😂😂 mam these kids are dumb

  8. @jgdeleonp Avatar

    classic gen z angry kid who thinks some months i college makes her some kind of messiha with al the right answers

  9. @zerocodercool Avatar

    I'm mourning the amount of neurons that just died in my brain by watching these so called college students

  10. @Boston_420 Avatar

    These college kids make my head hurt all they do is blurt out hashtags and tik tok quotes, the future is bleak ms Malcolm X doesn't know who Sowell is 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  11. @jamesm_ Avatar

    "he is being disrespectful" right after he calls Charlie an idiot…. This generation is so lost.

  12. @Seoirse-pn5uu Avatar

    I will say this. Im against abortion charlie. However my friends sister special needs was raped. By another special needs adult. She got an abortion. For her own good . Also. Read a story on a lady pregnant but somthing went wrong with her body and positon of fetus growing. Was told never walk again if it grew. Made me think again

  13. @johnnycee5179 Avatar

    These kids are so stupid. I. 20 years they will look back and realize how stupid they were.

  14. @06SV1000S Avatar

    It's amazing how dumb college kids actually are.

  15. @debras1503 Avatar

    Omg that girl is spewing her college professor’s script!

  16. @mitchellragle6415 Avatar

    Now I understand why my nieces say these things

  17. @d05wtt Avatar

    You know when kids use the “I’m talking, don’t interrupt me” line…they’ve already lost. They’re trying to control the convo that they’re losing.

  18. @561BoogieMan Avatar

    Yeah but the prison system being privatized is the problem because then it becomes more profit and then when they have beds they have contracts with the state and if them contracts aren't met and kept full if the beds aren't kept full then they get hit with fines in the millions per day so that creates a need to go out and arrest people regardless of if they're doing wrong or not it creates the need to bring people a community to block people up frivolously to keep their contracts from being voided or indisposed or whatever from keep them from being violated because the bees are literally millions of dollars a day if the beds aren't kept you capacity and if people ain't acting crazy all the time then beds ain't going to be full are they it goes in with the same thing with DCF in Florida they'll take your kids away knowing that most people will fight tooth and nail to get their kids back if they've done nothing wrong but I didn't play their f**** game and I called the judge on her b***** did she said yes I know but that's besides the point I said no that is the f**** point your POS judge for enforcing the laws that are only held there by contract or sorry there are no laws that state that they're just contracting

  19. @561BoogieMan Avatar

    Here's a fact that nobody wants to get behind but it's an actuality not just a fact you need to legalize drugs because half of the problem that was in New York was the drugs and the money that came with it. Now when you put out a product that not everybody can get their hands on and when the government specifically the CIA goes to the ghetto and puts on these drug dealers to sell said drugs and one person sees how much money do you make and so leads the war on the inner city which all they did was fill the fire. How do you think half the money that the CIA uses because what the budget that you know about it's only about a third of the actual money they get The other two-thirds is funded by drug sales to the American people you lied to and told that they come from you know out of the country and that they do what they are funded by the CIA Wash and keep a war going to keep you blinded to keep you from not looking up along with all the other or fluoride in the water and all the other b***** that is in the water and food

  20. @561BoogieMan Avatar

    Actually the destroying of the nuclear family became along when women started getting subsidized to be single because as it is where I'm at in South Florida he doesn't matter what color you are black or white women get Medicaid and cash assistance and food stamps and all that other s*** and housing what they can't get any of that if they have a man Don't argue with me on it I live this s*** for years. And a man can't get any of that except food stamps and you can only get Medicaid if he's literally f**** dying and if ever in and every case the women regardless of how or which parent the child from fair better with it always goes to the women it's a big machine and you're just the food for it

  21. @561BoogieMan Avatar

    Did she just say that who has the most abortions and she answered with women no s***🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. @trblemkr1d106 Avatar

    What is a soul ? Work in an ER for 14 years like I did and watch people take their last breaths …you will see that body CHANGE in an instant . Its not a slow process …something LEAVES that body and its obvious . I've also seen really bad people die and its horrifying. Your young and inexperienced….life is not just meat and bones . PK

  23. @mindassassin Avatar

    If it fits in a petri dish, I am not accepting it as a person.

  24. @the_nicest_guy Avatar

    did you notice how those girls don't let the other black dude speak and just think about herself ?so funny how they want to be the center of attention while the boys are waiting quietly

  25. @davidleatherwood6228 Avatar

    I love how she brought up HBCUs as an argument against racism against white people. Interesting that there are never any "Historically White Colleges and Universities" talked about and heavily donated to. Racism.

  26. @alessandromancuso7242 Avatar

    "Do you believe in black on black crime!?"… What tf does it mean? It's like: "do you believe in the existence of the sun!?"… It's not that i "believe" it's that i KNOW…

  27. @_sudz Avatar

    That fruitty pebble has a OF tyler the creator sticker on his bike helmet yet is sitting here calling kirk stupid, mofo doesnt even know what the artist he so loves to reps stance is… Clue??? Closer to kirk than you

  28. @chaddraffen Avatar

    Feminazi is showcasing her ignorance.

  29. @idlerumors64 Avatar

    God help us if we go to war. We are so fucked. None of these kids would go fight in a war.

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