Woke professor tries TALKING DOWN to Candace Owens, makes her regret it

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Woke professor tries TALKING DOWN to Candace Owens, makes her regret it.

22 responses to “Woke professor tries TALKING DOWN to Candace Owens, makes her regret it”

  1. @beautie5138 Avatar

    Excellent analysis …

  2. @DavidStanleymusic Avatar

    there is a pathological insanity within the democrat echelon

  3. @jimwright2795 Avatar

    Pretty work politibrawl. Keep it up. Shop Lissa's…

  4. @ThanhNguyen-kv4ic Avatar

    Sheep brainer wouldn’t mess around with lady Owens.

  5. @boobookittysheri9793 Avatar

    It is hysterical actually!

  6. @catherinemelnyk Avatar

    In this brief clip, you haven't given us the subject matter. I have no idea what this is in reference to I'm in the dark here…

  7. @user-uk5hc2ud7w Avatar

    Candice Owens is smart and has common sense, she tells the truth. Way to go Candice 👍👍🤠🇺🇸🇮🇱

  8. @paulb7334 Avatar

    This is old verry old go get a hobby because these old verry old videos is lame get a real job

  9. @kathycarias1271 Avatar

    Some commenting how old this clip is. Yes, it is but for those that haven't seen it, it's a great opportunity to see some of Candace's history. He just should've clarified when this happened.
    He didn't show the full clip. There were at least a few more seconds left. The end has a great shot of Jim Jordan's grin when Candace is finished.

  10. @theworldisavampire3346 Avatar

    Arent these hearings several years old?

  11. @murraygingrich9926 Avatar

    We know how it works. Your site is doomed to you re. Ego.

  12. @murraygingrich9926 Avatar

    Get the talking mokey out of the van deo

  13. @mariavezeriannis5429 Avatar


  14. @deborahgrantham7387 Avatar

    “Feels a lot” classic liberal verbiage. It’s about feelings and not facts, nothing that you can put your finger on. All vague. Like anything people don’t like they call racism. It isn’t reality, they just “feel that way”.

  15. @AmericahasbecomeSouthPark Avatar

    Slavery is horrible. Except when Candace owns 2 white liberals.

  16. @jb2278 Avatar

    Jamie Raskin needs psychiatric treatment in my opinion

  17. @WaterMan-ss6eb Avatar

    So unfair Candace is of logically and competent thinking and the others are children.

  18. @ivenireland8270 Avatar

    We need a Candace Owens here in the UK.

  19. @janvas7690 Avatar

    Shut up let us hear what is happening! We don’t need to hear your interpretation! Shut up

  20. @gabeduran8321 Avatar

    Awesome Ms. Candance, these Dingus's don't know noting! They are just simply Stupid on there faces!!

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