Woke Feminist RUNS AWAY From Candace Owens

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32 responses to “Woke Feminist RUNS AWAY From Candace Owens”

  1. @noelvargas614 Avatar

    Feminist today are something else.

  2. @regular-user Avatar

    She said "he", which means she knows exactly what HE is. 🤣

  3. @maxy5948 Avatar

    I love this woman

  4. @user-ff3qq8ur5p Avatar

    This is just an abomination to humanity and history! It's not right. it's disgusting. i totally agree with this woman

  5. @piecelow2726 Avatar

    Love her answer "we already have men & women divisions; is that separate but equal?"

  6. @ericluba6287 Avatar

    I think all this bullshit just goes to show you how dumb people have become in America.

  7. @whoismitchconnor120 Avatar

    The beginning kills the convo. "Boy" winning "girls" championship

  8. @sirpops847 Avatar

    The lady that is asking, the question is dumb as shit for the simple fact is she says a boy in Texas let me repeat that a boy in Texas wins the women’s wrestling championship. Don’t need to say anymore she said it all a boy. Definitely not a man.

  9. @jessicak7415 Avatar

    Yes. Give them their own division!

  10. @brandankalaway619 Avatar

    Women want to be equal, and they can’t comprehend that men are superior in every single way besides emotional you can look at history for as far back as humanity go it’s plain and simple

  11. @RK5523 Avatar

    As a young woman see it in many sports so never taken pro seriously as nothing makes sense everyone wanna be a woman these days 🥱

  12. @COOLSAUCE21 Avatar

    I swear… Don't these people say sex is not the same as gender? Then they must understand sports categories should be based on sex and not gender 😭

  13. @JimKS-cg9jl Avatar

    Trump should have this women in his administration for sure I have grown to like her a little more strong black women!!

  14. @3A3L Avatar

    This new generation is an embarrassment.

  15. @snsopmilk8353 Avatar

    Sport is a biological skill. Their 'gender identity' shouldn't be taken into account when placing them into categories. If they have a male body, they should compete against other male bodies.

  16. @moonsyummydelights5976 Avatar

    Are people so stupid nowadays??? I mean what happened.

  17. @BuildingD1 Avatar

    Yo this transgender mixing stuff needs to stop….Baltimore is in the building..

  18. @andreasmiley8234 Avatar

    They should have trans division, Mail, division, female division

  19. @jjsumaaaaaaaaaa3762 Avatar

    Have u seen any pro women in sport switch to mens division? They can, but will be staying at the bottom

  20. @henrikn55 Avatar

    When words like gender and sex are different and yet so similar in some peoples eyes, your argument becomes pointless.

    Its easier to accept it just like it is. You can use make-up, visit a plastic surgeon to apply or remove genitalia.

    That still dont change what you actually are. Thats the whole point. We already use words like masculine and feminine to define appearance and personalities.

    What happend to just being transparent?

  21. @bmminc3001 Avatar

    For a man to want to be a woman is more than enough..but for a man to compete against a woman is beyond pathetic at best..

  22. @user-ok9jj6eh2x Avatar

    People don't like the real truth…they like their fake truth

  23. @TheWisp-Radiance Avatar

    You see that's the problem here , they want to be categorize as women even they are trans which is idiotic

    They should have there own category as trans in the Olympics but thats a long way from reality

  24. @chrismaguire3667 Avatar

    William 'Lia' Thomas is both a cheat and loser, not to mention delusional. Soon, a real female is going to die at the hands of a transgender sportsperson because he is a loser in their own real gender's sport. I hope that the Olympic Committee either has separate divisions for trans or simply disallow it. Besides, aren't performance-enhancing drugs already banned in sports (such as hormones, testosterone, ect)?

  25. @nikdum8323 Avatar

    Let's just compare powerlifters, men with 70 kilos and women with 70 kilos, how much do they lift???

  26. @TheValdy12 Avatar

    How did a woman manage to convince herself that biological males competing against her fellow females is fair and should be accepted?
    Common sense is not common anymore, huh

  27. @henrikn55 Avatar

    I'm confused to why the woman asked that question. She clearly does not compete in any sport.

  28. @jamesstables6636 Avatar

    Have 2 divisions for sport: female only and open.
    open is for men and other. female is for XX only

  29. @gillianhynes7120 Avatar

    You said boy so they should be fighting other boys

  30. @MariaCervantes-29 Avatar

    These new generations are so brain washed !!! 😂😂 it’s so sad

  31. @torin_tv Avatar

    As a trans girl… I fucking HATE people that think it's ok for trans girls to compete in women's sports…

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