WHY Patrick Bet-David Payed $72 For a Haircut

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Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 62. In this short clip Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, and Tom Ellsworth talk about what …

29 responses to “WHY Patrick Bet-David Payed $72 For a Haircut”

  1. @logo5562 Avatar

    In india haircut is 1 or 1.50 dollar in state of kerala😂

  2. @bortiz5260 Avatar

    That’s why u learn and cut ur own haircut !

  3. @parmsingh9773 Avatar

    i went from paying 18 bucks at the same shop in 2019 to 45 in 2022. switched barbers cause the guys quality fell off and im baying roughly 45 right now, the price doesnt hurt as long as you are satisfied with the cut theres no worse feeling than leaving the shop feelin like it coulda been better.

  4. @fabbz94 Avatar

    I pay 20 for a haircut in Richmond California. Most I ever paid was 50 same city.

  5. @jonfroemming Avatar

    10 euros for a haircut in most places of spain

  6. @rickhall8119 Avatar

    I pay $20 for a beard trim and haircut in Colombia and that's expensive.

  7. @jameswilson461 Avatar

    Free I cut my own hair

  8. @joseverdugo5850 Avatar

    I pay 30 bucks a week in Phoenix ☺️

  9. @CalMob4 Avatar

    I pay 30.00 in California and a always tip 20.00. A lot of times I'm in a rush and my barber will take me right away.

  10. @adamstokes Avatar

    I pay $10 AUD (about $7 USD) on a military base in Australia. And we don't have to tip! 🙂

  11. @samtavoosian3059 Avatar

    Adam seriously would do a good collaboration with Dave Ramsey
    Cutting his own hair to save money
    Not owning or leasing car

  12. @TheHumanSpirit Avatar

    I pay $0 on average as I cut my own hair. But $20 when I see a barber on occasion. John Kerry reportedly pays in excess of $1K . And your average lady pays probably around $100…..SO…$72 is nothing

  13. @chriss2352 Avatar

    Cut should only take 30 min

  14. @Arygold Avatar

    What’s the book 📕!?

  15. @Bonno460xvr Avatar

    Small town Iowa. 16$. Been a while. Might, but I bet it isn’t over, 20$

  16. @duketruong9358 Avatar

    No wonder Jeff Bezos is a billionaire.

  17. @shirtsrobinson1120 Avatar

    Shouldn’t take a hour for your hair cut. And I think they take home more per cut

  18. @hthought Avatar

    Dude, why are you all paying so much for a haircut. Sport clips is like $20 at most.

  19. @xxSavvi Avatar

    Here because of Chris Bossio Reaction a good barber makes for than 40k a year btw !!

  20. @gotchamad6376 Avatar

    The guy who cut his hair is my barber for years now and he did competitions. He has come a long way and should be charging people way more. $72 is a lot but it’s all about quality. Some people don’t care much about their hair. He actually enjoys cutting hair and has a passion for it. He constructively criticizes his apprentice barbers. Drew is a good dude and the advice pat gave him is also a great idea!

  21. @ferminmauris3981 Avatar

    Memphis TN I charge $50 for Appointments
    Walk ins $30 haircut haircut & Beard $40
    House calls $150

  22. @kevinn2216 Avatar

    Before corona, twenty Aussie dollars in Sydney for a very reasonable job. These days, it's DIY at home for $0.

  23. @jacobborrego3160 Avatar

    I believe you should pay what you think the haircut is worth to you. I’ve appreciate a good haircut. Most times you’re paying for their time. While your in the chair, conversation is happening, sometimes barbers are counselors or a person we can vent to. The tools they use are expensive but the experience is priceless

  24. @levendis4ladies Avatar

    I charge £58 gbp in London but we are one of the most expensive in the area. Rent is very high in our area.
    Prices need to go up in general, Barbers should earn more. Thanks PBD

  25. @401tarrafal Avatar

    $25 in Massachusetts

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