Why Matt & Shane Hates the Carnivore Diet! – JRE

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Taken from JRE #2098 w/Matt & Shane: #jre #jreclips #edit #podcast #comedy.

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  1. @TheTheratfarmer Avatar

    Frozen pizza, lol. Made me laugh. Balance ot my meals, I eat a little bit of everthing. What ever you grew up with, stay with it…. Kale? No, lol. Spinich, green beans, tomatoes, corn, carrots, brockly, okra, rice (whole grain), cabbage, many different beans and of corse red meat, chicken, fish and shrimp (no lobster) and pork. Barbique deer, awe man. The fruits, everything if it is fresh and not rotten.

  2. @sweetlikechocothai Avatar

    Anyone on an all meat diet is an idiot.

  3. @tykeesen5872 Avatar

    I just got called a pedo by Shane Gillis 😭. I love digorno

  4. @jaimeanaya3385 Avatar

    “Vegans will tell you it’s toxins”. This dude has such a hard on for vegans. He didn’t talk all that shit when John Joseph was on his podcast, His book is called “Meat Is For Pussies” but he had no opinion on it.


    You were forgetting to add extra salt

  6. @graysonrowe9780 Avatar

    I’m on day 13 of carnivore and I’ve had a bit of diarrhea but nothing like they’re saying.

  7. @johng6109 Avatar


  8. @user-ie6ei9xb9v Avatar

    Im healthy AF and my diet is terrible

  9. @ld1775 Avatar

    How the empire has fallen. Here are the voices of a generation talking about their stupid af meat diet which gives them diarrhea. What profound artistry. Wordsmiths

  10. @onyxsolo1 Avatar

    It annoys me when people ask if you eat only eat meat 3 times a day? Um no, I try to only eat it when I'm hungry (The literal definition not the feeling). That's the key to any diet. The problem with high carb/sugar/gluten/starch diets for some people (like me); is that it makes you "feel" hungry at an addiction level when your body doesn't need food. That's because those types of food easily get stored instead of used compared to foods you find in a carnivore or some herbivore/omnivore diets. Life's stressful enough without the added hunger illusion so taking that away is yet another benefit for me when it comes to carnivore.

    Overall, I think what's most important is avoiding added sugar and processed food whether herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. Every body is different so pay attention to what you eat and be honest about how it makes you feel afterwards if you really want to address health issues. Carnivore ain't for everyone just like Herbivore isn't.

  11. @BrodyxBrown Avatar

    Literally cooking a Digornio pizza rn lol

  12. @jojomang8333 Avatar

    Guaranteed that anyone who feels better on the 'carnivore diet' ate like shit beforehand. Complete nonsense lmao.

  13. @jamesb2714 Avatar

    27th floor in Chicago passed out making a frozen pizza

  14. @samuraikam Avatar

    Red Baron / Thin Crust

  15. @justinfowler899 Avatar

    somebody educate joe on fiber so he really understands why those shits are so meaty

  16. @saintmatthew2634 Avatar

    Kale? You mean the stuff they lined the Pizza Hut salad bar with in the 80’s and 90’s? 😂😂

  17. @Falnky Avatar

    What is with this trend of everyone adding automatic captions and not bothering to spend 5 minutes to check the spelling? lol

  18. @user-cx9gq2ud6t Avatar

    Because he is fat, gay and only likes Bud Light and corn syrup?

  19. @robertmurillo7153 Avatar

    Need to know if blood type affects the individual's experience with this

  20. @SmashEverybodyBrotha Avatar

    Disgusting ass conversation

  21. @stormy3898 Avatar

    These guys are fools 😂 size queen 😂

  22. @psyko_ Avatar

    dude a little feedback…if you're gonna use AI to make the subtitles, at least spellcheck the damn thing before uploading. "the saunas the best" = "dishonor the best"

  23. @Dregkar Avatar

    ditch the shitty ai subtitles

  24. @cherryazulmusic Avatar

    Naw I wont stand for this frozen pizza slander! Id argue that red baron is as good as dominos and pizza hut, but maybe not as good as your favorite local pizza place.

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