Why Mainstream Media Hates Tucker Carlson

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Tucker Carlson just interviewed Vladmir Putin and his interview with the Russian President received 150 million views in the first …

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  1. @DCHOY1 Avatar

    Take what Tucker Carlson's POV with a grain of salt as he still has and underline hate for China and their progression

  2. @AbdulSoomro-kj5lt Avatar

    Cyrus God bless you my bro!

  3. @peterwilliams7335 Avatar

    Tucker is dangerous because he is gearing up Russia to start a war with China. He is not a person for peace but for war with China.

  4. @knightnight1894 Avatar

    why? Because freedom and democracy is a thing that USA only wants other countries to have.

  5. @thevanchung7568 Avatar

    Hope Tucker is genuine, he is Trump supporter and his aim maybe to get Russia on board with Trump and turn the gun to China

  6. @NightStars1122 Avatar

    Well, someone by the name of Hillary hates Tucker Carlson also, called him a puppy and an idiot 😂

  7. @koogakushin2291 Avatar

    by the way Cyrus, have you noticed how many balls Putin dropped on this interview? it wasn't even a good performance and still got massive views. The first 25 minutes was definitely a bad move by the president. He doesn't seem to understand that the end product is going to be post-production small segments that's around 1-2 minutes and should include some witty interaction and succinct reaction. Maybe it's the age. He definitely should have done better. and talked more about the humanitarian intervention part as the main reason for the decision to move in against Kiev instead of talking about how things were from the 900 AD. Operation Z intervened against Kiev's 9 year straight genocidal bombing of the East-Ukraine. That should have been the key note. Carlson was throwing him the ball on several occasions, for example when he asked '' why didn't russia move in years ago if Ukraine wasn't a real country." The intent behind that question is to let Putin say that even though Russia didn't regard Ukraine as a real nation, it only intervened after the extremist maidan-coup regime didn't comply to the Minsk humanitarian agreement and kept attacking and killing Donbas citizens who refused to bow to the Coup Regime. Putin failed to catch the balls a couple times.

  8. @naturalmystics-kd9vt Avatar

    To watch corporations tv again is a big no no

  9. @OddRagnarDengLerstl Avatar

    The interview was interesting. But Carlson seems to be a warmonger for a war against China. Even Putin has more sense.

  10. @WeAretheWorld89 Avatar

    Hear Tucker Calson is a anti China War monger.He is pushing for war with China.

  11. @kingejiro Avatar

    lol it’s funny how people think they’re getting real news from cnn, fox etc.

  12. @jamblman Avatar

    Most of the media in Europe is state owned or state sponsored in one way or another.. imagine how trustworthy it is..

  13. @shams4459 Avatar

    I stopped trusting these media channels when they started beating the drums of war for Libya, Iraq and Syria. They all report the same things. It's like all scripted.

  14. @kitgumtow3631 Avatar

    But X is censoring anything against israel

  15. @shreddedguy679 Avatar

    because after the putin interview the western populations realised he is a reasonable leader and our leaders are unhinged war mongers

  16. @RN0010 Avatar

    Mainstream media cannot be trusted. Take the Gaza war for example.. Lots of issues and news got banned or cannot be mentioned.. Even the narratives for both sides are also manipulated. Positive narratives for the Israelis and bad and negatives towards Palestinians. Even though they're fighting the Occupiers and colonizers they're described as terorists by mainstream media.

  17. @user-oc7vm5tr8y Avatar

    Sir, … Arigatou gozaimasu for the Excellent and Truthful analysis. Keep it up!

  18. @leonardus6791 Avatar

    I don't read newspapers, don't watch TV, don't listen to the radio. I have a very selected number of channels to get news. Most of the times I succeed in avoiding grab that passes by. Body language, voice and face expressions helps me a lot. But most important is the cross references I can find between different sources. Anyhow I feel that it brings me a lot closer to reality that all these creepy, empty faces on mainstream media that seems to be impossible to escape

  19. @ich2542 Avatar

    Tucker wants a US/Russia war against China, but Putin said NO

  20. @fotoschopro1230 Avatar

    "Independent" influencers

  21. @Kalle-Schwansen Avatar

    Becauae ge is a popukist frommfar right?

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