Why I’ll Never Be a Swifty

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A disturbing video of two men explaining how they chose their egg donor shows why certain aspects of surrogacy can be …

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  1. @faithdasent2025 Avatar

    Taylor swift is mentally unstable and immature beyond belief. Have never liked her, and never will.

  2. @laymo7844 Avatar

    Does this mean if a gay couple has a kid then the child is only related to one parent like a divorced couple

  3. @alysynwonderland2616 Avatar

    C'mon Candace put on a white button up and a tie with a black blazer I wanna see it!!! ❣❣💗

  4. @alysynwonderland2616 Avatar

    Yeah she's pretty petty and all she can sing about is her ex and love and fingernails blah blah…girl needs to grow up and get a real life.
    Candace I love my age and my wisdom…some I learned and others I watched and listened but wisdom is so sweet!!!

  5. @annabrashears990 Avatar

    Is that a Brazilian blowout Candace? Hypocrite

  6. @user-oo7uq5wi7e Avatar

    CNdice never fails to have a fantastic and informative show😂

  7. @Libby-Bambi25 Avatar

    So, let me get this straight… They wanted their to look kind? What about ACTUALLY BEING KIND? I heard NOTHING about the childs' character!!!! Jesus is coming soon folks 🙏 This should be illegal 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  8. @Rafaelacarlina Avatar

    Disgusting indeed. This guy coupled with that poor baby 😢

  9. @NancySolis-pu7zd Avatar

    I wish the governments would start leading by example: block all government officials from making money when accused from misconduct. Who cares about investigating any allegations. How disappointing that leaders behave so poorly.

  10. @Yvanehtnioj2000 Avatar

    Joe Jonas probably doesn’t even care 😂

  11. @carlosfuentes7945 Avatar

    Thank goodness for Candace & her colleagues. They make SM bearable other than watching a good movie or documentary.

  12. @billbaglivo654 Avatar

    A child growing up never to know a mothers love. So much evil.

  13. @fridayys97 Avatar

    A former friend of mine who is an influencer in sweden, she just went on morning News tv to talk about how she went to another country to choose the gender of their 2’nd baby… I Will never respect that. At least she could get pregnant. One of our mutual friend tried to get pregnant for over 7 years.. disgusting. She was never a close friend and Will never be.

  14. @heinzelmadchen7896 Avatar

    Gays will never understand because to them everything is superficial. They don't know what love is, I bet they'll divorce because they cheat on each other. Ordering children like a pasta dish at a restaurant is immoral and disgusting. I didn't choose how my son looks and I love him no matter how he'd have came out because that's a real love connection between a parent and a child. Gays view children as accessories or dogs they can put in silly tutus.

  15. @matthewrykken6906 Avatar

    Oooh Candace. We can agree to disagree about many things. Isn’t this the beauty of free speech? Those fathers and their beautiful baby seem to be incredibly happy. That’s something to celebrate nowadays. I love your show, however you’re a real bully at times. Settle down.

  16. @pamelaward3996 Avatar

    I like Candace Owens but her jealousy toward Taylor is very Transparent!

  17. @saffronsolo9668 Avatar

    What the hell? MPs should not have the power to take away peoples' money or shut people up if they say something they don't like.

  18. @hstiles1952 Avatar

    RE: Taylor — I’m 35. There is nothing that matures you like being married and having children. Your heart pulls you to put yourself last because you treasure these blessings. I think Taylor struggles with these antics because she’s never really been forced to put herself last and care for others above herself. I don’t follow her so I don’t know her personal story and I could be wrong. But marriage and family will help her mature, if the Lord wills her to have that!

  19. @Olga-ge6qc Avatar


  20. @WatakshiWa Avatar

    Actually that's what happens when men are trying to find the perfect lady for them to establish a family and get healthy beautiful babies.

  21. @elaineteeter9485 Avatar

    Oh my gosh; they are so creepy they turn my stomach.

  22. @richlisola1 Avatar

    I actually am more let down by Turner. We all knew Swift was a narcissist. But until this nasty divorce and lashing out at her husband, I thought Turner was an OK person.

    No longer.

    (I never thought Joe Jonas was a good person)

  23. @richlisola1 Avatar

    No need to join a cult. The swifties are a cult, led by a narcissist madam.

    Candace being a narc herself would rather lead her own cult.

  24. @ciudadanakane8743 Avatar

    Taylor is amazingly immature, she acts like she's 12 years. I defended her from Kanye-kim situation, but her attitude is so disappointing for her age.

  25. @usernowhere4292 Avatar

    Never been a swifty and never will be. Not for what is said in the video.
    Taylor Swift is toxic, from the first time I was forced to see her on the web till this day, and it disgusts me, period.

  26. @ania5038 Avatar

    I agree I will never be a Swifty though admittedly I do listen to some of her music because it's catchy

  27. @user-fb1rs9vu7b Avatar

    To have people ( parents)have that many expectations of their kid is heartbreaking.

  28. @tonjesolheim8146 Avatar

    What about stopping building your fame on talking other ppl down?

    These stupid topics make me not want to see your videos.

  29. @hortonharry3492 Avatar

    Taylor Swift is now dating the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The romance appears to be serious and to the point that marriage between the two could be in the near offing. From the end of the relationship, the Travis Kelce side or end of it, that is, there is one potential painful dimension that can really slam into the happiness and meaningful depth of the relationship. And that is the spectre of the devastating brain deteriorative disorder CTE that has developed in a fair number of NFL players resulting in horrifying eventual death of some, violent behavior, suicide and outright induced delerious like actions of murder committed by these afflicted NFL players. If Travis succumbs to this disorder, and its a substantial probability it could develop to a varying degree in him, does she have the spiritual development to handle such a massive impactful event if the degree of the disorder is overwhelmingly severe? Only time will tell on that one. 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Possibly, possibly that is. Hopefully nothing like CTE will develop with Travis in the future and luckily that too is a very real and thus fortunate possibility. Lets hope that is the case. If the worst does happen, Taylor is going to discover what true love really is. And how prepared she is to engage that development if it does occur as she stays loyal to the relationship. While she takes care of a CTE patient in her latter years ahead.

  30. @DanielleGRamm1 Avatar

    I honestly think Taylor sold her soul and she is a SNAKE. She's got an evil look in her eyes and her concerts are cult-like.

  31. @lua..8099 Avatar

    Seeing that video is cringing and make me feel sad and scared for the baby.

  32. @andreadailyvlogs Avatar

    Bl@ck slur – burnt toast

  33. @andreadailyvlogs Avatar

    I dont think 2 men should have surrogacy. Babies and children need a woman to parent them. Its a fact

  34. @staceymccann8340 Avatar

    The world especially USA is in fact guilty until proven innocent sadly!! Notice when you watch the true crime documentary or especially an interrogation they always say prove to us you didn’t do it tell your side of the story so you can prove your innocence I mean they literally say that in almost every single interrogation when that’s not the case that’s a tactic to make you scared because they know how much we as humans care about what others think when in fact they have to prove your guilt but that’s not how the world works anymore if you can’t show that you’re innocent you will go down

  35. @staceymccann8340 Avatar

    And my question is so what’s going to happen even though they got the luxe what’s going to happen when this child is not artistic and instead she is a Gothic that loves metal music and wants to be I don’t know an archaeologists or Forgot to say see you in a drug attic I mean are they just not gonna want the child anymore

  36. @staceymccann8340 Avatar

    As someone that had a friend commit and make a promise and arrangements to be a surrogate for me after 12 years of not being able to get pregnant and have her bail on me for money so that she could make you know $20-$70,000 to be a surrogate for people like this I was so navigate for surrogacy until I saw a video of two gay men that chose a surrogate she got pregnant And somewhere around halfway through the pregnancy may be 697 even they chose to terminate the pregnancy and she had to do it because I think they had decided on a different baby like I don’t know what the issue was but it was not justifiable and it made me absolutely sick that these two men legally had control over this woman and her body and This unborn baby that was already developed and could withstand life outside the womb. There are some horrific stories out there and it will change anybody’s mind if it can change mine

  37. @stevenhall9349 Avatar

    I’m sorry the two guys raising the baby is just wrong. Our country is going to hell.

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