Why Candace Owens Is WRONG On Steven Crowder's Marital Argument…RP Breakdown!

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41 responses to “Why Candace Owens Is WRONG On Steven Crowder's Marital Argument…RP Breakdown!”

  1. @FreshFitMiami Avatar

    ⏲️ TIME STAMPS ⏲️
    0:00 : Intro 🎬
    1:00 : Show begins!🔥
    3:00 : Check out Icy Frank castle on Locals
    7:15 : Upcoming cases on Feddit Channel 👮‍♂️
    9:10 : Why Women Deserve Less 🤌
    10:10 : Big Mo weight update 🦛
    11:50 : Myron gives a shoutout to all the mods!🔥
    14:20 : Superchats!
    15:30 : Fresh – 🤣🤣😑
    16:20 : Indians are stinky…..Annnnnnd CANCELLED!🙅
    18:00 : They can imitate but never replicate! 👎
    21:20 : Fresh got married! EWW
    22:45 : This is why we are the #1 podcast! 🔥
    25:20 : Join Myron's patreon for personal coaching!
    26:30 : Cali is the worst place for Real Estate 🏘️
    28:10 : Today's topic and Recap of the situation
    32:30 : Video – Candace Owens on Steven Crowder
    34:30 : Of course Lasan and H3 have something to say 😆
    37:40 : Crowder was 'emotionally abusive' (Yashar Ali tweet)
    40:00 : CCTV Footage Reaction 📸
    44:45 : Crowder's response to the footage!
    46:40 : Women will do anything for clout 🤦‍♂️
    47:00 : The man is always wrong
    49:00 : Women use pregnancy as an excuse! 🤰
    52:40 : Video breakdown with RP lens on! 🧐
    54:45 : The video is edited and cut!🤨
    59:00 : We don't know the context…
    1:00:20 : Video continues…
    1:01:40 : If he can't leave the house, why should she???
    1:03:00 : This woman doesn't respect her husband ❌
    1:05:00 : Marriage is a dead institution
    1:07:00 : This was 100% planned by his wife
    1:09:00 : We live in a Gynocentric society 👸
    1:11:00 : Video continues…this woman is a master manipulator
    1:14:30 : Crowder checks his wife!
    1:16:00 : WTF is emotional abuse!??
    1:19:30 : CLOWN WORLD! 🤡🤡🤡
    1:20:30 : The F&F crew gets emotionally abused🤣
    1:23:00 : Video continues – Her actions don't match her words!
    1:27:00 : Myron has a theory (It's probably true)
    1:30:00 : Video continues – She's gaslighting him
    1:32:50 : We don't negotiate with terrorists ❌🥷
    1:33:40 : Superchats! – Candace Owens is a petty leftist
    1:39:00 : Religion will not save you
    1:40:30 : Truth about Ring CCTV cameras 🎥
    1:41:10 : Crypto beats Real Estate…🪙
    1:45:30 : Will you send your kids to public schools?
    1:47:00 : Eddie Murphy talked about this 36 years ago!
    1:48:00 : Final thoughts – This video MUST be shared everywhere 🤳
    1:49:45 : Always remember – We don't negotiate with terrorists!
    1:51:20 : Outro! (LIKE THE VIDEO)

  2. @housemajaliwa Avatar

    Is that why she was moving around? so she could trigger the recording because of the motion

  3. @laylaprincess5066 Avatar

    This channel is for hurt and unsecure men with women they cheat on and aren't happy with and see women in a bad light. This channel needs to be gone. You already know they arent going to bring Candace owens on the podcast either😂

  4. @user-xt8qb7zx8e Avatar

    I've learned the hard way that women will specifically gas light you when they are planning on leaving. They can play mental gymnastics to make you feel like the bad guy so they can justify treating you like dirt.

    I have an ex that made it so clear how demeaning I was in the last 2 months of our relationship. I'm not sure what she was getting at because the only "disrespectful" talk was in the bedroom and she had liked it all throughout our relationship until she decided she didn't. I thought maybe I was joking too much. I do have a tendancy to overuse jokes or rag on people a little much. But I told her I "wasn't aware I was demeaning you, but I'll work on it". The thing is that didn't matter. I could "work on it" all I wanted. But the issue wasn't that I was demeaning her. It was that she was looking for excuses to make me the bad guy.

    Men have to be aware that women have to constantly be checked. You can't find a "good one" and let your guard down. I started off strong in that relationship. But this woman was so good at being manipulative that I didn't even realize how many little compromises I had made. Nothing seemed like a big deal. Until It got to the point that I was the only one doing chores. I was the one paying the bills. I would come home to her napping all day after getting high. I would be the one to stop and grab something on the way home from work.

    It wasn't until the last time I spoke with her trying to communicate and fix things that she laughed at me while I was clearly in pain that I realized how evil and manipulative she was. She was actually trying to gas light me into being the bad guy for "faking" being upset because I didn't actually care about her. So she laughed at me. I immediatley Threw her and the other unpaying roomate out of the house, and now i'm the bad guy. I would never go into a relationship like that, yet somehow I found myself in it.

    It was a learning experience for me for sure. I learned never to compromise on even the small things, because they add up. And never to help people financially. If they are broke it's their own darn fault, and I'm not spending my resources to bail you out so you can screw me. I don't care about your sob story.

  5. @user-xt8qb7zx8e Avatar

    Tell the moron producer to chill with the air horn every 5 seconds.

  6. @da1nonlydoron779 Avatar

    I appreciate how well Myron opens my eyes to female psychology.

  7. @seriyvolk4597 Avatar

    I shamed Candace the first time I saw that clip, (yesterday) unknowingly yet on a subconscious level questioning her ripping "shiet"out of context and riding it to suitable narratives..

  8. @howtomakeawebsitetherightw6573 Avatar

    Another interesting thing is her very visible belly, I've never seen a pregnant woman wear this special T-shirt to have her belly so visible, she knew very well in advance that she needed everyone to see that she was pregnant

  9. @aleck1739 Avatar

    What his wife did is so dirty it’s hard to believe that all you are taking her side. That’s private life no one is 100% great to their spouse over the course of their life. To take the worst of someone and post it to try and ruin them is gross. If he was that – bad divorce him walk away and live with your decision. Do not ruin someone else’s life for your benefit. The kid will not see his/her mother positively when old enough to understand the situation.

  10. @shelbyindianajones3226 Avatar

    Sad, I remember when he was so excited about the twins. People say bad stuff when relationships go wrong, I have done it myself.

  11. @mandabrown412 Avatar

    Do nit take advice from this guy.

  12. @inactive2305 Avatar

    he does say near the beginning “the other man you see” 😮🫢🫣

  13. @darkice7669 Avatar

    A wife is a liability, just ask Keyser Soze…go watch movie the Usual Suspects. How loyal you think your wife will be if you become homeless and broke?

  14. @AtomicApe13 Avatar

    Bless all of you 🙏🏼

  15. @josuechavira9316 Avatar

    I’m currently goin through a divorce from a woman with two kids from two different dads. Was only married for two years and now want’s to take my House, 401k and Vehicles away. The wrong woman will play the victim, manipulate and use your emotions against you to try to put you in a bad light. Be careful and continue to listen to fresh and fit. Learn, improve. We need to start standing together against these narcissistic woman. Keep up the good work F&F

  16. @jamiethomas3122 Avatar

    Pregnant woman needs some "space" from her husband, yeah he's clearly the abusive one! LOL

  17. @fordbuchanan8630 Avatar

    There was more than cutting on that video, I think the audio got tampered with. When he supposedly says, "I don't love you", the volume drops a lot. Context suggests he really said, "I don't believe you", especially his next statements.

  18. @HugoStiglitz88 Avatar

    I lost all respect for her when she came out with this nonsense

  19. @Richard_Biggs Avatar

    Highly likely Crowder took the red pill later on in the relationship. On point

  20. @lauracasillas Avatar

    When she starts accusing him of abuse, he says watch it, because she's making false allegations against him. And all the "me too" was on fire.

  21. @lauracasillas Avatar

    NO, you guys are missing it, forget man leads and she should follow, idea for a sec. What he says is, he made boundaries and she's not doing her wifey duty. So, clearly referring to a previous conversation, about what they need to do as husband and wife, before just taking off and ignoring their responsibilities as husband and wife. Because he then says, I can't go to my parents the gym, or call my friends, so that's what she must have set as her boundaries. He didn't say he wants to go, it's the agreement they have.
    She didn't make lunch or walk the dogs, clearly what she agreed to do. So, he's calling her out, and her belly out is for the audience. She's probably giving him back what he was doing prior to their previous agreed upon boundaries conversation. And she's throwing in the towel not following through with what was discussed.
    If that's the worst she's got on him, she's going to regret leaving him.

  22. @amahlebiyase Avatar

    That's what I was also confused about. When he said , "get it an uber" .It didn't make sense to me. Clearly there's some missing information.

  23. @maryr.1650 Avatar

    WHY do they only have one vehicle?

  24. @gregorytremain4086 Avatar

    “I love you more than life…” and the evidence of this is… nothing.

  25. @gregorytremain4086 Avatar

    Why is she showing off her belly, women only expose themselves for the attention or for a show and tell.

  26. @gregorytremain4086 Avatar

    Imagine basing your opinion off a propaganda piece? These anti Crowder people.

  27. @gen.skeptic9129 Avatar

    I think they are both narcissists. Classic textbook behavior in relationships where one or both are narcissists. He is an overt narcissist and she is a covert narcissist. Look up the descriptions and read about these types of relationships. This is one of the only personality types that is ALWAYS textbook. Now they are both engaging in the narcissist smear campaign against each other.

  28. @silverback9572 Avatar

    It’s amazing that they just happened to have a video from two years ago. Plus, the video was edited. She was cheating. He needs to get a paternity test

  29. @ragamuffinhooligan4019 Avatar

    Did anybloody notice how her tshirt was improperly worn to show her exposed belly!?

  30. @thebr3310 Avatar

    Really weird how nobody mentions it anymore. His big divorce and the supposed backlash. Just shows what it really was. Just a big hit piece trying to make Steven look evil but it backfired whenever he said he’d made a motion to unseal all documents. Suddenly it all vanished from msm. Wonder why.

  31. @theariesexperiment4642 Avatar

    That stumblin' and fumblin' ain't goin' NOWHERE Walter. And you know it.

  32. @Kevlar0718 Avatar

    That entire ring video reads of a woman acting the part that knew the cameras were rolling. She even has her shirt pulled up over her belly to visibly show how pregnant she is.

  33. @nunyabiznazz6236 Avatar

    How dare you !!! Hahaha the afro circus dance was hilarious

  34. @kateedwards7788 Avatar

    I think he said on his show she works with domestic violence victims or some other group of women- maybe an anti-abortion clinic? I’m not sure if that was employment or volunteer work though.

  35. @kateedwards7788 Avatar

    I value hearing your opinions as strong men. You probably won’t see this comment or address it but I suppose this time I had some questions about what was said in parts and I may have missed the context, so forgive me for that if that’s the case. When you brought up women exercising and how it was correlated with cheating – I mean, I think as a high value man you have stated how important it is to have a high value woman who respects and takes care of herself. I think being physically fit is part of that and I think you would agree with that based on some of your other content so I was confused when that aspect of the commentary came up here. Did I miss that context? I also think that we do not know enough to pass judgment on this clip or this situation. I’ve followed Stephen for years. I think it’s a concerning video in general just as to the state of the communication we see here. You also mention many times how this video was sent by the wife and you think she’s being manipulative and things of that nature here. As a high value woman, you probably would keep issues quiet to respect your husband so the timing of this doesn’t seem manipulative to me necessarily. I think we would need more information here.

  36. @bobo11112222 Avatar

    When women are abused she tend to defend the abuser & go as far putting the blame on herself for the abuse. It’s weird for her say “this is abuse, watch it”. In the middle of a spousal argument.

  37. @evanluna116 Avatar

    The first time I saw this video, the red flag for me was her looking directly into the camera and then completely changing her tone

  38. @matthobson8351 Avatar

    this would have been a great 50 min podcast

  39. @donttrip4912 Avatar

    Thank you for braking down the truth in this video , when i first seen it on Candace owens channel , i felt completely angered towards crowder. Youve changed my mind!! This woman is being very manipulate! She clearly planned this , knowing she would catch it all on camera , got the ammunition she needed to leave this man and gun him down!

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