What Was Happening Before the Big Bang? w/Brian Greene | Joe Rogan

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Taken from JRE #1428 w/Brian Greene:

36 responses to “What Was Happening Before the Big Bang? w/Brian Greene | Joe Rogan”

  1. @TheKentuckyfamily911 Avatar

    We will never figure out something so big the way humanity is now, we’re very young in life as humans, we haven’t even figured out something as small as peace and cooperation and common ground, we’re intelligents in the making, this is something that will take a very very long time, if humanity does not go extinct from ourselves or space influence before we can figure anything out about this. But just an opinion.

  2. @user-ln5ck1do4v Avatar

    The amount of energy gone into doing whatever possible to explain away God is astonishing

  3. @user-ln5ck1do4v Avatar

    Is this "energy" in the room with you?

  4. @user-ln5ck1do4v Avatar

    With all respect, the athiestic worldview is laughably bankrupt

  5. @AlpaOmega-nb5jm Avatar

    Come on bud when you don't know you should say you don't know wow the big bang is when GOD said let there be light so before the big bang there was darkness wow buds you both sound like real regards nun of uses even know were gravity comes from you don't only look like retard but sound like retard to hay it would suck to be uses

  6. @brooksorlando4510 Avatar

    I think he's right in the latter argument

  7. @adamphillips5101 Avatar

    What if 14 billion years isnt a long time? What if there is another trillion years left? Maybe we are just at the start of universe.

  8. @user-ch9pz1uq9v Avatar

    Nobody knows. They’re likely wasn’t “A” big bang. If there was a big bang they’re likely was an infinite amount of big bangs. Space is infinite. It goes on forever !!! Humans can’t comprehend that. Again, nobody knows

  9. @HaveAGreatDay54 Avatar

    Hypothesis: We are in a battery. The big bang was the initial charge. Everything that you see and feel belong to the user and are for its consumption.

  10. @maveritoburrito9415 Avatar

    Wouldn't time just be infinite, all the way back to the actual big bang, due to the infinitely dense body of the universe at the time? Just like the same sort of time dilation in the movie "Interestellar" when they are closer to the black hole and the guy further away ages faster.

  11. @Zachary_Walker Avatar

    Anyone that uses the Big Bang as the beginning loses all credibility with me. I don’t have the answers but Jesus Christ a child could tell you that theory is just goofy lol

  12. @rohullahkarimi8497 Avatar

    No Body knows what is the reality? 28j

  13. @brentsmith5647 Avatar


  14. @cripticadventures Avatar

    Time is a human concept.

  15. @tylerm993 Avatar

    I can't believe you idiots believe people like this. "It could have been" you have no answers Sir

  16. @mikookii Avatar

    so we’re just an anomaly?

  17. @nunontherunnumberone Avatar

    9:20 is 'intuitively' a scientific term?

  18. @user-qp1zi8fn4s Avatar

    How does any body no this we dnt even no when the pyramid s were build 🤔 but we no how the universe started come on i dnt believe a word science says i no there really smart people but theres just no way they can no this

  19. @user-zh1vh9th1j Avatar

    Why not just say you don't know? No one has a clue and pretending you do makes you look silly.

  20. @bomboclaatgarden Avatar

    Please help me find a place in this galaxy

  21. @davidwalker5054 Avatar

    Do you not think we are getting ahead of ourselves. We haven,t got a clue about the nature of the universe we have only observed 4 percent of whats out there and now these clowns are trying to tell us what happend before the alleged big bang

  22. @TheInsomniac96 Avatar

    So in the question on mind from matter or matter from mind–the answer is postponed forever…

  23. @eazye9747 Avatar

    There is lowkey a lot of talking about nothing here

  24. @Andrei-cp5jr Avatar

    When he talked about repulsive gravity I immediately thought about dark matter and Bob Lazar's claim that the UFO he studied was using a type of fuel that created "reverse" gravity.

  25. @brandonharvey7939 Avatar

    Soooo…. what I gather from this is thar he is proposing that the Big Bang began with one person who was so full of shit he finally burst into oblivion….

  26. @thehaaps Avatar

    Am I the only person that thought this was Jeremy Hotz?!

  27. @Ptalbert Avatar

    We need Carl Sagan right now

  28. @omar_rwemi Avatar

    A bunch of conjecture bullshit stated eloquently by a well spoken man.

  29. @jesus85ize Avatar

    Yeah but how was that energy created that caused the “hostile environment”? See where I’m getting at. There comes a point where we do not know and act as though we can answer it. I do like this gentleman’s approach.

  30. @canadairishguy Avatar

    The very notion that we now see scientists as the answer to all questions.
    Much the same as we used to see priests the very same way.
    Gee, I don't know of any flaw that scientists have had.
    Most likely the same amount of flaws that priests have had.
    It is just fucking hilarious.
    That is the expanse of the Big Bang THEORY.
    Yeah, a THEORY.
    Ha ha ha.

  31. @sethlawrence6576 Avatar

    It could be..
    It could be…
    Its all bullshit they dont know anything i can take a guess too 😅😂

  32. @coleride Avatar

    Multiple universe theory it's just one more desperate attempt to avoid a creator. Don't ask me too guess who created the creator, but the point stands

  33. @robinson32993 Avatar

    Being educated in evolution is like being educated in star trek or star wars because it’s not real, and it’s stupid

  34. @user-td4pf6rr2t Avatar

    Maybe our universe is entropy to another indestructible force.

  35. @lordebangs645 Avatar

    I believe you guys are accurately describing Gods creation process

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