We paid for Ben Shapiro's sister's OnlyFans!

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42 responses to “We paid for Ben Shapiro's sister's OnlyFans!”

  1. @lizardKingCDXX Avatar

    Wagner – flight of the Valkyries is my go to when I'm in the mood

  2. @eliaskyparissis4326 Avatar

    The orgasm internally/externally thing… I think she means clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Women can experience two types of orgasms. I dont know why she said it like that.

  3. @BarelyA1ive Avatar

    Man both xhannels are complete package for timepass!

  4. @Cupcake_Royale Avatar

    Would she get banned in only fans for being too modest? Like is that how it works? 😂

  5. @IanFernandez-lb7se Avatar

    man you are my fav channel now

  6. @stevensalazar2713 Avatar

    Scammers have also been using Ben Shapiro’s sisters big old knockers to make money to check out NHK video from January 27, 2024 minute mark 730

  7. @feelawesome6462 Avatar

    A Clit orgasm is an external orgasm

  8. @feelawesome6462 Avatar

    2024! How dare she value and respect her body. What is this world coming to?

  9. @lettherebedots Avatar

    The Shapiros are the biggest dorks in the world.

  10. @MartyOfEarth Avatar

    'Noo one is in the mood all the time.' I see, so she's never met a teenage boy.

  11. @highoninfinity Avatar

    when she was saying "external" and "internal" orgasms, i think she meant like penetrative (internal) and non-penetrative (external)

  12. @mirceagogoncea Avatar

    4:24 Says "Baroque music"
    Plays Mozart's Requiem

  13. @pshyan7432 Avatar

    Whats the name of the guy who makes things what is his channel

  14. @earthling5276 Avatar

    I love how he’s just got on a Ribena top on 😭

  15. @frankcooke1692 Avatar

    From my perspective, nobody is Frank enough. Not even me, most days 🙁

  16. @ElGamerXL Avatar

    3:30 Frank girls? huh I know of one…

  17. @bennuballbags2 Avatar

    You can tell that shes Bens sister by the eye brows

  18. @cassandranabel3359 Avatar

    Alex's Ben Shapiro impression is so good. Killed me.😂

  19. @gailism Avatar

    i'm no classically abby fan… but your responses are so ignorant about female anatomy, you're starting to make her look well-informed lmaoo

  20. @kris4637 Avatar

    I'm getting flashbacks to "that's cringe: grild defined edition"

  21. @blueskys5435 Avatar

    07:10 what about that massive 12 inch hotdog with ketchup i eat at the restaurant?

  22. @keepXonXrockin Avatar

    8:03 yep you are 😀 it's pretty common terminology, at least for women wondering if there's something wrong with them because they don't orgasm from penetration alone and then go on a research binge to figure stuff out

  23. @xpndblhero5170 Avatar

    I think this has finally ruined classical music for me…. 'Flight of the Bumblebees' as a masturbation song is just too fkn funny but that's also lead to other songs becoming hilarious.
    Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture playing in the back of my mind 🤣🤣

  24. @james3141 Avatar

    I love that you still upload clips which show there are things you don't know, it's very honest!

  25. @christopherarendt3531 Avatar

    Look, I didn’t have an orgasm this time but God did 😂😂😂🎉

  26. @NorbertKasko Avatar

    Hmm…I'm still waiting for that part wheb they are going to show her Onlyfans. Ah pardon! THAT is her OnlyFans.

  27. @jurassicsmackdown6359 Avatar

    She needs a shirt that says "If only these were brains" lmao

    EDIT: after reading the comments and now i feel kinda bad for my joke tbh. Not bad enough to delete it tho, considering her "values" and political positions

  28. @picahudsoniaunflocked5426 Avatar

    I feel so bad Ben thinks it's normal for women to be bone dry during THE ACT & Classicism Abby thinks it's normal to be a quick dry dull non-event you need to make special like it's a job.

  29. @TavernCrawler Avatar

    Needed a female comedian, otherwise great 👍

  30. @TheChickenator-wj4uv Avatar

    You're sitting here laughing while Abby Shapiro is being milked by hamas on live tv

  31. @titanomachy2217 Avatar

    Haha I guarantee she's lying about having waited until marriage for sex. She has nudes from when she was younger all over the internet, and I can't imagine a super religious virgin would be cool with splashing images of her bare breasts all over Google.

  32. @althechicken9597 Avatar

    This is comical to see her out her husband, but tbh this is the most useful and least negative thing I've seen produced by her or her brother. I knew lots of kids growing up who were raised HARD on the no premarital sex. Lots of them didn't learn anything about sex, or genitals including their own.

    I can see this being extremely helpful for those girls who subscribe to this or who've been brainwashed into it. There's can be lot of really toxic ideas around sex and women in religious groups. at least so far, Abby doenst appear to be leaning into that.

  33. @mcf0x518 Avatar

    I personally think that "Mars" from Gustav Holst's "The planets" is the best music to have sex to

  34. @CMan185 Avatar

    so if that’s his sister then who’s brett cooper

  35. @alexandraduggan3858 Avatar

    Virgin breaking hymen is a myth 👀

  36. @whoareyoulookingfor Avatar

    "external orgasm" is a clitoral orgasm,."internal orgasm" is a vaginal orgasm, usually from penetration. she's too scared of using basic anatomical terms which makes it confusing

  37. @gameon2000 Avatar

    Nya ichi nee isa nya… Arigato!

  38. @drcackle Avatar

    Why the fuq doese she look more manlyier than her brother ?? Like she looks trans woman and he looks trans man

  39. @VirtualGobllim47 Avatar

    To be fair for many conservative jewish groups they are pretty okay with having sex for fun/pleasure, its just absolutely not public

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