Ty Cobb reacts to Trump’s filing to the Supreme Court

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Ex-Trump White House lawyer Ty Cobb shares his reaction to Donald Trump’s last-ditch appeal to the Supreme Court for immunity …

22 responses to “Ty Cobb reacts to Trump’s filing to the Supreme Court”

  1. @jesu3369 Avatar

    You can tell in their faces how miserable these people are. You can't be happy wishing evil to your neighbor.

  2. @vanessad.2625 Avatar

    Dude this guy's mustache is EPIC.

  3. @lastpme Avatar

    It is sad that 45 has another chance at the White House, especially after he handled losing the election. His behavior shows he doesn’t have mental maturity to handle the power of the office.

  4. @user-mi5pt3tn2v Avatar

    What is immunity from prosecution of a head of state? This means that the head of a power can kill his opponents, subordinate the courts, legislative, and executive powers to himself, destroy the media and bring all the country’s subjects to their knees, force them to live in fear and then in poverty, as happened in Russia, Iran, Northern Korea. Does the US want to become a big North Korea?

  5. @ignatiusjk Avatar

    OK what the hell does a disgraced baseball player know about the law, will somebody tell me that. just kidding, but seriously that was funny you know it, you know you laughed.

  6. @TheLucanicLord Avatar

    Wilson and 2 Roosevelts went to war without the muneteh. Truman dropped two nattum burms without it. Seems like it doesn't impede the big decisions.

  7. @tracyhaverstick5672 Avatar

    Loose Cannin's incompetence is equal to her corruption.

  8. @terryforrester2119 Avatar

    She looks like she is falling asleep look at the rapid eye movement

  9. @frankhoffman3566 Avatar

    1. Trump is convinced he will win.
    2. He plans "retribution" to the point of fetish.
    3. A clear SCOTUS repudiation of his (bogus) immunity claims would limit his ability to exact vengeance.
    4. He seeks to at least stall the opinion for a year giving him enough time to settle scores after taking office..

  10. @djpomare Avatar

    Stupid denied Presidential Immunity to election interference. Prosecuted 5M for Rape and 83.3M for having a Big mouth.

    $370M fine proposed in New York civil fraud. $50M MAGA donations used to fund lawyers and criminal payoffs.

    3 years 40 days after Smelly Stupid's insurrection let's hope Stupid finally receives a 22-year Proud Boy sentence.

    Only in America 'the land of the school shootings' would an ex-president with 91 charges against him still be eligible to be president again.

  11. @Aule22 Avatar

    I have seen many well known and respected lawyers say this one is a no brainer, deciding against Trump, either on the stay or granting cert. However some are worried that enough of the Republican appointed justices might help Trump run out the election clock?

    If only for now, I will assume misguided, sincere belief they can manage the mischief we are sure to have this election. They can't. But they can only control two things; whether Trump is on the ballot or disqualified? and whether or not the ludacris immunity defense is permitted or rejected?

    Objectively, the path of least damage to the nation is keeping him off the ballot. Get the unrest out of the way earlier than later. And even that can not prevent anti democratic election tampering at the state level. However, with Trump off the ballot due to what we all saw, his attempted putsch? My favored word instead of insurrection? The movement will be weakened. And that should mean the threat of unrest is lessened. We can not insulate the nation from solo or small group violent terrorists. But that should be easier to manage than a nationwide movement with a (I hate to say it, but it is technically true,) charismatic leader, with an actual record of trying to steal the office.

  12. @GaryFord-ib7oz Avatar

    Read the seperation of powers in the constituion that no law passed can remove either branches constituioal poweres un less by constitual amendment and 2/ 3 majority to pass so fu records office

  13. @GaryFord-ib7oz Avatar

    Nukes reported moved to ukrain border biden calls putin president yeltson while talkeng to hin on the hot line ??

  14. @GaryFord-ib7oz Avatar

    Hes a freeking genious cant quote the constituion but i bet he knows marks and lennon by hart

  15. @robertanderson5092 Avatar

    Can a president be impeached after leaving office to remove immunity he had while serving the American voters?

  16. @spencerfeigelis6047 Avatar

    Afternoon Ty. When did you stop playing baseball? I think that was the best thing you should’ve stayed with

  17. @williampayne9526 Avatar

    Tube search- the trump dunning Kruger effect

  18. @williampayne9526 Avatar

    Trump cult equals brain damage

  19. @u.s.family9279 Avatar

    🇺🇲trump, tucker, tuberville, FOX MAGA Russian's GO live in Russia🇺🇲 Moscow Mike Johnson U.S. Demand a VOTE.(only takes 1 GOP to throw Mike out)

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