Tunnels Dug Beneath A Jewish Synagogue?! This Is Weird.

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What we know about the secret underground tunnels discovered under a New York City synagogue. Plus, my experience on the …

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    00:00 – Start
    01:01 – Jewish tunnels in NYC
    16:50 – Vivek Ramaswamy on the campaign trail
    20:06 – Vivek’s prediction for the future of the GOP primary
    21:59 – Rand Paul launches a non-endorsement for Nikki Haley
    29:29 – Shia LeBeouf enters the Catholic Church
    34:11 – I read comments on Megan Fox’s poetry

  2. @Theflowermoon764 Avatar

    There were matters and with blood. Why???

  3. @silwan6784 Avatar

    I liked this podcast. I like that you are pointing out that some politicians are putting foreign countries ahead of America. It is treasonous when politicians put Israel 1st. Bravo

  4. @rosariolarion9319 Avatar

    Candace stands for current and brave. Thank you❤

  5. @Maha17515 Avatar

    Now people gonna cal u antisemitic 😂

  6. @matthewpitre8159 Avatar

    I'm thinking human trafficking Or possibly drugs

  7. @matthewpitre8159 Avatar

    No offense but if it was Mormons I would believe it because they are known to be doomsday preppers!

  8. @sheephurder Avatar

    The Catholic Church is completely satanic. The great hall has eyes of a serpent as the windows and the scales are the tiles. And if you look at it from different angles, you see a serpent's giant head not to mention that they had at 1 point a giant telescope that was named Lucifer. That's totally normal, right? Fuck out of here every religion is based on satanism. Hello, the cap of church has little human skulls in the basement. This is normal? Why? Because they call it something like the catacombs and make up some fucking story about it that everyone believes a Fairytale. Wake up people it's twenty twenty four get with the program. Instead of being programmed

  9. @sheephurder Avatar

    If they're under the synagogue then how did people hear jews talking under them

  10. @barbarahernandez1963 Avatar

    So r u team Trump since Vivek flipped?

  11. @adriannamatos865 Avatar

    Chabad is a cult. Just go and google “the grand Rebbe”. Lmao they believe he’s the messiah. You see his stickers on city light posts everywhere in NYC that say “Messiah is here” with his face on it lmao

  12. @xycap8351 Avatar

    If Trump doesn't choose him for VP he hasn't learned a thing from last time.

  13. @xycap8351 Avatar

    Why would Mexican illegals have expertise at tunneling? Sounds more like Gazans

  14. @niceday4 Avatar

    She is beautiful and really good at what she does God Bless

  15. @SinghSingh-vr9fy Avatar

    No this is normal go check out London

  16. @PurpleSirens Avatar

    Candace isn’t scared of the Jews, I love that

  17. @lavidamia9 Avatar

    Investigate all Synagogues, Mosques, and Churches! I am a Christian and I give consent.

  18. @sylvaingilbert6296 Avatar
  19. @kenzaosman377 Avatar

    These tunnels look old so I don’t believe It was a “group of young people between 19-21 years old” statement

  20. @tfa-shirts Avatar

    As usual…you make a strong point. Tunnels…hmmm.

  21. @thuismamas Avatar

    Still dont know why. And how did the head of the place not known anything.

  22. @haplo_ Avatar

    I wanna say Vivek is smart but how can you be so smart and yet can't see how much the peoples still want President Trump? 3500 stops just tells me that Vivek is not efficient i.e. not a sign of a great leader. That was 3000 more stops than necessary to be the Press Secretary.

  23. @alexjacobs8684 Avatar

    Wow your ignorance speaks volumes:

    1) they were not speaking Yiddish you
    dunce. (Lol the students don't even speak yiddish and the ones digging were actually Mexicans not the students)

    2) the leaders of the synagogue itself called the police!!

    3) maybe just reach out to people in the chabad movement to find something out, this was students who were trying to expand the synagogue without permission from the community leaders

    So yes the story is actually quite simple and all the stories that people including you have suggested are actually anti semitic.

    Maybe try and reach out to people who live there to find something out and don't just post a video to get clicks and be all provocative (and brave…lol 😂)

  24. @superultramaga3229 Avatar

    I bet you offended the little hatboy again with this. Notice how eager he was to speak about the tunnels 5500 miles away but not these ones

  25. @number1enemyoftheuseless985 Avatar

    Sounds like another organization or entity of Kabba.

  26. @michealnagy5763 Avatar

    Why am I not surprised.

  27. @user-up9nz2nv2r Avatar

    Candace, It is a right time now to write these words to you, I love you so much, I used to love daily wire and the only one among its hosts I find you the most honest and fair. Honest to her believes, family, values, principles. Respect to you, you never are afraid to speak up

  28. @user-up9nz2nv2r Avatar

    if there were imams, talibans or someone who identifies muslim, the whole world would be attacking Islam. But as long as the media is in hands of worlds big Jews, Islam will forever stay the most evil religion and those who love innocent children's flesh will be hidden behind their invalid excuses like these people and the people of ISRAEL

  29. @michaellamont8788 Avatar

    A lie n. Aliens are deamons. Inter-dimensional. Not intergalactic.

  30. @walterkreuzman3802 Avatar

    The J's sacrificing Cristian Children (blood ritual or blood letting) for Passover

  31. @renamartin6937 Avatar


  32. @felipecedillo9581 Avatar

    Imagine if it was Muslim people who decide to add a mosque yoooo people would flip their fn minds but media ain’t covering it 🤔🤔🤔 I wonder why

  33. @dmddesigngroup2475 Avatar

    This is the most restrain I have ever seen her on any topic.

    It is illegal to question anything regarding Jewish ppl. It’s like the bully that no one wants to stand up to.

    Very frustrating to say the least! What makes he plight of Jewish ppl greater than anyone else!

  34. @raymondjefferson2514 Avatar

    Hundreds of years in the tunnels will contain corrupted scriptures like the Dead Sea scrolls being found but were still corrupt like Prophet JERAHMYA said of the lying pens of the scribes who change the law for their evil reasons.

  35. @sarahyasser9949 Avatar

    It’s not like they are not allowed to legally build their synagogues in NyC . So I don’t get the point of doing it in such manner acting oppressed and all that

  36. @MrNanoPlankton Avatar

    very impressive rant – much respect to you!

  37. @misterjacobi Avatar

    you really hate jews😀😃😀😄 ben shapiro gonna get u🤣😅😆😄😄

  38. @deniserosaly9292 Avatar

    You can 5alk about qhites, blacks, hisanics, catholics, cristians…. But God forbid talk about jews

  39. @JoshandTrey Avatar

    Radical shifts in personality and way of life, for me, are red flags.

  40. @bcoctagon Avatar

    Thank you Candace for posting accurately!

  41. @KingDomsKingdom85 Avatar

    Much love from England, Candace.

  42. @Opticsport Avatar

    Thank you
    Most conservative aren’t covering this
    Imagine them being Muslim

  43. @CloveCoast Avatar

    The only purpose of the tunnels I can imagine, aside from illegal acts, is radicalized kids organizing a fringe breakaway sect within Chabad. But there must be at least one elder initiating this.

  44. @ardijea5073 Avatar

    Well done for stating that if it was Muslims everyone would of gone crazy…and the US would of probably gone and bombed some muslim country in the middle east because of it 🤔

  45. @michaelbenjamin504 Avatar

    Super Mario had me dying 😂

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