Tucker: We are at war with Russia

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Fox News host reflects on the U.S. response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker …

26 responses to “Tucker: We are at war with Russia”

  1. @jimmycain8669 Avatar

    We are bankrolling the loser.

  2. @MrLambo_44 Avatar

    Tucker wants to interview Putin😮 Yay for independent Media!

  3. @AboveZOAR-ks3qt Avatar

    So Feb 2024 would be a good time for Carlson to visit Putin and for Tucker to rim the anal sphincter twice for Dictator Putin
    Did he hate Mr Trump?

  4. @Tyln93 Avatar

    Nuclear Winter!!!

  5. @quanghuunguyen7755 Avatar

    AAA (Triple A) insurance failed me; State Farm insurance failed me; Liberty Mutual insurance failed me. All three insurance companies all bad! Failured on a massive scale

  6. @quanghuunguyen7755 Avatar

    Which is why I'm still a student; because I don't understand all these absurdity!

  7. @quanghuunguyen7755 Avatar

    And, I still don't understand why when them Police harmed me, they asked and I said, yes, I was hurt, harmed, and injured but, yet they ETM Paramedics Fire government people etc et al sent me, as the claimant to jail 1X 2X 3X instead! No service for my personal injuries, even! When they hit and run my car! Failed, miserably, the bad government!

  8. @quanghuunguyen7755 Avatar

    To this day, I still don't know why I entered jail 1X, 2X, 3X, as an innocent; yet, I left as the same innocent!

  9. @quanghuunguyen7755 Avatar

    And, last year they bothered me so much! Them police! Ugly

  10. @quanghuunguyen7755 Avatar

    The case of myself, the claimant, of total and permanent disability continue to this day, January 13, 2024. Happy New Year 2024🎉 by the way!

  11. @quanghuunguyen7755 Avatar

    I remain a student, but I'm innocent; in jail 1X, 2X, 3X! That is inhumane to me; as the claimant

  12. @quanghuunguyen7755 Avatar

    Faked info confusing! Saying McCain no more? But false claim!

  13. @quanghuunguyen7755 Avatar

    I'm not sure, but I think President Biden resigned. But faked pasted "filled in" but I'm not sure because I'm not government; I'm a student interested in world history including all the wars I, II, III,

  14. @falvegas511 Avatar

    Using Poland to Supply Ukraine with Western Weapons? OF COURSE, TUCKER, WHO THE HELL WOULD YOU USE, SPAIN??? Poland is On the Border of Ukraine, 6 to 8 Crossings, 50,000 trucks a month Cross. And BTW Tucker. If we'd been at War with Russia it would have been "OVER" 18 Months Ago. AND REMEMBER, USSR didn't just Supply N. Korea, Russian Airmen ACTUALLY FLEW AGAINST US AIRMEN IN KOREA.

  15. @thomaskollins235 Avatar

    The American people voted for all this……If you voted democrat…….You caused all this.

  16. @thomaskollins235 Avatar

    What do the Russians want?
    They have told everybody that what they want is….. no NATO military on their border.
    Yes….. It’s that simple….. No NATO military on their border.
    History gives us an example of how the United States reacted when Russia placed its military 90 miles from the US border.
    It’s called the Cuban missile crisis, and the US was willing to start WW 3 over that.
    Two other things to consider.
    In the 1980’s the US signed an agreement with Russia not to move NATO forces any closer to Russia than they were at that time. …….. We broke the agreement.
    During the current war in Ukraine….. 2 attempts were made to achieve a negotiated settlement…… The United States killed both attempts.
    Clearly, the United States leadership wants war with Russia.
    The really odd thing is most Americans do not seem to care.

  17. @thomaskollins235 Avatar

    Is this what got Tucker fired?

  18. @user-yp7nc7dn4m Avatar


  19. @simonslocombe5942 Avatar

    This is brilliant… People are starting to wake up and notice this is a fake war… You must appreciate Ukraine was the most corrupt country in Europe before the Russians invaded and the previous president made off with millions… But no one wants to report on this… Who really knows the history behind this fake war…The Russians didn't want NATO weapons in Ukraine and who can blame them… It's no different to wanting Russian missiles placed in Cuba or the Mexican border… We must do everything we can to negotiate with Russia to create world peace and stop sending off American Servicemen and British troops to fake wars… Look at Iraq and Afghanistan… Thousands of innocent lives were lost on all sides… For weapons of mass destruction that were never found… Well done Tucker for highlighting this… Behind you all the way my friend…

  20. @countryman3777 Avatar

    this aged ver well. What an idiot statement. We're in 2023 and there's no war between Russia and the USA, and no reasons to happen as there were no reasons to happen at that time.

  21. @user-jg3lk3qc8q Avatar

    Tucker is a smart and brave man !

  22. @PeterSzpiriev Avatar

    The greatest why? 600000 atomic bombs registrated, supersonics etc you need more?

  23. @PeterSzpiriev Avatar

    If you leave out the greatest Russia you make big mistakes

  24. @PeterSzpiriev Avatar

    USA think they might rule the world, but instead China Russia Saudi Arabia rule the world and Usa is like no more than loser patzer in this game even South Africa was bored about Us promised Russia will take care

  25. @PeterSzpiriev Avatar

    As Budapest Hungary we like some western culture but Russia come on they hate Usa.

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