Tucker Interviews Putin, Rogan's New Spotify Deal, Elon Musk Going to Rehab | PBD Podcast | Ep. 362

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Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss Tucker Carlson travelling to Russia to interview …

22 responses to “Tucker Interviews Putin, Rogan's New Spotify Deal, Elon Musk Going to Rehab | PBD Podcast | Ep. 362”

  1. @Ds07777 Avatar

    Why is Adam so ignorant?

  2. @Ds07777 Avatar
  3. @Ds07777 Avatar

    Joe is a sellout. That’s blatantly obvious. Insane more people don’t realize it. NO WONDER HE WONT HAVE TRUMP OR ANYONE OF SIGNIFICANCE ON. Stupid morons.

  4. @GRYFX02 Avatar

    Are you completly insane praisin putler in any way?? Or that BETA carlson with that parody of a interview? Morons

  5. @1Julia Avatar

    Putin is undoubtedly a great politician and a wonderful leader of his country. Few people in the world can compare with him.

  6. @prime2669 Avatar

    The Putin suckfest continues with these Treasonous podcasters 😂😂

  7. @user-mg5kg3cr7g Avatar

    Man I love listening to this podcast. PBD listens and you can tell he has a lot of wisdom. Same with Tom. Vinny is a little bit less mature but definitely has a lot of heart for his country. He’s calling things for what they are but offends people who can’t see the big picture because he doesn’t necessarily articulate what he’s thinking or seeing the best. Still patriotic and that’s good but listening to Adam is like listening to a highly educated CNN reporter that may be book smart but couldn’t see a bigger picture if you slapped him in the face with it. He’s smart for sure but lacks major common sense. Just the comment of him saying Tucker was softballing the interview with Putin as if he’d do any better and or have the balls to go to that interview. That’s not the only thing he says and there’s at least once on every podcast where it’s like listening to an idiot liberal who lacks any wisdom or logic spew something dumb where PBD has to come into the conversation and correct him. It’s like no matter how many conservatives and or mentors he has around him he’s still lost on the bigger picture of issues around the world. Some people can call it like they see it and some people never get it no matter how much data they have. Don’t get me wrong he seems like an alright guy but he talks about morals, values and being an alpha but contradicts himself with his words and actions a lot.

  8. @Ds07777 Avatar

    Joe Rogan is as sold out as Patrick 🤣

  9. @soringherghe219 Avatar

    Great podcast like always.pbd is spot on.wonder why Americans don't stay in their geographic area and go to Ukraine Romania and so on 😁🇷🇴🇷🇺

  10. @cosmic4811 Avatar

    Wow Adam! Just wow! Ukraine is full of Nazis. How many times does it need to be said or shown. Putin said it. Ive seen enough evidence of naziism in Ukraine. This is what we’re supporting? Besides, the clown Zelensky in stilettos in music videos and playing the piano with his d***! This is disgusting and Stupid!!!

  11. @pigskinrode0 Avatar

    Exactly, America first! Vince nailed it! Sometimes Adam is just not bright, he can't tell the difference between sh@t talking SMH. He's like a woman, can't understand simple logic and or facts.

  12. @jasondreamsrealty9687 Avatar

    They had 3 years to fix the border and now they want to try to do something. Crazy 😢

  13. @thisguyhernandez5995 Avatar

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 PBD …pathetic… I hope your kids date an illegal immigrant…

    El Salvador did way better in 2020 Covid….😂😂 #bukele

  14. @Pawelec801 Avatar

    Lots of manipulations. 60bln is not going to Ukraine but to US Arms makers. Also if you want your currency to remain a global currency which allows you to print it simply to pay your debts, then you have to be prepared to step up in places like ukraine which are a global crisis. You want isolationism ? Say bye to dollar in 10 years and your economy to a large degree.

  15. @dennisddiamond854 Avatar

    You just have to see the interview he did with the I can’t remember her name the swimmer who was fighting against the males being in swimming, famous famous young lady. All he asked her was whether she saw the guys private parts in the locker room, and wasn’t big and all sudden kind of stuff I mean Bill is a freaking creep as big as creep comes.

  16. @dennisddiamond854 Avatar

    Yeah, Vinny is correct on Bill Maher. Marsh is the biggest sociopathic narcissist that you find in media. If you look at his history and entertainment, you can see a lot of really wretched stuff that he’s done terms of acting or other things like that he’s he’s just a punk he’s he’s the one in the in the circle of friends that’s criticizing everybody but can’t do any of the things that the group wants to do himself, he’s really not that intelligent either very well read either. I really distain the fact that he has any popularity whatsoever. I don’t think he’s funny. He’s just a smart ass is all he is he’s a punk.

  17. @whisperingblues9887 Avatar

    Yank garbage the lot of it sick as f.

  18. @DanaD555 Avatar

    Great points you and the others brought into conversation. Also Oliver Stone did an interview with Putin , in 2017, they did not attack him, or trash him…Why?! Thank you Patrick for your work!

  19. @annairwin8147 Avatar

    Hey the future IS BRIGHT and wonderful because I have Jesus

  20. @tamesanhamilton1470 Avatar

    Gas has gone up $.30 over the last month in Las Vegas. It's over $4 a gallon again.

  21. @tamesanhamilton1470 Avatar

    I'm sure he had to meet with the FBI before hand and they coached him on what he needs to do. My good friend was head of security for a large casino conglomerate and he had to meet with the fbi to go over security details.

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