Tucker Carlson: Where does Zelenskyy get off talking to us like this?

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s address to Congress on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.

26 responses to “Tucker Carlson: Where does Zelenskyy get off talking to us like this?”

  1. @happyamerican3235 Avatar

    Who’s here after the Putin interview 👍🏻

  2. @TyStyckify Avatar

    what is amazing is the number of republicans who are russian sympathizers

  3. @Andy-hq1qq Avatar

    This Ukrainian leader is ready to kiss everyone…only..give it to me..wait.give it to me again .How much has already been given..148 billion dollars .HOW much more he needs.

  4. @Arabim1n Avatar

    zilinski nothing only coward want and want and want and then he want and what he will give I know nothing this man saying the true

  5. @MateoMangosing-vi3bw Avatar

    Biden is being scammed by zelenski

  6. @lenzotrumpet Avatar

    Industrial Military Complex Everthing Is money You cant and wont win

  7. @thomaskollins235 Avatar

    What do the Russians want?
    They have told everybody that what they want is….. no NATO military on their border.
    Yes….. It’s that simple….. No NATO military on their border.
    History gives us an example of how the United States reacted when Russia placed its military 90 miles from the US border.
    It’s called the Cuban missile crisis, and the US was willing to start WW 3 over that.
    Two other things to consider.
    In the 1980’s the US signed an agreement with Russia not to move NATO forces any closer to Russia than they were at that time. …….. We broke the agreement.
    During the current war in Ukraine….. 2 attempts were made to achieve a negotiated settlement…… The United States killed both attempts.
    Clearly, the United States leadership wants war with Russia.
    The really odd thing is most Americans do not seem to care.

  8. @SingerOfTruth76 Avatar

    It’s sad that we’re not allowed to have rational, thinking people, on television anymore. We’re the most propagandized nation on earth.

  9. @fedorgen Avatar

    Я так понимаю что foxnews только ботофермы коментят?)

  10. @public.public Avatar

    And the Russian Orthodox CHRISTIAN priest blessing the Stalin statue…
    How does that fit in with your world view?

  11. @public.public Avatar

    You either want democracy or you want Putin's KGB mafia dictatorship…
    Ukraine reserves the right to defend Ukraine's democracy with guns
    because for Ukraine they don't want to they have to.
    So don't be rootin' for Putin sucker Tucker.

  12. @GeorgiSlavov373 Avatar

    And i used to respect this guy!Forgot the iron rule:every right winger and conservative in the West is a payed russian stooge!

  13. @awm7896 Avatar


  14. @majesticgurl8606 Avatar


  15. @skywalker1626 Avatar

    World don't must nothing this Clown🤡

  16. @antoniobertazzo4150 Avatar

    Signor giornalista i casini ci sono dappertutto lasci stare Biden in fondo e una brava persona in questo mondo e difficile vivere vedra che fara bene e fara terminare qusta guerra nella vita ci vuole pazienza poi le cose si accomodano aiutate gli homless della California e aiutate le famiglie di li fate prevenzione sulla droga e l alcoll e fate pubblicità hai veri pericoli di queste due cose

  17. @EricYodis Avatar

    What a putz! TC is off the rails. Maybe if Zel put on a tie and jacket, TC would not have such a problem with lust and envy. This post is full of lies that are easily debunked. TC is a grand liar and distorter of truth.

  18. @boogeyman2868 Avatar

    why do they tolerate mcconnel???

  19. @andykeri8370 Avatar

    Here we go approaching an other economic meltdown ,worst than ever.

  20. @chrisfrantz6665 Avatar
  21. @VadyaCool Avatar

    OMG, ist scary how many people outside ruzia affectet by propaganda and fully brainless. So sad.

  22. @gasperstarina9837 Avatar

    Watching this 6/6 2023 and its clear why Tucker needed to leave…USA, NATO, Zelenskyy will provoke ww3 rather soon. 🤢

  23. @superkiwistar Avatar

    get stuffed carlson, you traitor. ze knows 3 languages – how many do you know? so pleased to see carlson lose his job. go back to moscow.

  24. @MrRenics Avatar

    In this room, where there is a manager from the Ukrainian strip club, the crowd of people consists entirely of inveterate corrupt officials. That's why they all applaud this strip club manager. This meeting can be called a rampage of corrupt officials.😀😀😀

  25. @BASILEMOJO Avatar

    Zelinski is Corrupted and a manipulor… All European leader kiss his feet! This Comic will soon Fall!🗾😂

  26. @jeanjacquespelletier6821 Avatar

    Who the hell do think you are ?

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