Tucker Carlson: This is spooky

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson provides insight on the consequences of the development of artificial intelligence and why he …

43 responses to “Tucker Carlson: This is spooky”

  1. @user-ys3pq8fe5m Avatar

    This moron used to sexually Harras inter boys at Fox news.

  2. @jonathanmurray590 Avatar

    There changing the pools about Mr trp and if he s houod be guilty I tryed to put no and it would not let me wesrhér I was hacked I don't no I just want to say no I don't think he's guilty

  3. @robbieblack9314 Avatar

    I like my robot vacuum more than I like people.

  4. @TheConfessionsLI Avatar

    I feel it is really scummy of Fox to continue to capitalize on Tucker's YouTube videos after having fired him. In my opinion, you guys are really showing yourselves for the soulless conscienceless a-holes you really are!

  5. @VelkePivo Avatar

    Hi Fox. Writing this after you fired Tucker. Just wanted to say I’ll never click on another Fox video again; in fact, I’ll block Fox.

  6. @gorikuri Avatar

    Fox shouldn't have fired or let go of Tucker Carlson

  7. @Culdune Avatar

    Another thing that's spooky is that Fox fired their best journalist ever despite him having their most watched news program.

  8. @pappydaddy7447 Avatar

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  9. @lindabrewer2043 Avatar

    Did Fox really fire Tucker?!!!

  10. @natpeterson8313 Avatar

    Ripperoni now he’s gone lol

  11. @mitchconner403 Avatar

    Nah nah nah nah
    Hey hey hey

    Good bye!

  12. @jennifer60515 Avatar

    Bye, traitor. See ya.

  13. @empire4627 Avatar

    BWAHAHAHAHA. Bye, bye Tucker. I win. You lose.

  14. @thrive652 Avatar

    How does anyone tolerate that crybaby, pathologically lying, idiot? What a whining moron. Seriously.

  15. @chrisoulalakkas3169 Avatar

    I am with you always – Matthew 28:20

  16. @donusutomasu6614 Avatar

    Wasn’t Elon part of the creation of AI?….

  17. @larry3034 Avatar

    DANGEROUS GAME, quit playing with GOD.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. @user-mh2xm1of2b Avatar

    Yes It's Dangerous! Knew about this late 80s their Agenda ,think about it. Elon ?Musk knows

  19. @jameservine7366 Avatar

    So tired of hearing all of this entire bit.

  20. @theupsndowns8161 Avatar

    Duke Frat boy face is spooky 👻

  21. @wilbawinchester5204 Avatar

    I'll just smash that AI up.😁

  22. @CarlosJefferson-xd3bx Avatar

    Hello there zowie, how are you doing today and how was your day going?

  23. @CarlosJefferson-xd3bx Avatar

    It’s really be honest about it all.

  24. @terrynorman945 Avatar

    Anything to do with Microsoft or Bill Gates is nothing but a threat to society!!! Gates is a rotten evil individual!

  25. @smurfmama2020 Avatar

    Elon musk IS AI.. totally DOD/pentagon MIC controlled opposition.

  26. @Greg-ri3yf Avatar

    Skynet! About to become "self-aware" shortly.

  27. @OutRAjious Avatar

    you can always pull out the plug or take out the batteries ….)

  28. @Prince-mn8qf Avatar

    Should have spent all those years focusing on AI instead of enslaving so many indigenous people.

  29. @dawnpeterman4905 Avatar
  30. @dh3279 Avatar

    You know what’s a thousand times spookier? That 74,222,393 close-minded conspiracy-obsessed chest-pounding false-patriot nitwits STILL inexplicably defend the repugnant criminal sociopath in the orange clown suit, and that a significant number of those same exact nitwits STILL watch and believe Fox clowns like Tucker even after the truth — and a crap ton of money — came out about the blatant lies Fox News has been peddling to those very same nitwits. Yet those same nitwits will STILL have the audacity to blame MSM for bias and fake news. That’s genuinely spooky.

  31. @michaelh6667 Avatar

    Whats spooky is, fox News ended up not having a backbone….fox News, your not legitimate anymore!!!!!!!!!!

  32. @scott596 Avatar

    You will be Assimilated, Borg

  33. @maryinsell3758 Avatar

    Ticker you are a disgrace every time you open your mouth …fake news is your ugly go too

  34. @stormiecutbirth8995 Avatar

    The democratic party should not be in control of anything

  35. @sandraboswell-rd5oy Avatar

    Good, I like your program.

  36. @ericmixer Avatar

    Does Terminator ring a bell ?

  37. @mccauley2023 Avatar

    Tucker… YOU ARE SPOOKY!!!

  38. @HughJaxident67 Avatar

    Just keep down voting this liar and this channel – worthless dishonest nonsense.

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