Tucker Carlson: This is an attempt to kill a sitting member of Congress #shorts

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to alarming false calls sending police to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s house on ‘Tucker Carlson …

49 responses to “Tucker Carlson: This is an attempt to kill a sitting member of Congress #shorts”

  1. @MariannesTinker Avatar
  2. @jessecumbee6156 Avatar

    We know the Clintons didn’t do it or she should have been 86.

  3. @jr-g2537 Avatar

    The left is trying really hard to eliminate their enemies.

  4. @pookycray3346 Avatar

    Who called!? And do not tell us you do not know because you all have access. Terrible!

  5. @toddreynolds1192 Avatar

    Hate to see the Fox logo, that means it's old. Want to see the barn background up in Maine!

  6. @elenakissin9973 Avatar

    hopefully we'll get rid of democrats in power in 2024!

  7. @user-rj1bw6tg1q Avatar

    Calling number ,,someone needs to go to jail for a long time

  8. @chucklucas8747 Avatar

    How did they get her address

  9. @txmex664 Avatar

    Where is the attorney general of the United States? He seems to not be involved at all anymore. Did Brandon fire him too?

  10. @Paine-yr9wd Avatar

    Tucker you’re fired!

  11. @AntifaareFascists-zv6xk Avatar

    But this isn't any concern to the FBI. Hmm. Not surprising.

  12. @robertjordinelli3041 Avatar

    You're crazy. Where did you get your information?

  13. @bowdidly7583 Avatar


  14. @kenneth-pc7mf Avatar

    It's called "Swatting",

  15. @danielcarattini4954 Avatar

    Clintons hit squad staged suicdes

  16. @RobertMoore-yy3nw Avatar

    It's a store.. CORRUPT DEMOCRATS at work..

  17. @nolanporter3346 Avatar

    What can’t trace a phone anymore What a joke. This stuff is serious

  18. @hoosierlady9500 Avatar

    what truth don't they ignore???

  19. @atijerino2803 Avatar

    For security reason Mrs. Greene should move to an undisclosed place.

  20. @johncoleman1818 Avatar

    Just goes to prove that leftism is a mental malfunction and just how horrible they really are!

  21. @michaeldelaney7208 Avatar

    Swatting is a dangerous situation for the police and the person in the situation being reported . The police have all the technology to approach these correctly though .

  22. @user-zy2vm3ht6v Avatar

    And these fake reports these people made haven’t been added to a pool of fake reports for a bigger case against them cause regardless if it’s someone that hates republicans and is doing this if we have consequences actual consequences from the top down this will stop completely

  23. @Psalm11972 Avatar

    This is scary, these leftist are clearly mentally unstable

  24. @hwksfn Avatar

    This would have been hilarious if it panned out like it was supposed to. 🤣

  25. @afbm6890 Avatar

    God no take the wheel from serial killer and corrupt poltocans

  26. @acesupercollector Avatar

    Police are in on it. They getting these call to same address yet act too stupid to see what happens. It's because they are in on it.

  27. @michaelbonamassa2091 Avatar

    Democrats should understand this could go both ways

  28. @susanhooks2988 Avatar

    MTG is a real hero. The evidence is apparent in the personal attacks. They hate people who fight for TRUTH…

  29. @brianhoolahan9223 Avatar

    The dems and all their voters are evil people and this is just one more point of evidence I can present and the list goes on

  30. @jameseenacoene5769 Avatar

    I want to see an investigation on this. The real danger is a "cry wolf" tactic that results in no police when a real threat or act that isn't addressed.

  31. @bradhorn3440 Avatar

    Sounds a little like communism….

  32. @Lenny-ii5hp Avatar

    Just more attacks from the evil demonic democratic club members

  33. @taurus4237 Avatar

    Looked it up shes a Republican. And Georgia is prime political points in a campaign. Thanks Tucker 🇺🇲 loves you!

  34. @Whispersj Avatar

    Always the left. These people are such donkeys.

  35. @frankhughes9137 Avatar

    Lefties have no moral compass, no honor. And no reason to since democraps are above the law

  36. @user-ld8mu6ew5u Avatar

    She is white no chance To be shot but funny When we were young de call for pizza. That is in a other level.

  37. @broKen73484 Avatar

    I will never understand why all it takes is someone to call and the SWAT team will come to your house and hurt you possibly even killing you. On nothing more than a phone call

  38. @lovesafrica111 Avatar

    Fox, you fired Tucker…Why are you using footage of him? Oh yes…desperate to get the viewership back…..

  39. @johnadouglas7663 Avatar

    This is horrible. They know what thier doing.

  40. @rotorheadv8 Avatar

    The FBI can identify 6,000 people outside the Capital on Jan 6 but have zero clue as to who made these calls.

  41. @keithziegler8881 Avatar

    It's only a story because of the part you're making up and making assumptions about… This is why you were fired clown

  42. @ronnierichardson6556 Avatar

    That's the reason I don't have a land line at my house….been there done that

  43. @danieldastous6763 Avatar

    Is there any doubts left in the minds of the electorate that this administration is a rogue presidency

  44. @danieldastous6763 Avatar

    Now that's messed up a member of congress was targeted for extermination

  45. @johnhorne9977 Avatar

    Unfortunately Tucker, the irony of the situation is almost funny. Remember, she's broadcasting her gun fetish and you expect the police to enter her house in summer shorts and short sleeved t shirts like they're going to a BBQ? Her support for the insurrection labels her as a violent person. She exhibits no self-restraint, yelling during the state of the union, so she must be labeled a potential threat. How would enter the house a gun toting, violence supporting individual, in your underware?

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