Tucker Carlson – Pro-Life Spiderman – Chase Tower

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27 responses to “Tucker Carlson – Pro-Life Spiderman – Chase Tower”

  1. @skycloud5065 Avatar

    One question is he going to. pay to mind the babies that the mothers don't want 😂😂😂 talking about murder 😂😂😂 pro life what a fool stick to climbing your building 😂

  2. @OMAGOVA Avatar

    you should be G of the WEEK

  3. @lalocompi Avatar

    You should go up to a higher building because I think I still don't understand the message.

  4. @Midnight.Golden Avatar

    He’s a real life suction-cup man just without the suction cups

  5. @dominicsoldierofgod3256 Avatar

    Is this the dude that climbed the Devon tower in okc?

  6. @StunnerAlpha Avatar

    Damn, super disappointed to hear you’re a pro-life nut. It’s none of your concern what someone else does with their body. Unsubbed.

  7. @OstJoker Avatar

    Pro-Life Spiderman – Chase Tower. Tucker Carlson – pro-life putin sucker.

  8. @diazkevin5654 Avatar

    Plot twist, Hope is his lady and they are in need of funding for the child.

  9. @bigsingerjackson Avatar

    Abortion is a medical procedure and it saves women’s lives daily. Education is elevation and your ass needs to stop reading a 2,000 year old book and start reading medical journals.

  10. @veratix8098 Avatar

    “Tell us why you did this”
    “I was bored”

  11. @kidperfect2582 Avatar

    i thought you were a g 😢💔

  12. @swervysmusic3719 Avatar

    "im doing this because abortion is murder!" what… im sorry but you do this because of abortion?

  13. @boxyman6 Avatar

    bro how do you seem so nervous in this interview but not halfway up a skyscraper lmao

  14. @gabgolBorracharia Avatar

    Bruh, this boy is trippin fr, he raised money to force a women have a baby, but after that he won’t will take care of the baby for the rest of his life, so he just climbed a building to force a women have a baby, why you just eat her pussy or take her son to you? This anti-abortion people talk like they would take care of the children so he don’t grow up and turn into a criminal. Ur ability of clibimg buildings is cool asf, but once u come to the poor side and live with 200 dollars (Brazilian salary) u will notice that create a son and leave him far away from the hunger, crime and SINS u will think twice off putting him in this hell that u call world fuckin rich boy

  15. @leebchess5777 Avatar

    I met tucker once…. yeah hes got bad breathe

  16. @user-ww9fo7dg1g Avatar

    Brainstorming why he climbed and abortion was on top of his list

  17. @brucewayne235 Avatar

    Spiderman is officially ruined!! Idk why they dont keep him in jail!!

  18. @jgedutis Avatar

    This guy was trying to give hope to hope

  19. @Crazynice34 Avatar

    If he was black Carlson wouldn’t be supporting this bs. White people I tell you

  20. @papst7377 Avatar

    "Abortian is like climbing a skyscraper"…. yeah so why you do it then?

  21. @vinaykalpoeofficialmusic8711 Avatar

    He can fall also like a professional. Nothing will happen


    Self admits he does it to raise money and gain clout from his show

  23. @getprobed838 Avatar

    if you care about Hope…then marry her.

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