Tucker Carlson Ousted from Fox News, Biden to Announce Reelection Campaign | The Tonight Show

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Jimmy addresses the latest news, like Don Lemon getting fired by CNN and Bed Bath & Beyond filing for bankruptcy. The Tonight …

45 responses to “Tucker Carlson Ousted from Fox News, Biden to Announce Reelection Campaign | The Tonight Show”

  1. @enlighty Avatar

    We are watching dehumanising Tucker literally everywhere. And everybody is ok with that. What a mess is going with the media…

  2. @angel_willow Avatar

    This dude makes $16 million a year. His writers are horrible and he can't land a good joke to save his life. Jimmy used to be funny, before he got TDS. I hope he seeks help and is able to cure himself and be funny again.

  3. @vanessamay3689 Avatar

    Tucker wasn’t ousted. Again fox lies

  4. @officialSgtPepperArc360 Avatar

    I'm not sure Joe should serve another term considering his conditions, and he's not even getting on with his plans to BUILD BACK BETTER.
    EDIT: A very worried Democrat I am indeed.

  5. @natasal4341 Avatar

    My son says "Jimmy should stop making so much fun of our President; his jokes are really funny but some of them are actually mean and we should respect older people more, especially when they are running the US".

  6. @katiestans2824 Avatar

    Gee I hope everyone’s life is better now. Funny fact , if you turn your tv off your life is actually much better. You’re welcome.

  7. @josephsego1095 Avatar

    NBC's narrative sux..

    I wish our culture could discuss

    Narcissistic personality disorder ( honestly)

    • medical gaslighting ( honestly )

    • narcissistic personality disorder ( honestly )

    • gender ideology ( honestly )

    • narcissistic personality disorder ( honestly )

    • capitalism ( honestly )

    • narcissistic personality disorder ( honestly)

    • abortion ( honestly )

    • narcissistic personality disorder ( honestly)

    • logical fallacies ( honestly )

    • narcissistic personality order ( honestly )

    • anti-white racism, and all manner of supremacy and racism across the board ( honestly

    • narcissistic personality disorder ( honestly )

    • climate change vs climate change propoganda and alarmism ( honestly)

    And narcissistic personality disorder ( honestly)

    Etc. Without these topics being confl8ed and politicized

  8. @Hairy-Paratestes2121 Avatar

    You can tell this is Recorded in California or New York. Tucker fired, "applause", Lemon fired, "ohhhhhhh"… this show isnt biased at all…. no way….

  9. @Adam-sb4ml Avatar

    If a deaf old man watched this video and thought he heard Jimmy say "John Lennon", he would "imagine the world of people". His wife says to him; "Honey, Jimmy actually said Don Lemon". 😂😂

  10. @artg7909 Avatar

    I really miss David Letterman. Now that was an entertainer

  11. @Tulip126 Avatar

    Fallon you are a complete f’n idiot! You’re a sellout loser drunk and you’re not funny anymore. You’re so bought and paid for. And you LIE! Most drunks do. I bet you party with Hunter. Or want to. And trust, Lemon cried like the lil lying boring b*tch he is. Tucker is gonna thrive. While ugly rotten Lemon will wither away. Just like you.

  12. @thecropcopter Avatar

    Jimmy you such a sell out! Pitiful

  13. @michaelmedashefski9755 Avatar

    I never like this clown anyways

  14. @babbarr77 Avatar

    What are you laughing at, Kimmel? You’re held together by deep state snot.

  15. @delp54 Avatar

    55% will be Tucker Carlson guys 🙂

  16. @robkidd5214 Avatar

    Jimmy is lame. Tucker wastes him in the key demo.. Cant wait till Jimmy feels the sting.

  17. @MrAmtrak207 Avatar

    A møøse once bit my sister….

  18. @johnbedolfe1793 Avatar

    Wow this guy is bought and paid for

  19. @DemonetisedZone Avatar

    People actually watch this?🙄

  20. @thecontentprism Avatar

    You have to say what the propaganda machine wants you to say
    Im sure Fallon will adhere to the new world order.

  21. @craigday495 Avatar

    These are the lamest jokes I’ve ever heard. I’m glad I don’t watch tv.

  22. @yokikokudou Avatar

    Fallon's Biden campaign ad is better than the actual Biden campaign ad!!!
    Fallon (or whoever made that video) should work for the Biden campaign team!!!

  23. @bballstar0309 Avatar

    How do people find this funny?

  24. @KeljaSamiNation Avatar

    Meh! Who cares,,, all the networks blow goats 🐐

  25. @ksmartsign Avatar

    It took me a long time to see the corruption! That scripted cheer said it all 15 seconds in.

  26. @eyemallears2647 Avatar

    This show is as old and out of date as Biden himself.

  27. @kennyb7777 Avatar

    Yeah, You Stupid Democrats That's Glad Tucker Carlson is Outsted For Speaking The Truth, Are The Same IDIOTS That Voated For Biden!! Way 2 Go!! Dumb Asses!!

  28. @Nirotix Avatar

    Well, Tucker can now say he's been fired by 4 networks. 😂

  29. @remo3229 Avatar

    Tucker over 60 million views… and counting

  30. @Alejandro-xz9ct Avatar

    you can see the political bias transpire from his fake laugh 🤣

  31. @gregrollins4031 Avatar

    Tucker Carlson spoke the truth and that's bad in America now as you know the Second Amendment is slipping away your first amendment is under attack will see you in a couple years how well your jokes go over when you're living in a fully communist country with social Credit Systems and digital IDs and no more cash and no more freedom hahaha so funny

  32. @Greekpighunter Avatar

    Anyone like Fallon who endorses a crooked old man is a senile as an Egyptian mummy

  33. @Greekpighunter Avatar

    Fallon must have 15 year olds as his writers. What a leftist idiot

  34. @Greekpighunter Avatar

    Leftist audience with Fallon

  35. @FlyingAway143 Avatar

    Bigger picture: Murdoch is in on it. Murdoch will not be paying a cent to anyone. This is all to insure the public think those counting machines are in fact 100% full proof. Wouldn’t want the public to lose faith in elections now would they?

  36. @lt.petemaverickmitchell7113 Avatar

    Just keep selling your soul and keep reading the lines Fallon.
    You’re in good shape.

  37. @spacelingmartiens243 Avatar

    You used to be funny. Sad how much of a muppet you have become.

  38. @kevinrivera2977 Avatar


  39. @michaelhill6451 Avatar

    Jimmie Fallon is about as funny as a 5 alarm fire at a maternity ward.

  40. @user-em5hg8dl1o Avatar

    what sane person can vote for Bidon???

  41. @paulweaver6064 Avatar

    Your so funny I don't even watch your show.
    No body will miss you when your gone.

  42. @mikexxxmilly Avatar

    The crowd cheering for Tuckers firing and "ooooohing" for don lemons firing is all you need to know about this garbage program. Anyone that has ever watched the two could see within two seconds how biased and fake don lemon was but its all cool to them because theyre on the same team lmao

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