Tucker Carlson: Nobody talks about this

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WARNING-Graphic footage: Fox News host Tucker Carlson voices his concerns over Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s latest legislation …

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  1. @ericmixer Avatar
  2. @user-br1wr3vq1e Avatar

    She needs to move to a black country where she will be happy

  3. @ericmixer Avatar

    She is the biggest racist around and a joke !

  4. @thomaskollins235 Avatar

    She is a racist and the American voters keep her in power.

  5. @tybailey4779 Avatar

    So @foxnews fires tucker Carlson and still months later are using his videos on YouTube

  6. @flossybabe3904 Avatar

    Black people better get it together quick and someone should really tell them that they are pushing ur with white people. Soon white people are going to ask for segregation, who wants to be around people that don’t like them and wants to take advantage of them and wants to make it worse k to steal from them. Keep pushing with this radical agenda gonna take us down a dark path we will never beable to come back from

  7. @joannpounders4811 Avatar

    …IN HER MIND!!!

  8. @marykurowski7707 Avatar

    She is a racist and yet they constantly yell conservatives are racist. Go back and look at all of her videos. But we know communism has infiltrated our government at the highest level. It's time Americans wake up. Yes go look at all the Democrat run cities and tell me if these wealthy politicians will live there

  9. @Jimmy-uh8vi Avatar

    Everything that is wrong with American politics today in a single human body!!!

  10. @tracyhinton5293 Avatar

    Miss you Tucker Carlson😒🙏🏼

  11. @ericmixer Avatar

    Oh yeah ! Loot the Treasury ! Tucker kills me he is so funny ! 😂

  12. @michael4250 Avatar

    Such hipocrisy…Are you mindless, or malign?

  13. @ericmixer Avatar

    I want to replace this criminal government with a newer decent and just government !

  14. @brettgofgosky1911 Avatar

    The biggest number of racist in this country are black people.

  15. @misterincredible7373 Avatar

    Bring back tucker, boycott fox

  16. @glenbarabash8871 Avatar

    Biden is as racist as they come😂

  17. @tonygucciano6875 Avatar

    Ron Desantis just made criticizing bankers and the media illegal in florida.
    He literally flew to israel to sign the law.
    Hate speech law, brought to you by ron desantis.

  18. @shannonsimmons5567 Avatar

    People get the government they deserve

  19. @taxigal1 Avatar

    So sick of them drumming up this bull races of the only racism I see is on the opposite side towards us now that he's done this sick sick sick he is

  20. @beersebagalarraga4528 Avatar

    Si la gente es racista porque tienes ese asiento. Rep. Jackson por favor no jueguen con las mentes de los votantes. Mr. Tucker you are the best

  21. @Onazol17 Avatar

    That woman suffers from delusions of persecution. Seems to me that she is so insecure with herself that she doesn't love herself as she is. Does she love & accept God? He created her as he created the rest of humanity as we are.🤔

  22. @jimbrown4325 Avatar

    Sounds like Joe are they related? God help us all paying for a bunch of idiots not doing their job, taxpayers money, going down teams more and more every day God help us all. God bless United States of America God bless the world peace love and rock ‘n’ roll amen.

  23. @brockdavid Avatar

    The sh¡ll pr0pagandists, c0rp0-wh0res and St@tist lemm¡ngs are trying to arrange a ‘Rwanda 1994 Genocide’ here in the States. Why? You may ask, to serve the 3P5T31N affiliated gl0b@lists and ‘The C0w@rd’ 13¡LL G@TES Dehum@nist Agenda and establish the Kingdom of the False Dichotomy, the Empire of Lies to serve the One World Religion of Statism, under The C0w@rd. The C0w@rd; is the Champion of the Blight, Avatar/Embodiment of We@kness and C0rruption, the ‘vile chosen’ of the F0rmless 0ne and the N@meless Brethren of Arch0ns (TRUE Traitors against the Orders/Writs of The D¡v¡ne. Tw¡sted, F0ul, L0w-v¡brat¡0nal Beings that revel and delight in falsehoods, perversions and mortal sacr¡f¡ces.) The Blighted and Condemned KNOW what They are. This is R3V3L@T10NS, The C0w@rd is using it’s p3t b¡0terr0rist pFauxci to coerce the ill-gotten nanotech of the (//ark of the 13east) to digitize/enslave the souls of those who comply with the tyranny of the Blight. We need to start HVNT1NG these verm¡n and w@strels down, and beat the ‘Confessionals’ out of the 3P5T31N, //31N5T31N and $0R0$ C@STE and GV1LL0T1N3 these creatures.

  24. @deathtooglobalists6891 Avatar

    All liars will burn in hell with this lying beitch

  25. @dennisharvey7899 Avatar

    If disliking stupidity is racist ,then I am a racist.

  26. @MrChris1316 Avatar

    Yes by Dr king being assassinated by the CIA….

  27. @darrellhazelwood5647 Avatar

    She is one of the biggest racist against white People

  28. @thomasoaxaca3379 Avatar

    Tucker is wearing ANOTHER blue and white checkered shirt.

  29. @patfallon303 Avatar

    The reparations justification in dung hole San Francisco is based on Real Estate values and Red Lining. Okay. The banks and ultimately the big RE Owners did that. NOT WHITE AMERICA. In fact, the Real Estate Wealth in San Francisco is held to a large extent by the Chinese global investors and a handful of elite. That might be your only direct causative link. Good luck it collecting directly from the Chinese. Blackrock? Buffet? REITS? A total con job just like student loan forgiveness?

  30. @mariocavlovicak3220 Avatar

    Black Americans are the most racist people on this planet

  31. @chrismcnemar6705 Avatar

    She IS a National Security Threat! Biden represents White Supremacy.

  32. @RussianOldSpice Avatar

    She never has an answer to anything. . She just passes the buck

  33. @32poppasavage28 Avatar

    Wait a minute, “when gently informed that no human has ever been to the moon”? 🫢🤔

  34. @lookingglass9966 Avatar

    So Sheila Jackson Lee is acting more like an Activist than a Congressperson like she was voted in to do. And getting paid a lot more money to do it 🤔 WOW !!!

  35. @lorij6359 Avatar

    Biden is the white male counterpart to Shelia Jackson-Lee! HUGE RACIST!

  36. @lorij6359 Avatar

    Shelia Jackson-Lee is the m9st RACIST PERSON in USA!

  37. @thefixer8681 Avatar

    So sad, the man at the end tossed his keys immediately! Smart move, but I hate he was that prepared to do so!

  38. @South.Ern.Comfort Avatar

    I feel bad for whoever owns that AR15 she held that's "as heavy as 10 boxes you might be moving" that's entirely too heavy , all mine weight about 7 lbs a peice ….. are we sure she wasn't holding a cannon off of a pirate ship ?

  39. @actsismmljcorrectlyobeyed6190 Avatar

    The only racism is against European Americans.

  40. @tatianasouza2361 Avatar

    Wake up Americans while you still have time. Say no to this legislation. Lord, help Americans and us all.

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