Tucker Carlson LOVES Nicotine

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Excerpt from This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von 468 | Tucker Carlson Full Episode: …

27 responses to “Tucker Carlson LOVES Nicotine”

  1. @SilverWalker84 Avatar

    Tucker looks like the type who shows up at the park with a picnic basket

  2. @dawxxihilist6543 Avatar

    "That's the cigarettes of my childhood" lol

  3. @bestintentions6089 Avatar

    two of my most favourite people

  4. @bestintentions6089 Avatar

    Tucker haven't had any Canadian cigarettes. most disgusting ones I have ever tried. you get emphysema from just one cigarette and tastes like ass


    Tobacco gets me horned up most. Imma try Zyn now 😂

  6. @mogulmayhem Avatar

    Putin definitely watched a Theo Von interview. We're living in wild times.

  7. @mogulmayhem Avatar

    Putin definitely watched a Theo Von interview. We're living in wild times .

  8. @sy2km234 Avatar

    This is a GTA Radio kind of conversation.

  9. @curtisnthem Avatar

    Tucker actually isn't that bad when he's not working. He plays the pompous asshole to perfection during work hours.

  10. @utubehits1-sr9vc Avatar

    just like coffee you do not need Nicotine to live

  11. @marksprinkle Avatar

    46 years old. Never smoked. Kinda want to now.

  12. @crazykev5 Avatar

    OMG This clip was wild.

  13. @mike48931 Avatar

    Tucker is way too serious about tobacco. That’s his middle aged man obsession. 💀

  14. @ARacette67 Avatar

    Tucker literally talking about blowing smoke up asses. LOL actually funny conversation. Tucker seems normal when he's not performing on TV

  15. @grimjim8463 Avatar

    dam, now I really want to take up smoking

  16. @I.like.fishing.60 Avatar

    Yo wtf. My grandpa used to smoke theses 😭

  17. @zachinthehat1707 Avatar

    Cigarettes are so awesome. It’s a shame that they’re bad for you

  18. @gabegillman2260 Avatar

    i like tuker way more since he left fucks

  19. @cuhrlitos Avatar

    Tuckers dad smoking pallmall is crazy cause i would smoke those back in mexico they still sell them overthere

  20. @michaelkorenberg1313 Avatar

    Love pall mall nonfiltered cigs. But Nonfiltered lucky strikes are the best American smokes. For me my favorite cigarettes of all time are Kretek clove cigarettes. Sweet and spicy smokes similar to menthol.

  21. @SeanChristOfficial Avatar

    Damn Tucker is wolf of Wallstreet as hell 😂

  22. @jacksparrow9227 Avatar

    So nicotine and Zyn are Viagra?

  23. @jacksparrow9227 Avatar
  24. @jacksparrow9227 Avatar

    Did he say "No election fraud with Zyn"?

  25. @jacksparrow9227 Avatar

    Why would the enemy knowing it's American cigs matter?

  26. @chutcentral Avatar

    As a dental hygienist, I am seeing more and more patients with horrible gum recession, gum disease, and even tooth loss due to use of these nicotine pouches. I'd love to see Tucker's gums, guarantee they are in terrible shape.

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