Tucker Carlson: It is hard to believe this is happening

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson gives his take on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s censorship for his views on COVID and the Ukraine war …

24 responses to “Tucker Carlson: It is hard to believe this is happening”

  1. @A.I.Friends Avatar

    Now Tucker is doing real journalism. Fox news might want to take notes.

  2. @nodazeoff6545 Avatar

    This man shouls run for president

  3. @carrierichards1343 Avatar

    Paranoid and crazy thank god he’s gone

  4. @mattdagger1480 Avatar

    Bye bye fox ratings hahahahaha

  5. @RobThompson-de2db Avatar

    He made 30 million a year for being a smug a$$hole pretending to be a journalist, spewing lies to Americans on Faux or FOx news.
    Unfortunately, he was fired after the largest libel payout in history 757 Billion dollars.
    I wonder what his severance package was.

  6. @colehaynes1894 Avatar

    Odd, FOX NEWS, only in America is allowed to called NEW. Ergo, the rest of the world…they must be called FOX ENTERTAINMENT and can never add the "NEWS" bit! Wonder why?

  7. @juliew.2165 Avatar

    Neil Young is running a Propaganda for the big Pharma for vaccines (experimental drugs without studies with longitudinal data) mandate on governmental workers, military services, & even schools. Those people became the lab rats! RFJ jr is right, nobody has rights to impose citizens with experimental drugs such as Covid-19 shots.

  8. @juliocalle1169 Avatar

    Tucker he got fired from Fox News because he is the squad of crooks and criminals and lies about everything
    I hope he gets fire again and gets sue

  9. @sleazeberg Avatar

    This has aged well. He's got the most watched show ever without Fox news and their crooked cronies

  10. @fallenkeith5885 Avatar

    Don't the US have plenty of bio labs too? And Canada? And Mexico? And The UK? etc

  11. @786GG Avatar

    I told u
    Im a genie
    I make wishes come true
    But i have fun on the way lol

  12. @islamshah13 Avatar

    …. tip of the iceberg (fraudsters in disguises em, bg, mz are now asking just $250 initial as investment from naive North American citizens with the intent of basically stealing ordinary people's savings) …..

    {More knowledge:
    Date: November 15, 2023.
    Dear Jb, wake up, … in reality, there is no US ally out there on the other side of Atlantic but the shrinking Anglo-hebrewish suckers of our wealth and economy …..
    …. jb, we need non-violent wars without bloodsheding or fight Wars with economic tools in this modern age where bombing is as useless as the "so called iron dome, even nuke kind of ineffective systems" are ….
    … jb, you should immediately get advice from bo/HGP's insights and try to hear the voice of new, global citizens …
    [Also dear jb, be proactive about dt -who (is now the only hope for early mentioned AH group/ the so called old allies) in other words, the worst POTUS -basically a big thief abd a compulsive liar with negative bank balance, still acting as a billionaire but no actual money of his own, and for the crime of defauding IRS, in the face of Anglo-Hebrewish, scared and xenophobic group dt must be locked-up soon.
    Most importantly, now let's start educate the global folks to understand the HGP's ultimate goal that there is an all-inclusive, beautiful, non-violent and happy globe out there, just waiting to be designed honestly and sincerely together by all the nations of this world in 21st century ….].

  13. @johndaniel1996 Avatar

    Dominion Had Tucker Carlson Fired

  14. @teddycarr Avatar

    How did this even air 😂 ???

  15. @user-uu5hc7up4i Avatar

    wait a minute as long as u say it long enough,its true,,,,,,,, remember when u heard of an opponent and until u were face to face realized he actually is better than u thought ,,,inthis day/age???r we cavemen

  16. @user-uu5hc7up4i Avatar

    anyone that tries to explain what is happening,is fascist and bigot? kennedy 2024!

  17. @camillacolucci5022 Avatar

    I and several other concerned citizens all over the World were. anonymously sent from the Cleveland Clinic a study that had been conducted by the Cleveland Clinic; Study and evaluation of Covid vaccines and boosters and their effectiveness. A note was also attached that said……forwarding a consensus here in our trials, pay special attention to Dr. Hongs evaluation. It has been deleted over social media and it will be very evident why. Faucci is a liar……isnt that a little concerning???

  18. @god_fricking_dammdit Avatar

    Yo Tucker, are you absolutely sure it's not time for a septum piercing & a neck tattoo?

  19. @Alknight7 Avatar

    Hey dumb dumbs, it’s public record. The US has been helping Ukraine improve labs and medical facilities for decades now. Only idiots that gobble up this garbage believe there was a “cover up” much less a connection to covid. Get off Facebook, just bc you read it on a meme doesn’t mean it’s true.

  20. @jeanetsivas9917 Avatar

    Tucker you are like a breath of fresh air tell the Truth for it’s the only thing that will set us free like Christ said l Am The Truth and the truth shall surly set us Free

  21. @solangehansen5446 Avatar

    I love your professionalim Tucker Carlson❤🇦🇷🇦🇷

  22. @JS_Speaks Avatar

    Tucker the scumbag Carlson lies with a straight face and continues to cost Fox News billions in lawsuits

  23. @AddyAdderson Avatar

    Thank You Butt-Tucker. Have fun in your Home Depot Shed studio.

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