“Tucker Carlson Is Putin’s Useful Idiot” – War Pig Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton had nothing positive to say about Tucker Carlson’s recent interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin, mocking …

23 responses to ““Tucker Carlson Is Putin’s Useful Idiot” – War Pig Hillary Clinton”

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  2. @MarcoPolo-pz4ch Avatar

    notice how he asked Putin if he had plans to invade poland but he didn't ask Putin if he had plans to invade Sweden or Finland right? soon after the Ukraine war started, Putin said on Russian tv in Russian that those territories where Russian and it falls on him to take them back, you can find this video easily (not on this channel of course because they're not going to play that on here ) but no of course not he's not Putin's puppet at all, people are so stupid

  3. @AutumnKnights Avatar

    My question is why do we have so many intelligence agencies? 11? What, the first 10 weren’t competent enough to get it done? Jesus. Do we have an intelligence agency for every country on the planet now?

  4. @ireneserrano4570 Avatar

    the VegaGate!!!😂😂😂😂

  5. @pariaheep Avatar

    Can America finally dispose of this venom spitting toad?

  6. @williambateman6564 Avatar

    Yeah, no, I don’t feel like I can talk at any other more annoying pace than this.

  7. @billfranklin2900 Avatar

    To understand Putin that only way make him open his mouth….

  8. @chrismoulten5605 Avatar

    who cares what billory thinks, quit living in the past, move on

  9. @richardbrowning6393 Avatar

    Hilary is an expert on useful idiotshe knows what she's doing. See did it with the steel dossier etc.

  10. @caramia1042 Avatar

    Remember when Hillary as Secretary of State sold off 20 % of the United States Uranium stock pile to Russia and pocketed 10s of millions in cash, then tried to cover it up ?

  11. @user-ez6fl5ce9h Avatar

    Tucker Carlson the 'useful idiot'for president of the USA. America will be better place to live in. Go for it boy.

  12. @williamkissane4261 Avatar

    Think her sold Russia some Uranium… after a small donation to the Clinton Global Money Laundering Foundation

  13. @maureendamge4041 Avatar

    Lol she said Tucker is a useful idiot for them. Lol them she is female version of Putin the the FBI then.

  14. @vansnyder9499 Avatar

    I love how the guy screams "You will BURN!!". Right before "Free Palestine" 12:53

  15. @etoineschrdlu9382 Avatar

    Hillary missed her calling. She should have been an elementary school teacher. That TOXIC elementary school teacher every kid hated.

  16. @jukio02 Avatar

    Tucker is still part of the establishment. He still wants war with China.

  17. @etoineschrdlu9382 Avatar

    Holy Cow (emphasis on COW), Shrillary isn't BITTER is she? Maybe she could mention how many times Tucker has been fired again? And attribute it to being caught lying rather than not adhering to the Liberal establishment narrative?

  18. @nickvass2362 Avatar

    Hillary Clinton, is she still alive and relevant.

  19. @diciestgnat7706 Avatar

    Hi "Jimmy Dore Show"🤝.J. Assange.😢

  20. @meticulousperversions9064 Avatar

    Good Lord this thing is a walking cliché.
    Accuse your enemies of doing the crimes you are guilty of committing.

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