Tucker Carlson: How can someone that dumb be that arrogant? #shorts

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out the White House press secretary’s answer during a recent briefing on ‘Tucker Carlson …

20 responses to “Tucker Carlson: How can someone that dumb be that arrogant? #shorts”

  1. @davidgraichen982 Avatar

    King George's Red Army is alive, and well!

  2. @robertregad2972 Avatar

    She is an embarrassment as a spokesperson though who she represents is a bigger embarrassment

  3. @victoryvarma9941 Avatar

    They put her up there because she is black. Look how the democrats play games. This was your vote. Dont blame the war . Blame the people who voted for him

  4. @stevdaughtr6098 Avatar

    The Smith Mund Act was “reshaped “ in 2013 by Barack Obama which effectively gave politicians permission to lie to you.

  5. @brianupton2520 Avatar

    She’s never seen anything has she.

  6. @billionaireboy101 Avatar

    When exposed,,,"I know absolutely nothing about that"
    -Typical Democrat 👹

  7. @joanroberts1567 Avatar

    Tucker you know their All deceived!

  8. @user-rn3sx7jc2k Avatar

    Her eyes nearly jumped out of her head😂😂😂

  9. @tinaknutsen Avatar

    “I haven’t seen that report, so honestly I’d have to go look into it.”
    Not only does Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly use this statement, so does Alejandro Mayorcas, Christopher Wrey and the other Lefties to stonewall…I strongly believe they all have been taught and programmed to say this.

  10. @CamilleRichardson-rq3mu Avatar

    She is incompetent. She never does her job .

  11. @seamoreplant Avatar

    Fox comedy, didn’t Tucker help cost you close to 1 billion dollars for his lies? His opinion means nothing!

  12. @monesjones8431 Avatar

    They aren't dumb. They doing this 100% deliberate.

  13. @jayvangelder1720 Avatar

    dont ask her dude she will lie to your face best press secretary ever not shes the worst liar ever she must work for joe biden

  14. @cracker-D Avatar

    More money for the Big Guy!

  15. @janedoe1776 Avatar

    That eye roll says it all. She knows.

  16. @deirdradaniels1183 Avatar

    She like her boss gets paid really good to lie to America!

  17. @mr.fredsaid1894 Avatar

    KJP. 🤡A clear example of why Affirmative action doesn't work.👉🤕

  18. @SaraK_69 Avatar

    China is an enemy? And Russia is not? Dumb dumbs follow Carlson Tucker.

  19. @brandongranados5569 Avatar

    The problem is people think that America is Europe, draining us all of our resources and wealth, treating us like a colony

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