Tucker Carlson downplays Jan. 6 Capitol attack with new videos

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired newly released video from the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol that was provided to him by …

32 responses to “Tucker Carlson downplays Jan. 6 Capitol attack with new videos”

  1. @rjmar7553 Avatar

    Shifty Shiff doctored the Jan.6th tapes-Let him pay for his crimes.

  2. @rjmar7553 Avatar

    What do you have to hide- Dpo your stinking jobs for a change

  3. @charleslaird706 Avatar

    LOL. you guys should do real journalism. Give it a try.

  4. @laq9477 Avatar

    Maybe MSM needs to take a page out of Tuckers playbook and actually report truth instead of Democrats talking points. But of course they won’t because they’re funded by the DNC.

  5. @easymoney7007 Avatar

    She just said hundreds of cops were injured that day. Isn't that a lie?

  6. @thekingofthings2002 Avatar

    So let me get this straight, we're supposed to believe that Tucker showing us the footage that you guys purposefully withheld from us is "downplaying" what happened?

  7. @williamparker3328 Avatar

    Tucker has always been a liar and a thief!

  8. @CurtisGuest1664 Avatar

    100's of officers were not hurt! Stop lying!!!!

  9. @annarichardson8284 Avatar

    Another liberal push back from NBC. Propaganda is from the left. Anything to remove Trump. Anything. Which is disgusting.

  10. @AquaRius-0127 Avatar

    Fake headline, fake news! Trump 2024 🇺🇲🇺🇸

  11. @peekaboo6622 Avatar

    Grima Wormtongue news

  12. @kylewallis-wl4uq Avatar

    Your station is a lie,propaganda. News!! Trump for president

  13. @aj4ever38 Avatar

    Lol at least this wasn't a long lie

  14. @Willchannel90 Avatar

    Rumors says he's going to prison for abetting.

  15. @johnwhitaker7657 Avatar

    The day in history that reminds me the most of Jan 6 th is the Boston Tea Party Taxation with out representation,, But our peaceful protest was stolen by the media and F.B.I. insiders provoking violence . Just like our election was stolen with corrupt election officials and manufactured fraudulent mailed in ballots . the most of Jan 6 th is the Boston Tea Party Taxation with out representation,, But our peaceful protest was stolen by the media

  16. @janicecantrell9238 Avatar

    And you don’t say lies and propaganda yet, right

  17. @diannekirk4626 Avatar

    We don't care or need a final response from Lame Stream Media. You will go down in History as propaganda for the Dem Party.

  18. @michaelwinkelman7165 Avatar

    Ronald Reagan once said.: If you fail to control the government the government will control you.

  19. @michaelwinkelman7165 Avatar

    The most disgusting place in America is that toilet they call D.C. crime ridden corrupt and the worst part is the politicians in both parties.

  20. @michaelwinkelman7165 Avatar

    Actually January 6th was a girl scout outing compared to what really needs to happen if things don't change in that disgusting toilet they call D.C.

  21. @vanavatareight5135 Avatar

    I was living in downtown Vancouver during the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot. That riot footage was presented in a way that made it look like the downtown core of Vancouver was being destroyed. However, we were pub hopping within 2 blocks of that area all night during that time and didn't even see or hear anything. We only found out about it the next day on the news!

  22. @damiannightwalker8461 Avatar

    Yeah and all the BLM riots were mostly peaceful but you guys were down playing where's your BLM tour? Today's news lies and propaganda race baiting too
    D, ,

  23. @cathyr777 Avatar

    Where are the hundreds of injured officers. Liar, liar.

  24. @chicanorock-rapfusion6411 Avatar

    Can’t trust the news anymore for anything.

  25. @c.jordan1320 Avatar

    Yeah but guess what THE NEWS NEVER SHOWED THE PEACEFUL PROTESTS! This is what makes normal people conspiracy theorists. We don't want the official narrative, we want the TRUTH!

  26. @Lynandlarry Avatar

    Liberal or conservative, the videos do not show terrorism.
    People burned down cities, and attacked innocent people during covid and you never hear a word about anyone going to jail for four years.
    America has truly become divided! The question is why? Our mother's and fathers went through the Violent Civil rights movement, watched Kennedy get his brains blown out sitting in car driving through Dallas,( where his Vice President lived) , and the list goes on. So how is it we can't even find a away through what we are facing in today's world?

  27. @RaquelSantos-hj1mq Avatar

    He didn't downplay anything.

  28. @CarisstaRashele Avatar

    I hope people FINLLY open their eyes on what REALLY happened that day!! The media wanted to push a false narrative and everyone that stood by trump was called crazy for it, ARE WE CRAZY NOW?? NO! We knew that day was a lie and now it’s finally coming to light 🙌🏽👏

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