Tucker Carlson: Democrats have failed #shorts

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson shreds the Democratic Party’s ‘corrupt,’ ‘incompetent’ leadership ahead of the midterm elections …

27 responses to “Tucker Carlson: Democrats have failed #shorts”

  1. @haroldncillabryant6448 Avatar

    Yes they have run this country in the ground and we the people are pissed they want a new world order is what there after

  2. @user-jh8sm3zr4r Avatar

    The whole administration should be in prison

  3. @ramonaproctor8499 Avatar

    And if they put those idiots back in office, we'll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they rigged the election again

  4. @MKY-xm2ov Avatar

    I'm ashamed that tucker was not approached on a broader moral scale to help induce his rhetoric for his programming

  5. @bernicepattow5193 Avatar

    I Agree!! Tucker IS HOBES5 & TRUE!!!

  6. @mikeparazoo5179 Avatar

    Today is May the seventh and joe biden is the worst president in America history

  7. @frederickbierweiler8020 Avatar

    do they lie as much as you do Tucker? Maine hates your freaking guts

  8. @curtisanderson7930 Avatar

    Tucker FAILED its why you FIRED him!!

  9. @garybrown6966 Avatar

    Tucker carlson is a lying scumbag and he's I'm so glad he got fired for the lies he started kept on telling these lies and got fox in to trouble making them pay 787 million in defamation.

  10. @margiesullivan9847 Avatar

    Biden destroying America traitors corrupt treason

  11. @JohnSmith-fj5ee Avatar

    Tucker cost the company he worked for $750 million dollars.

  12. @SkipMullen-kb8bv Avatar

    Because Dems support globalism. Right down the path of tyranny and communism.

  13. @glennsvoboda6602 Avatar

    Yea. And THE N.Y. DEMOCRATS/ TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION DESTROYED 100,000s of family's and children through its money laundering/ PONZI SCHEME FAMILY AND DIVORCE COURTS

  14. @lindadouglass4692 Avatar

    Dems fail – Biden, his handlers, his Administration, the WOKE, etc. l don't think they have failed, this is what their goal is.

  15. @cherylhorner3097 Avatar


  16. @josephjacobs1542 Avatar

    They're evil period, all else is just icing on the cake. They lie they deceive, their gaslighting is Oscar worthy.

  17. @jamesvaughan1999 Avatar

    Trump where oh where are you .

  18. @Sralaineo- Avatar

    This Administration is a joke To The Whole WORLD ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ‘Ž…. That's Why they choose China and Russia on the BRICS Currency ๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿ’ต

  19. @Eric-ro8bw Avatar

    Why doesnโ€™t anything ever happen to this guy? It should.

  20. @theorical3033 Avatar

    Look up the word (demoncratic)

  21. @peterherard8207 Avatar

    Politicians are lowest form of life on the planet …….liberal democrats are the lowest form of Politician ……Gen. George Patton

  22. @maryjohnson1890 Avatar

    And they are not finished yet!!!! Stay tuned on most of these same stations!!!!๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  23. @allencunninghamadc7289 Avatar

    You know what their doing. Your helping them. Sitting there talking about it and doing nothing about it. Every politician in Washington should be fired and prosecuted for treason. No one trying to impeach him.
    All talk no action by anyone

  24. @flaviacreech194 Avatar


  25. @josephdegreeff9470 Avatar

    Tucker admitted to hating Trump and his lies

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