Tucker Carlson – 2+2=5 (Rap Song)

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Get your book @ before they sell out This is AI. This is a joke. This isn’t meant to be taken …

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    please comment, like, share to help push in the algorithm! The song is called "Tucker Carlzyn' – 2+2=5" please stream it and buy it to keep supporting me and this content! A lot of my content gets demonetized so your support off these platforms helps greatly!

  2. @ElComanche Avatar

    Tucker spitting such fire. So good.

  3. @ronswanson8563 Avatar

    Shirt idea from that great line – common sense isn't common if you're a communist.

  4. @Nyutonkhrin Avatar
  5. @CoyotePark Avatar

    We need Tuckers reaction video on this! 🙂

  6. @noir66146 Avatar

    these are so much fun !

  7. @kwisatzhaderach9591 Avatar

    Why does he only have 4 fingers?

  8. @michaelnelson8618 Avatar

    do he collab with Peterson tho?

  9. @jasonchatham4170 Avatar

    Has Tucker seen this?? He’s way more street cred than any journalist ever 😂

  10. @ipostlamememesallthetime953 Avatar

    Biologist here.
    "2 + 2" does, in fact, = 5

  11. @Trampus10-4 Avatar
  12. @janicebowman7835 Avatar

    Anyone getting upset, are snowflakes whom don’t care if we are losing our country! What they don’t realize is we are winning not them!
    Your book is funny ! I think page 17 must’ve been the best!

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  14. @WSFM_Rex Avatar


  15. @ReagenzglasFluechtling78 Avatar

    Absolut genial ❤ danke sus Germany
    Bei uns regiert auch der Wahnsinn

  16. @robertvanderhoof6082 Avatar

    That’s great stuff man 👍🏻

  17. @RajHK8 Avatar

    Common sense is really not common when you’re a communist 🔥

  18. @RixFixIt Avatar
  19. @spookyspoon6589 Avatar

    Excellent man! Shared on X

  20. @dianecogan9066 Avatar

    I certainly appreciate you Tucker!!

  21. @JL-by3rc Avatar

    What makes these songs so amazing is the fact that it sounds like old school rap that used to be the best. Today's "nimini nimini nimini" rap is garbage.

  22. @CRoyaI Avatar

    Been listening this on repeat. It's actually amazing. Sorry @HiReztv but I genuinely enjoy this more than the original

  23. @cyclone99x Avatar

    This is an absolute banger best rap in history

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