Trump under arrest

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Former President Donald Trump arrived at the federal courthouse in Miami, Florida. US Marshals placed Trump under arrest.

40 responses to “Trump under arrest”

  1. @TucoJames Avatar

    Yet under Biden's administration …the VA ripped for helping pay illegals treatment over 400K veterans

  2. @elviamorales3451 Avatar

    Fake news. He's not cuffed like everyone.

  3. @FrankieD99 Avatar

    When was he arrested? He’s back trying to get go get in that Oval Office

  4. @sergiorivera4973 Avatar

    That's Putin's puppet in there.

  5. @tarikwascott2250 Avatar

    He is not arrested . What are you talking about. Anyways, who cares?

  6. @mcsonicteam Avatar

    Talk to me when he’s locked up. Enough of this messing about.

  7. @philfrederickiii2320 Avatar

    The Garage Documents were placed there by Hunter during Joke's VP terms in order to further his international shakedown.

  8. @doihaveto8149 Avatar

    LOL, they sound so disappointed no one is rioting. We'll riot at the ballot box.

  9. @sheilakaiser8511 Avatar

    They arrested the wrong person they should of arrested Biden

  10. @morganbowman3751 Avatar

    What you clowns fail to realize is that he is for the country and that is why you hate him…. You will never accomplish a tenth of what this man has done….

  11. @user-wm8rw5wq2c Avatar

    You people are full of shit

  12. @brianhasher4946 Avatar

    Democrats stupid 😂😂😂

  13. @skittlezz727 Avatar

    Throw him in prison. Traitor, criminal, pedophile and a rapist. And then the white collar infractions. Supreme Court needs to grow some and get this paria off our hands.


  14. @cynthiaforequity Avatar

    Wish they would have kept him.

  15. @antwikwadwo6246 Avatar

    Biden and democrats are very cowards

  16. @Factsmattermia Avatar

    Yep they will be learning about in history and CNN as well they’ll be learning about your corruption deception and treason in the books of history you’re absolutely correct be careful what you wish for

  17. @mrlimpett1837 Avatar

    Only 91 more arrests to go!

  18. @csabika001 Avatar

    Arrested, fingerprinted, photographed,
    Now he has to get rid of his gag reflex….

  19. @vonhardyracing Avatar

    Cheers! We hate trump. Looser boi and fake 💯

  20. @johnguidice5183 Avatar

    Trump 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸. He’s coming back for you liberals

  21. @kurugode Avatar

    CNN needs something to prop up their sagging viewers. The real crooks in American media

  22. @williammoore7085 Avatar

    When will all the federal charges be finally brought agains joe biden ? His Seditious and treasonous acts against the american people ,his failier to uphold his oath of office when will his trials and arrests beguin.?

  23. @user-lj2lo9mm6h Avatar

    Observe how bag of fecez pulls up the diapers.

  24. @QuantumOfSolace1 Avatar

    End this farce – so bogus ! Trump 2024

  25. @divodechino Avatar


  26. @rebeccathompson988 Avatar

    He needs to spend time in jail

  27. @davidfish7255 Avatar

    Loser Trump for prison 2024.Vote blue 💙

  28. @456oooooooo Avatar

    Keep him in prison .. trump loves this shit , he makes it into a circus

  29. @CodyJarvis-jy4it Avatar

    CNN is so funny like the people doesn’t know what a jokey this is persecuting your political opponents in the United States of America whoever would’ve thought

  30. @ronaldhills726 Avatar

    Snake tapper isreali mousad propagandist media fake news agent

  31. @karenjbrogdon1916 Avatar

    Jake Tapper, such a dishonest POS

  32. @user-gz2jg9wj6t Avatar

    13 th day. 13th hour 13 th flloor. Revelation chapter 13.

  33. @dmr123kkla Avatar

    I noticed that they were able to capture the "minuscule" Black Folks supporting trump…now that's funny!
    But it's not.
    Once again Black Folks are being used as GUINEA PIGS.
    And the Curiosity Seekers and Looky-loos.
    I will agree with trump on this…the News Medias are nothing but FAKE NEWS.

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