Trump Jokes With Kim Jong Un

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35 responses to “Trump Jokes With Kim Jong Un”

  1. @HollyJSinclair1126 Avatar

    KIM 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. @choosethewright7652 Avatar

    I miss pre-2020. Everything was better before 2020. Movies were great. Music was great. Hardly noticed DEI. Transvestites were still mostly in the closet. I enjoyed work greatly before 2020.

  3. @BlueRice Avatar

    if i were the translator, i think i would have been executed. i would of translate word for word then laugh after that xD

  4. @yeeticus_maximus9616 Avatar

    This is shot like a clip from The Office or something 😂

  5. @johnnycee5179 Avatar

    Kim is a porker isn't he?

  6. @user-it4qv3xi4u Avatar

    Ben is slowly going off Trump. love the Monster Mash

  7. @lorieannhardesty5507 Avatar

    Love My President. Love Him

  8. @RaymondEMcGehee-sd8ys Avatar

    Yeah wait till Kim meets God he'll find out God don't like him playing him 😂

  9. @dfmrcv862 Avatar

    This is a certified hood classic.

  10. @johnkuehn582 Avatar

    To think this idiot was the leader of the free world, and some want him back ?

    Ben … these shorts are so stupid. Are you getting more desperate to stay relevant ?

  11. @nicksap4234 Avatar

    Trump is a alpha male, Ben DOESNT know anything about that.

  12. @morethan3756 Avatar

    So that is why the left hates Trump . He disses on their idol.

  13. @theflyingcandleguyme6144 Avatar

    Nothing like making fun of a dictator to his own face in front of the whole world. Trump 2024❤️

  14. @milomorgan2107 Avatar

    If you look close you can see the smallest shit eating grin on Trumps face when he turns to look and see if his homie heard that

  15. @jamesjohno1180 Avatar

    Kim doesn’t even know what to do😂he just wishes he was like the real man in front of him😂

  16. @jeremyviromek Avatar

    i cant wait until trump is back

  17. @dustenekoes28 Avatar

    I thought he was making fun of himself at first omg 😂😂

  18. @TeoForgetti22 Avatar

    Kin Jung Un is like enough with the press… Let's eat!

  19. @billytaert2386 Avatar

    Whoos yo daddy Kim. Think it through Kim 😊

  20. @robertrivasarroyo1174 Avatar

    That dude is fat and his people are starving!!!! Prime example of communism!

  21. @christophermilligan7498 Avatar


  22. @joturner8989 Avatar


  23. @jojos5087 Avatar

    Jesus of Nazareth is KiNg ❤

  24. @Mininuke93 Avatar

    Kim: 🤯
    North Koreans: 😭

  25. @wearingstitches9921 Avatar

    Breathing through the nose doesn't mean anything to that bug brain

  26. @Fdot88 Avatar

    Kim Jon un is the only obese person in North Korea 🤦🏻‍♂️

  27. @ak-rillo Avatar

    Who’s chubby little Korean grandma is that at the end?

  28. @MichaelPanarelli Avatar

    Come on ben his subliminal jokes are funny..

  29. @parisaamiri1955 Avatar

    Trump is the man 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  30. @Moo-cx6un Avatar

    Trump is hilarious I’ll give him that

  31. @biblical1645 Avatar

    How can you not love it

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