Trump Jokes With Kim Jong Un at Summit

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Watch Kim Jong Un’s reaction to Trump’s joke during the lunch of the summit in Singapore.

42 responses to “Trump Jokes With Kim Jong Un at Summit”

  1. @Veteransolo Avatar

    Well, i think he was talking about both of them, i don't know.

  2. @Birthdaycakesmom Avatar

    Does anyone else find it uncanny that liberal states like Oregon and California are located closer to Kim Jong Un and his nuclear weapons? Donald Trump apparently is in love with Kim Jong Un and I wonder why. Russia absolutely colluded with Donald Trump to attack liberal bastions, as Trump openly stated he admired Putin’s approach when attacking the Ukraine.

    Look at how angry Kim Jong Un gets when he believes someone has stolen from him. Enter Otto Warmbier. Now look at what happens when Donald Trump believes something was stolen from him. Enter January 6th, the day of what must be termed an insurrection.

  3. @highgrademiddesh2214 Avatar

    Did he just say thin 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. @GregPapaj Avatar

    Kim Jong 🐷Un 🌈 —————– 🤣🤣🤣

  5. @RadagonTheRed Avatar

    Neither Trump nor Kim are remotely slim enough to be joking about weight.

  6. @alberlusconi1 Avatar

    Kim doesn’t seem like the light hearted banter type of guy

  7. @HNMS108 Avatar

    The only us president who played with North Korea as if it was a toy 😂.
    Better than Biden

  8. @user-jn2bs3pk9q Avatar

    The dictator is shuting his pants cuz he knows if he says the wrong we’re gonna take away his precious country that mf has

  9. @Invinoveritas85 Avatar

    Im not sure the translator did translate well all that…

  10. @royrice8021 Avatar

    There ain’t noth’in funny about either one of these guys…….

  11. @robertchubb5602 Avatar

    It's called "sarcasm"….Love it!
    If the world blew up tomorrow…"Oh well"…

  12. @willowwisp5784 Avatar

    This is one of my favorite videos . Classic

  13. @eivedyan938 Avatar

    Kim after listen to Trump: 😦

  14. @daniell_arab Avatar

    That's an expensive joke with rocket man

  15. @Potus1789-chanel Avatar

    I think Kim didn't get the joke 🤣🤣

  16. @IrradioMan Avatar

    kim's got that "well, if you don't want the last piece…" face.

  17. @user-iy9cl8dy2c Avatar

    2 jokers the gither,…..i,m still president ,.and i,m losing weight on a stationary cycle

  18. @moneymaker2024 Avatar

    Kim was like where my nuclear red button

  19. @danamorrison7971 Avatar

    Kim hands out coke and meth at the Whitehouse

  20. @kizzjus7550 Avatar

    Is there any presidents of America in history ever meet north Korea leader? Or Trump is the first 🤔 just wandering

  21. @amerbakodah1153 Avatar

    Is this an episode from the office?😂

  22. @MS-zp5by Avatar

    this is peak of humanity , democratic world leader sitting with man who kills for pleasure his own country men

  23. @parrisblue Avatar

    The translator is was shot straight after dinner bless her she had to say what trump said wasn’t her fault

  24. @anmolagrawal5358 Avatar

    He aboutta press that red button any time now

  25. @asamoahemmanuel4632 Avatar

    Americans and prideness, even the president🙄. And yet, you are afraid of N.Korea nuclear ramp up

  26. @TruthSeekerItalia Avatar

    That is, i can say anything i want 'cause i got more bombs than you.

  27. @hermanyanto1338 Avatar

    How many takes to film this scene??? 50 times? 👎👎😡😡

  28. @ez8628 Avatar

    Kim was horny. Would u b?

  29. @yorkshire_tea_innit8097 Avatar

    Kim doesnt know if something is lost in translation. Its a tough one but he should learn english.

  30. @NikomisGamingRoom Avatar

    of course evil trump like the dictator who starves his people, rapes girls and shoots their mothrs for target practice its because trump is equally satanic and pure evil

  31. @eugenekaleb2555 Avatar

    Trump is also heavy he coulda just been talking about himself

  32. @biffgate-ii7od Avatar


  33. @proletariansshouldbetogeth3696 Avatar

    kim jong un was studing in Switzerland during his childhood. Therefore, he can definitly understood what trump was talking about. xd By the way, he was a huge fan of NBA and he collected lots of basketball stuffs in his studio when he studied in Switzerland.

  34. @iwx2672 Avatar

    0:17 Did he just call me fat?

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